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Dell used to be one of my favorite places to shop. Lately, they have been driving me crazy and it doesn’t get any worse than their customer support. Last November during the Black Friday sales rush, I placed a small order with them in the amount of $300. The order...
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I purchased a 23 in All In One computer. Periodic issues the first 60 days. Then it wouldn't connect to internet and was getting a lined screen. Called cable co, service co, then dell. They have been out 5 times and replaced the motherboard 4 times along with a switch...
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Purchased a 13z laptop; paid over $700 securing extended warranties etc. First sale human dropped the ball and order was never placed; second attempt, lap top got here right away only to completely break down on the 3rd day. Hey things happen, right? It was the never...
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Called Dell off of a promotion I received in the mail only to be told it had expired - okay. The lady on the phone said she would sell me the exact package (dual Monitor) but it will cost $100 more because it's not a promotion - no problem. A week later I get the...
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Never thought I'd actually be pissed enough to write an online complaint - but here goes. I purchased a Dell Alienware for about 2,000 over the summer. Product took a long time to arrive - but it got here, no big deal. Seemed to work fine, until about 3-4 months in...
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After my first ink ran out of my NEW dell printer any new ink cartridge won't work. The black cartridge works but the color cartridge doesn't. Dell keeps telling me to buy their cartridge so I did and the printer is still a lemon. They won't repair or...
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I ordered a Dell laptop from QVC (which I typically love). Dell sent the wrong color. When I called to return the item, Dell told me there was nothing they could do. It turns out, every person who ordered a purple computer received the wrong color unit. QVC...
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holden as per re-seller laws within the United States, this is QVC\'s problem and Dell has every right to not assist in rectifying the situation.


Mike First off, ordering a computer off of TV is typically a bad idea. If you know what you want go directly to a retailer or directly to Dell. This we you can ensure the correct c...

This PC packs a lot of features into its small frame, but the price is outrageous considering what you get in terms of speed. For the money, you'd be a lot better off getting an Apple MacBook, and it would have a much higher resale value, too. However, the...
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I will NEVER buy a Dell again. My husband already swore them off, but I had to go my own way and bought a desk top a couple of years ago. Things were ok until: 1. Video card started acting up, so I called Dell. They said I needed a new video card, so I bought one...
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mulch Do you know this thing? The best invention since sliced bread and easy women? It\'s called the internet. You can connect to the internet through many different ways. Now o...

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