Whilst looking at Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 notebooks online, the presales chat pops up and the operator, Vennela tells the machine is in stock. I ask about the active stylus pen and Vennela places me on hold before coming back and confirming it does include a pen. Only when I receive the invoice (after paying) and shipping confirmation am I told that the product isn't actually 'in stock' but will take 6-8 days to build. I also queried the pen which is...
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LadyScot Dell builds computers to customer specification. That is why it you have two choices on the pages: ADD TO CART or CUSTOMIZE AND BUY.
Now, you will also note that they also ...

I purchased a single OptiPlex 3020 and Dell monitor for a third party in August 2014. Dell duplicated the order and sent me two computers and monitors. They billed my credit card for both systems. Dell delivered both systems directly to the third party. One computer was setup and is currently being used. The second, unordered computer and monitor were put aside at the third party's location and never removed from their original boxes. I...
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I didn't like
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I am having a problem with or runaround with Dell customer support. 1) several attempts to resolve problems using "Chat" service were unsuccessful because the Chat service has been disabled but is still listed on their website as an option. 2) Calling India (yes still support from India!) leads to mis-diagnoses and they haven't yet been helpful in resolving the problem or allowing a return. 3) Emailing "Orders" for a replacement results in...
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Video7 \"your \"video\" on youtube made absolutely no sense. Poor quality and low volume on audio made for an exercise in futility\" Sorry about your interpretation of the video. ...


nikalseyn Addendum: I just checked on HP and found they have terrible customer support and it also is in India. Zounds!! If you want to know about a company\'s customer service, follow ...

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