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The worst product/customer service experience I've had since the front wheel fell off my Fiat. Laptop is 9 months old. It worked properly for 6. I've spent the remaining 3 months haggling on the phone, continually downloading the same operating program, being told to "be quiet and do what I tell you to do" by a clueless Indian customer "service" agent, doing the same "diagnostics over & over, sending it in for repairs twice only to have it... Read more

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In my experience, Dell will sell you a defective computer, promise to make repairs, as is demanded in their own warranty, and then continue to return a broken computer to you. I have spent hours on the phone troubleshooting with countless representatives, been lied to many times, all to still have a computer with faulty hardware and error codes. Their repairs department is convinced that the issue is resolved, but my laptop after only a few... Read more

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I bought this Laptop for my children to do schoolwork. Advertised as 32 gigs which I thought would be big enough. A week after using it I get a message saying low disk space. Dell tells me that the 31 gig is part of the motherboard so I would need an external drive to make it work! It was around 15 days past the 30 day warranty so they wont refund my money. The customer service reps and a manger was rude and told us that no one would be calling... Read more

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Hi there, I bought a Dell Laptop brand new last year and have been trying for months to get them to fix it with no luck. They have finally identified that the machine is faulty, the want to refurbish it I want a brand new replacement, the saga continues. I really just want the thousand dollar laptop I bought to work like a brand new laptop should. It's been ridiculous trying to get things sorted. Anyway I am looking to make a complaint to the... Read more

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My Dell MFC (purchased 12/2015) stopped feeding documents correctly in the scanner a few weeks after warranty expired in 12/2016. Seems like the DADF roller is not coming down 4 out of 5 times to pull the paper in. So, now having to use my 5 year old Brother MFC to scan. The Dell was supposed to be an "upgrade" for duplex capability, but can't seem to hold a candle to my brother printer. My brothers feed rollers are also wearing out, but that's... Read more

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  • Jan 13
  • by anonymous
  • #990709

Dell double-billed my checking account and lied about it when they were caught. I had to fix the problem myself after they refused repeated requests to help. These are the most vile, evil people I have ever seen, and I spent a career as a vice cop.

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**** NIGHTMARE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN INDIA **** I purchased a Dell laptop directly from the company's website using my Dell preferred charge account. When filling in the shipping information, there were not enough lines to put all the information I needed in there. Since this required a signature upon receipt, I was having it shipped to my employer where I knew there would be sufficient people to sign. I called customer service to add additional... Read more

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Dell - Broken promises in the sales process
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Whilst looking at Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 notebooks online, the presales chat pops up and the operator, Vennela tells the machine is in stock. I ask about the active stylus pen and Vennela places me on hold before coming back and confirming it does include a pen. Only when I receive the invoice (after paying) and shipping confirmation am I told that the product isn't actually 'in stock' but will take 6-8 days to build. I also queried the pen which is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 08
  • by anonymous
  • #987435

They canceled my order for no reason and offered no resolution or offer for the item I wanted. I still have yet to get my refund

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I ordered a TV almost 3 months ago, the order was duplicated somehow and Dell sent me 2 tv's, the shipping company returned the 2nd tv and 2 months since Dell received I'm still waiting for a refund to my account, I've called a dozen times and it's the same incredible *** logic. I was told that since I didn't personally return the tv, Dell was punishing me for having the shipping company return the tv themselves as opposed to having it delivered... Read more

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