Hawthorne Hellhole

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In the interest of wasting no time, here were some of the many things my boyfriend experienced while living at 4093 West 130th street, a property managed by De Miranda Management:

FIXTURES: 1. My boyfriend had to immediately replaced the brand new shower head, which let out no more than a heavy drizzle of water out at any given temperature. 2. Blinds in the kitchen were installed outside the window frame. 3. Blind cords also broke within a month in nearly each of the windows. After an immense, IMMENSE struggle to get someone out to measure and replace the blinds (weeks of back and forth without any progress with DeMiranda’s office, eventually my bf took matters into his own hands and asked for the number of the guy who installs them directly; he came out and installed within 2 weeks and APPARENTLY DeMiranda didn’t want to approve the charges at first. Eventually, they were approved but this process showed us what unprofessional, incompetent people they have in the office). Called 3-4 times a week. Same guy answers phone and says will follow up. Never did. Call Friday at 3pm no one answering phones.

THE FLOORS/CEILINGS - 1. Not only were the floors in the kitchen unlevel so much so that you could see a noticeable dip from the living room, but also, there were spots in the kitchen where the vinyl flooring was literally cracked and would sink in whenever any weight was applied to it. 2. There were also numerous weak spots in the tub that had begun to create small but growing cracks in the bottom of the bath 3. The WORST part of our experience however was the COMPLETE lack of ANY insulation between the floors. Even more unfortunate for us was the fact that a family of at least 5 individuals (one of which was a toddler and 4 large adults) of which at least 2 would remain awake and could be heard moving around the home at any point during any given day. You know how people say it’s awful living in a construction zone? Constant running of small feet, stomping of large adult feet scrambling behind, dragging of dining room chairs (there were six), dropping of toys, the motor of the reclining sofa, and then random mystery noises every 3-5 seconds. EVERY 3-5 SECONDS. For a year. Yes. This place is truly *** I cannot stress enough to you how much this affected on our daily lives. It was EASILY the WORST part of living in this place for a year. 4. The hallways and stairways would flood when it rained and standing water would be left behind until it evaporated over days. See photos.

PARKING AND GARAGE- 1. The apartment technically has two assigned spots in the garage for compact vehicles however given the location in the garage and the fact that the cars adjacent are two mini vans in two spots labeled for compact vehicles; only one vehicle can ever fit in the spot. 2. People are constantly double parking in the garage without any regard for the tenants in the building. Tenants allow their guest to double park making it impossible for some vehicles to get out. Especially bad on weekends and street sweeping days. 3. Someone in our building literally held a 3 year olds birthday party complete with long tables and chairs in their garage parking spots. They also had a train full of kids hauled around the neighborhood. PHOTOS. No one was made aware or notified in advance. 4. Tenants will often let their kids play in the garage instead of taking them out on the sidewalks or the park located two blocks away. 5. Since many tenants are sharing parking spots and garage door openers with the people they live with there is an excessive amount of honking and blocking of the garage exit/entrance. 6. Tenants are constantly talking loudly from the top floor down to people in the garage without regard for the other tenants. 7. People on 3rd floor dropping their laundry and garbage bags to avoid having to carry them downstairs so it sounds like someone jumped off the roof to end their miserable existence living in this building. 8. Also people hang their wet dirty rugs over the railings and drying shoes in the hall window sills for everyone to enjoy. PHOTOS.

CLEANING- 1. The extent of the apartment upkeep that is done is a man goes through the garage and front fenced in area with a leaf blower and attempts to blow all of the loose garbage and refuse out in to the street. Some weeks the laundry room trash is taken out and no bag is put in its place. Other weeks the trash just collects in the laundry room bin until it reaches a level of near overflow. 2. The hallways are never walked through and cleaned up. Some tenants leave garbage sitting outside of their doors for days before taking it down to the dumpster. 3. There are often candy wrappers and pieces of chewed gum on the stairs or in the shared hallways. 4. The laundry room is absolutely filthy. In the entire year he lived there, it was never once cleaned. There are lots of pictures of this. The tenants did nothing to help this situation including cleaning up their spilled laundry detergent or taking out the lint from the driers between use. 5. Also it was a unique experience having to clean up the ant infestation due to food being left in the laundry room garbage. He bought and used his own ant killer after alerting DMM on a Friday afternoon at 2pm with no answer and leaving a voicemail. No return call or response. He then called again several times after the dumpster and laundry room had been completely taken over more than a day later. He again got no answer, left a voicemail and received no response. When he finally spoke to someone a few days after originally alerting them, they finally sent someone out. I’m convinced had he not done it himself, the ants would have united, overrun the entire complex, and carried tiny pieces of each tenant back and forth between the laundry room and the dumpster.

DUMPSTERS- 1. Only a single dumpster for the entire complex 2. No recycling 3. Dumpster would often leak sludge and liquids from the garbage. Many times I would go down with a hot pot of water and clean it up to prevent the bugs. 4. FLIES AND MAGGOTS the dumpster area would become completely insanitary on numerous occasions when people would leave their bags of garbage on the floor if the dumpster was full. Tenants seem to prefer to throw away full bottles of liquid in their trash bags which leak everywhere. There are pictures of this, as well.

DELIVERIES - 1. The building is completely inaccessible to UPS or Fedex and Amazon and they will not even attempt to deliver your packages (these words came directly from a driver after having to track down a package on their truck) since they cannot enter the building. 2. No intercom system either to notify you if someone is outside

UNPROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS: 1. It would ALWAYS take multiple phone calls and follow ups in order to get the ball moving on any maintainence request. 2. One day after someone had moved out, they relocated all of their trash like a box spring and other miscellaneous household items etc. in front of the dumpster area, knowing the following day was the day the dumpster was emptied, we notified DAVID and his response was “someone move out”. SEE PHOTOS. The following day when my boyfriend went to get in his car for work, all of the items like the box spring that had been left resting in front of the area dumpster had been moved to by boyfriends parking space. After sending a strongly worded text to David that the items needed to be cleaned up by the time he made it home from work; thankfully they were taken care of. 3. After giving notice, he was never notified as to how to return the keys or even sent any sort of acknowledgement that he would be moving out except 4. Two days before our lease was up David sent my bf a text “you move out yet bossman” my bf left him know the move out date as he indicated in his 30 day notice and the reply he received from David was a flat “o”. 5. After moving out he received yet another text from David asking if he had returned the keys to his office. He let him know he had left everything on the kitchen counter and locked the door from the inside and left. No response. 6. Finally after receiving and cashing rent checks from my boyfriend for 13 months they egregiously misspell his last name on the refund check.

NEIGHBORHOOD MISCELLANEOUS (no fault to De Miranda at all) - 1. Parking can be a nightmare at night, especially after 7:30pm it is extremely difficult to find a spot within a block or two. 2. Someone goes around the neighborhood 4-5 times a week selling food and honking a bicycle horn that can quite literally be heard for blocks. 3. Fireworks will keep you up from early June to early August and any time there is any big sporting event on tv. Spoiler alert: you'll know if the dodgers win because it sounds like an active warzone 4. So many dogs left outside in their backyards to bark for hours at a time day or night. The homes that face the building have dogs that constantly bark during the day which causes others dogs in the neighborhood to bark as well. These homes also have a amateur cover band that do most "the police" songs and practice during the week. Hope you like Roxanne because they are still working that one out. 5. There was a LARGE drug raid that took place just down the block from the apartment while he lived there. This included a full armored vehicle with large automatic weapons carried by the police. Most of the neighborhood came out to witness the raid so the streets were packed.

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Bad quality

You can't possibly think I'm going to read all that.

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DMM takes a similar approach to dealing with maintenance and issues; out of sight out of mind. Love and light

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Judging by the quick reply to the posting, I’m guessing there’s a good chance this is someone at DMM directly. Run far and fast from DMM properties.

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Horrible property management

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m not sure where my original review went but if your planning on renting from these filthy animals RUN!! I asked the man brian (i believe) about bug issues before i moved in and was assured there was no issue..

after moving into my apartment i noticed roach carcasses EVERYWHERE. The apartment was full of roaches and HUGE water bugs... I was late paying rent (my fault) but a man called me and threatened to "make me homless" these people are horrible. They DO NOT FIX ANYTHING.

Calling them a management company is a complete joke! The have horrible dirty run down properties all over LA. But most of all they are just rude human beings!

And they will sue you for ANY AND EVERYTHING! Take my advice choose another management company !

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map-marker Los Angeles, California

De Miranda is unprofessional

My personal experience with De Miranda Management company was awful and I would caution any landlord considering management companies for their buildings to stay far away from them. Tenants reported maintenance issues were ignored and landlords face excessive charges for questionable repairs done by their "in house" staff.

Buildings that have positive cash flow will eventually land in the red with their management style. Even though they were given the chance to be cooperative, they chose to handle every request made to them in a very unprofessional manner. Upon review some of their documents, we discovered discrepancies, irregularities and questionable charges like gardening at $140 per month by De Miranda - not a vendor - for a building that has mostly concrete, walkways, with very few plants or greenery.

Tenants complained that response was slow and required repairs were addressed or done in a satisfactory manner. Landlords and tenants beware.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Riverside, California

De Miranda - Property Management Review from Riverside, California

I am not happy with this company. How long and how many times.

Must you ask someone to fix something for you. Why hire someone to work in the unit, if they can't follow simple guide lines. Y'all want your rent on time. But I can't have my appliance fix on time when I make a call.

Then you want to charge late fees. However I pay my rent on time with no problems. But before you start putting management on the job. Make sure things are fixed.

Like garages!!!!!!! That are stuck for months. I don't understand.

If you are a property management shouldn't you keep your tenants happy. And living comfortable????????

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Halona Ogg
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Are criminaDeMiranda Property Mngt. are Horrible, RUN!!!

Updated by user Jun 18, 2013

Wow! Again???

This guy Michael is an inactive lawyer with the bar. I no longer wonder why, look it up yourself, he's been inactive since 12-27-01 Michael Joseph. Though he's inactive, and I wonder why? He should know the law.

The case in Superior Court on June 7th 2013 was "THEIR" appeal to the case I filed against them and WON. DeMiranda appealed it as "appellant". This means DeMiranda would be able to introduce new evidence and tell their side of the story; to be heard again.

This is what happened: Since I originally sued them and won the judgment, when parties were before the Appeals judge, me as PLAINTIFF and DeMiranda as defendant/appellant...this guy Michael Tramontin his brother Nick Tamontin and a Mr Fitzgerald, I was asked to speak first.

Side note, the Appeals judge spoke for 25 minutes about not coming into his court room with BS and tons of documents. He suggested to the court to go outside to show each other’s evidence and try to resolve. The three made no effort and snubbed my evidence. Theirs was an attempt to get out of the case, but reading through..

their own evidence destroyed their own case! Their own evidence admits they were responsible. So back to the case, I speak first..."I contended that DiMirand knew or should have known the rental unit shld have never been rented to me or anyone since the condition of the unit violated "Bldg and Safety" rules of law and Tenants rights that entitles tenants "Quiet and Peaceful Enjoyment" which I never had from day one and evidence to prove all of my allegations. The judge took hold of my exhibit B the entire case.

The Appeals judge questioned the three "Did you comply to the "Notice of Violation" by Bldg and Safety? They could produce NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE to the fact. The judge kept asking and they looked like the 3 stooges, papers everywhere and bumbling. It was sad really, pitiful.

The judge asked me how long I lived in the unit, I said 3 months, did they ever fix the plumbing? No, the knock in the wall? No...Asking DiMiranda again, what were their findings regarding the plumbing? No evidence, they just kept telling the judge they sent a plumber out or that the HOA president was dragging his feet.

(The HOA was not responsible as it was not a bldg. issue it was the issue of the owner of the unit I rented who DiMiranda represented contractually). The judge after about 15 minutes of questioning Di Miranda guys about proof of compliance stated, "I've heard enough" and returned my Exhibit B. The Appeals judge never heard DiMiranda appeal!!!

The judge saw thru their BS, which the Appeals judge told the court "don't come in here with it" So this was their appeals case, not mine, I didn't loose DiMiranda lost in the appeal...if they would read the order from the court it says, "DEFENDANT/APPELLANT RECEIVES NOTHING" I'm the PLAINTIFF!!! I WON THE FIRST CASE AND IT STANDS... DiMiranda must pay me plus court cost!!! I see why Michael doesn't practice law, he doesn't understand it.

Nowhere in the order from the Appeals Court heard June 7th 2013 does it say Plaintiff takes nothing, because I didn't appeal my own win!! Wow you guys are a sad case! Quoting scripture won't change anything and it's a shame you'd stoop to that level and continue to LIE to the public. Churches are full of devils and you can't possibly believe in a God of a Higher Order or you wouldn't continue to lie.

You've lied on me, you've lied on Sally at the State Attys Generals Office, you lied on Patrick the HOA president, and now you've lied on the Appeals Judge! How low will you go? I'm going to copy certain documents on Instagram including both court decisions my original win and their take nothing in the appeal and put this madness to rest. if you would like to see the truth check out mamatebo...on a couple days..

What even baffling to me is that there are several others; property owners, renters, I even found an ex-employee that confirms my opinion of DiMiranda...they lie, and are crooks..I did this warning as a heads up to the public because I don't want anyone to go through what I had gone through. This is why any of us have complained about this company and its representatives. As you can see, the owner Michael has nothing better to do than to make attempts at defaming me.

If he would spend half of the time it takes him to perpetuate his lies on taking care of tenants and property owner needs, he might have a company people would seek out. But all this bad press is all he and his cohorts will ever have.

Updated by user May 25, 2013

Wow how far will these guys go?? They straight lie about their tenants. I have proof of all I've said in my posting and they turn around and lie here because they don't want the public to know the truth. I did sue, I won in small claims court. Yes they appealed and in June 2013 they will go lie in court again. The judge saw through them before and will again. I was told by 3 lawyers my case was legit and that I should sue them. They can make up lies all they want, but the truth is the truth.

The city did not "advise" them on anything they can't because it is outside of their jurisdiction to decide anything they were simply mediators to obtain remedy which DMM did not wish to cooperate with, I was told by the woman at the City Atty Gen office that I "might have to seek legal remedy since DMM was unwilling to resolve" It's disgusting how he will lie on the woman doing her job at the Atty Gen office.... I never asked to stay in that place 90 additional days I had lived there almost 4 months without sleep due to the noise in the wall...all their workers heard it, though they may lie to keep their jobs. I have proofs of the noise level, and the gentleman from Health and Safety heard it, the plumbers heard it, my guests heard it... The carpet he talks about, had cat urine in it because that is where the previous tenants cats went and it was so fowl and filthy there was no living with it. The worker who finally removed the carpet became nauseated taking it up. The dishwasher did not crush my foot, the door was broken when we viewed the apt, I told Edgar the agent that it could crush "someone's" foot if not fixed because the door dropped to the floor, it was old...Edgar stated a new dishwasher would be installed before we moved in...

This is why DMM should be avoided because this is how they lie... This is defamation of character...I am not a *** artist!!! How dare he, my daughter and I went through *** with De Miranda to the point where I suggested to the owner of the property to seek another management company as she too was being used. I'm certain Mr. Tramotin didn't think I'd ever look back at this site...well surprise surprise, guess I'll see DMM in court again. They lost and now their trying to appeal because they told the owner I don't know what and she's out of money having to travel back and forth over the lies they've told. So as you said DMM, God is your the first judgment wasn't enough when you LOST in court! testing God again??...and He doesn't like liars :sigh

It's funny Mr. Tramontin, comes here to trash me, but the only things we read are complaints of DeMiranda Property Mngt....And you call me a *** artist???? Shame on you Mr. Tramontin Fix your company. I'm bringing your comment to court!!

Original review Jan 18, 2012

I have never in my life experienced a company like this, STAY AWAY!!!! De Miranda Property Mangement in Gardena Calif., is the most HORRIBLE property management company ever and are the worst SHYSTERS and WILL rip you off!!

My experience with them for the last 3 months after moving into one of their properties on 11-11-11 has been ***, and I've had enough!! They are a law breakers, fraudulent, incompetent and an unethical group. I have since the day I moved in reported serious plumbing issues and a disturbing and annoying clanking in the wall outside the bedrooms, which wakes us up at all hours. Among a list of over 27 other problems, they never addressed these issues with any professional or repair.

I called the emergency number and no one answers, it a recording and they may or may not call back. I've emailed, faxed and text the many problems and law breaking problems to them and the guy Edgar who was the agent who rented us the place just stopped calling back! Calling their main number is the same, it goes straight to voicemail. When they finally did respond they would send workers who spoke little English so there was a breakdown in communication most of the time.

They were not professional workers and very often didn't have proper tools or equipment to do the job and would have to reschedule and disrupt my work and schedule 3 -4 times for the same problem. The toilet would clog 3-4 times a week and still does!! There was exposed wire I had to tell them about, leaks I had to tell them about, extremely foul cat urine in the carpet that became foul after they had only sanitized it to get someone to move in. After 3 1/2 weeks they sent a man to re-sanitize which lasted less than 2 hours!!!

I had to be put off 5 weeks before they finally removed the carpet! I'm allergic to cats and was ill with it. After removing it, the service workers left carpet nails in the floors!! It took 3 more workers to come out 3 different times to remove most of them!!

Still the clanking and toilets were never fixed!! This list goes on with all kinds of other problems that exist. I am done and finally I contacted lawyer and am filing a law suit!! Mr.

Tony Fitzgerald or Greco, as I don't believe anything they say and he's a known liar and might be an attorney who should be DISBARRED, to me, he is an evil man!!! I even went to the City Atty Generals office to try to get resolution. The law says I'm entitled to "Quite enjoyment" and "working plumbing", it's 1-18-12 and I have had neither since I've moved in!!! Do you think they would offer at the very least an apology?

A BIG FAT NO!!!! Run as fast as you can away from De Miranda Property Management!! I am out of my lease as they had no choice but to release me since my rights to Quite Enjoyment and working plumbing continues to be violated, and the promise of my deposit, get this, if I sweep the place!!! Another slap in my face, this operation should be SHUT DOWN!!!

Check the internet about this company there are others with the same kind of complaints!!!

Shame of you De Miranda!!!! What will you say on JUDGEMENT DAY????

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Just for the record Tony Greco is NOT an attorney. Michael Tramontin is NOT an active attorney and Tony Fitzgerald is NOT an attorney.


I agree. The manger is a slum!!!!!!

He doesn't fix anything. I will never ever live in this unit again are company.


I strongly agree with these comments I am reading. I am a tenant with Dmm.

And I regret it. The landlord is a slum. Doesn't fix anything at all. You have to keep asking over and over and it still doesn't get fixed.

I can't wait to move out. There are bugs and stuff in the place. Ewwww.

I hate this place. I can't wait to move and get my house!!!!!!!


You hit the nail straight on the head. Anthony G.

is a known liar. I am an ex-employee of DMM. I had to file twice in court to get funds owed to me. I won both times.

Michael T.

is an inactive attorney, but will claim he is an attorney. The Apartment Association of Los Angeles calls DMM a shady business.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-860558

Hi Jordan, did you ever finsh the book you mentioned a few comments below?


I agree. Worst management ever.

No one ever answers the phone, everything always goes to voicemail and they take days to get back to you, IF they even get back to you. Theresa, the operator, is very unprofessional and rude, and very unhelpful. The managment as a whole is unresponsive and not helpful at all. They did not deliver on certain building promises and apartment upkeep.

The plumbing was horrible when I first moved in and I asked to get that fixed (as it was an issue BEFORE i moved in) and they tried to charge me $200+ for the issues-because they changed the policy after I moved in.

I am trying to move out, and was trying to get information on the process for a move-out. I called and called and did not get a response after leaving a message. And then I called again, and left messages for a person at each extension and finally got 1 call back late in the day. I tried to get them to do me a solid and let me out of my lease 15 days early (or any days early) since my experience has been sooo horrible and I they are just the worst-but the man on the phone just accused of trying to use my complaints to get out of my lease.

I don't appreciate that kind of unprofressionalism in a management.

I DO NOT reccommend De Miranda Management Property EVER. Very unprofessional, rude, horrible service, no response, unethical.


I too, lived at one of their properties on Glenway.They ran it with the worse managers ever! Never fixed anything, treated the tenants like sharecroppers.Then when you move you,they charge u with misc.*** to get 1/3 of your deposit.Never again will I live at a DM slum!


My experience was not as bad as poed22 but I would advise against using De Miranda as well. The tenant they suggested I rent to was always late with the rent, sometimes skipping a month, and the charge for sending a preliminary eviction letter was over $400.

De Miranda never visited the property to check on its condition at all in the several years they managed it. They held on to my rent check until the very last of the month, sometimes not sending it until the following month.

When I switched to another Management company, they charged me for a full final month even though they were only entitled to 8 days. Therefore, my experience with them was not good.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-653690

I am familiar with this owner's account. The house was rented in 2009 and through the tenancy which lasted through to April 2013, the tenant did get behind in rent.

We posted notices and pursued the rent as was legally allowed. We did collect rent from the tenant during each month that rent was due, and by move out, the tenant had a $0 balance. If the owner had requested distributions early in the month we could have arranged to so. Our policy is that funds are distributed on the 25th such that funds are in the account if bills need to be paid.

We make arrangements for early distributions for our owners who prefer their funds earlier in the month.

In this case we were never asked about early distributions.

As for the eviction charge referred to, $125 was to the independent lawyer, $220 was paid to the courts as a filing fee, and $60 was for the process server. We use an independent 3rd party attorney for all evictions.

Halona Ogg
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-664256

This is not applicable to anything concerning me...another lie, I've never been evicted. If you people don't stop I will get a lawyer and sue for defamation and slander!!

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