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NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hire this company run by Bob Dilts not a pleasant individual, uses threats, harassing comments, and a bullying style if he is the least bit offended or threatened which he often is

User's recommendation: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hire this company run by Bob Dilts.

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Newmarket, Ontario


DAYTIME DOMESTIC THREATENED TO PUT A LEAN ON MY HOUSE THE DAY AFTER I RECEIVED THEIR BILL!! BE AWARE OF THIS COMPANY'S BUSINESS PRACTICES. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. I HAVE DOCUMENTED ALL E-MAILS AS PROOF. I hired Daytime Domestic Cleaning Services in London, Ontario to clean my house. I was contacted by JoAnne Goodwin the next day and she asked me if she could come by my house or work (??) to pick up the payment. I asked her to please send me an invoice first as I had not received anything in writing stating how much I owed. 2 days later I received an invoice for payment. I called JoAnne Goodwin immediately to arrange for payment. I was planning on paying by Visa but was told she did not accept VISA, and in fact the company had no credit card services. I informed JoAnne that I would have the previous owners of my house pay her directly as they had agreed to pay to have the house cleaned. I informed her that I had already faxed the invoice she had sent me to my lawyer and he had already faxed the invoice to the previous owner’s lawyer already and that the previous owners were expecting to receive this bill. Later that day JoAnne left a message at my work, she in fact, phoned me 8-9 times between 3pm-4pm. I had left my office early due to an appointment, but was told this by my fellow workers. So the next morning (the DAY AFTER I RECEIVED THE INVOICE and had already faxed the invoice to my lawyer) I received JoAnne's message on my voicemail at work. It stated that she did not feel comfortable waiting for payment from the previous owners and she wanted me to pay her directly. I had informed JoAnne that she would be paid. Then I receive this message ?? ok fine…. ??? I don't necessarily think that is necessary as the previous owners were awaiting the bill, but I had no problem paying her directly, it just would have been easier for me to have the previous owners pay her directly. I was in meetings all morning, I planned on calling her on my lunch. At approx. 11:25am, I received an email from a COLLECTION AGENT stating Daytime Domestics Services had sent my account to collections for non-payment of my bill. The SAME BILL I HAD RECEIVED not 24 hours earlier. Instead of speaking with me, Joanne ASSUMED I would not pay and jumped to conclusions and sent my account to a collection agent. There was never a time when she was told she wouldn't be paid. ????? I called the collection agent immediately because I thought there had been a mistake. He said they would put a LEAN on MY HOUSE if I didn't pay. I repeatedly told him, I never had ANY intention of not paying ????? What was going on??? I've never had any dealings with collection agents in my entire life and I couldn't believe I had been sent to collections after receiving an invoice not even 24 hours earlier. I asked him if he had expected me to take time off work on the day I received the invoice and drive to the bank and then drive to this company to drop off payment??? I have never encountered anything so outrageous in my life. I have since found out that the Collection Agent is the owner's husband, Bob Dilts. He is a real estate agent and used his access privileges to find out all sorts of details regarding the sale of my house. This is my private information and he sent me several emails which included private details about the sale of my own home. I will be reporting this apparent abuse of privilege to the Real Estate Council of Ontario. He mentions he looked up the "sales data" on my house in one of his emails to me. I don't believe this is appropriate ethical business practice and I am looking into seeing if this information is public record. My complaint against this company is due to their inappropriate and unprofessional business practices. I had every intention of paying this bill and I repeatedly informed both Joanne and her collection agent husband Bob. Non-payment was never an issue and yet I was threatened with a lean on my house. I can understand if I had not paid my bill after a week or more, but to be sent to collections after ONE DAY....I feel this is outrageous. I have documented everything I received from both Joanne and her husband and I would be happy to send you any additional information you require. I have since filed complaints with the Consumer Services Bureau of Ontario and with the Better Business Bureau due to inappropriate and unprofessional practices by Daytime Domestic Cleaning Services. Due to my personal experience with this company I would NEVER recommend Daytime Domestic to anyone.
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Sam situation here. Big scam!


Omg. The same happened to me I'm not going to get into the details but the information you supplied is very helpful in dealing with these people.

They have threaten me on putting a lean on my house ruining my credit etc and giving me time period to pay them.

Very unprofessional WOULD NEVER RECommed them ever. Awful to deal with them and the threats doesn't care about repeat business doesn't care about customer services at all.


lean as in stand at an angle

learn to spell if you want to complain


Sounds to me like the staff from Daytime did an excellent job as they always do but you failed to pay on the COD basis that was agreed at time of booking. Then you tried to shift the onus of paying to the seller of the home who had nothing to do with booking the cleaning. And now you have the nerve to whine about Daytime simply trying to collect money from you that was due when the job was completed for a job well done, Shame on you!!!



Daytime Domestic Services has been cleaning homes for over 35 years.

Our policy, when cleaning VACANT homes for NEW clients with unestablished credit with us is COD. (cash on delivery)

When we booked the clean, we advised this new client that our staff would pick up a cheque or cash upon completion.

In the above complaint, please note that there was NO complaint about the quality of work. The complaintant acknowledged that she did not leave cash or cheque as agreed.

She refused to return 7 or 8 phone calls! Then she suggested that "it would be easier if the PREVIOUS home owner paid!" The complaintant is the new home owner not the seller... (who had nothing to do with this transaction! Whoever books the clean pays for the clean)

After 2 days of excuses we did indeed threaten legal action.....WE FINALLY GOT PAID!!

Fortunatly we have thousands of clients, unlike Ms. Kudzman, who pay as agreed.

This is our first complaint in 35 years.




Well. I saw some of the negative comments on the Internet, and you always say "this is our first complaint in 35 years" or "we have never received any complaint in the past." Hmm...

Interesting... Let me think once again before I hire you guys for cleaning...


Sounds to me like you have a lawsuit for harrassment. It also sounds to me like the real estate husband should have his real estate liscense taken away.


having read the complaint, I see nothing about the cleaning job being not to her satisfaction. What I do read is that the complainer refused to pay as agreed, COD.

Further, she ignored collection phone calls! She admits she did not pay COD as agreed.

Small businesses in the service industry trust their clients to pay their accounts as agreed and often get screwed over....and now with [anti] social media sites like this, the business can get screwed again.

If I was the business owner, I would publish the name and address of the complainer for other business owners to see....and beware. Hey, why not, the complainer has no problem publishing libel and slander by naming the business!


That's what people usually say "not professional." As a business runner, I will leave a piece of advice for you: do NOT run any business if you still have such a pathetic mind for customers. Yes, some customers are just weird, but professional business runners do not act like a kid, like what you just said (e.g.

sharing the information about complainers with other owners). Do you really think they will listen to you? *** no. You really think that they will say "Thank you, bruh!

You saved my butt! I will never do anything for the customers!"?

You know, all the business runners are potential competitors. Please think once more before you spit something.


He is a *** artist !! He is a source of misery for everyone that has to listen to his nonsense !!

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