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Not happy with local heating company

I called and the man was nice. Hugh quoted me 1086 for a propane tank installed, i decided to have them come over and replace the water heater and do it for that price. When the guy came over his name was something else, and he wouldn't look my husband in the eye and started saying he didn't bring the right tank so it was going to cost way more and the more he talked the more he said it would cost. By the time he was done it was about 1800.00. My husband told him to take a hike, and he charged him 45 for the house call. I don't think this is an ethical company. The guy wouldn't look my husband in the eye, and was covered in tattos and facial rings. I understand to each his own, but we expect a clean cut, clean looking person who looks you in the eye and doesn't start raising the price because you live in a nice home. I am not recommending this company to anyone, and warning everyone against the. Not okay professional behavior.
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It is so true that homeowners think they know our industry, just last week i arrived at a home with a water heater for a customer, she told me she needed a gas standerd vent 50 gallon tank. My office quoted her 1001.00 for an install.

What i found was that some *** used a standerd tank in the house instead of a direct vent (a plumber knows what im talking about) i informed her that what was quoted to her could not apply in this situation, and she was looking at spending 2000.00 or so for a direct vent tank(the right kind). Her response was she wants it changed out with the same kind, when i told her that i could not do that, it could malfunction in the future and cause cabon monoxide to enter home(poisen gas) or cause a fire, she sent me away said her husband will get a tank from home depot and do it?

wow i think i should call the gas company or something. I agree with the other comment "plumbers unite" the public does not care about safty only there wallets.


So your saying don't trust people with tats are one ignorant broad. Here is the deal lady, it sounds to me like your husband made up a big story about the big bad plumber who came to your house, "my husband told him to take a hike" right after he paid him for the house call......the frog tat must have scared him....or maybe the your hubby a communist is that why he was so offended? Plumbers of America unite if they don't want to pay let them blow themselves up by doing wrong themselves...its called thinning the herd, dummies die every day from bad plumbing, that's why we are certified and continually trained.....SO WE DON'T KILL ANYONE...WE PROTECT THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF THE NATION


Wow this lady complaing is a wack job I have personally met every employee at day and nite and every one of them are awesome. It sounds to me like she got a phone quote and when the plumber got there the scope of work was different. You should have been more honest to the Guy on the phone lady...epic fail on your part


The so called 'review' #231839, is bogus & can't be from an actual customer. Although I do have one Tech with some small tats (a cute frog on his hand, & an American Flag on his forarm) NO ONE in the whole company has any facial rings...

never has for 25+ yrs. And, we don't charge $45 for ANYTHING. If we actually did go to a site & quote something that wasn't a free estimate, the Service Call is $39. "Anonymous" is likely a grumpy competitor trying to hurt our reputation.

If this person IS real & has just got some facts mixed up with some other company... I would honestly like to see who came to your home so I can get to the bottom of things & make ammends and changes as needed.

Please call me or email me personally at the office,(all numbers are on the Web site) or, if you prefer a public dialouge like this, have the integrity to answer me with a REAL NAME, job date etc... unsubstantiated attacks like this are simply gossip...

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