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They lock you out with no warning and no explanation. They do not give you a chance to explain or correct errors. I acted in good faith with my data uploads. But when my points were in the 50,000 range, I was locked out with no reason provided. Other users fraudulently made small updates to my data, and I suspect that is why I was locked out. The company is a scam. And the information in their database is rarely accurate to begin with. Jerks. Stay away from this website. It is a scam. And the support system sucks. You can't speak to anyone and just get vague emails.
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Bad quality
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Absolutely the worst system in the sales industry. Their sales reps do not call back or bother with emails, Ankit and Sean are horrible. Complete waste of time and money, Benioff is a scam artist.

Dana Fzq

Salesforce Which Is A Part Of Salesforce... Is A Big Scam, Fraud And ***-Artist!

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Updated by user Mar 28, 2016

please just read my detailed review, along with the attachments provided as evidence and back-up. thank you.

Original review Mar 27, 2016
No Wonder They Got So Many Bad Reviews! Many Members Are Scared To Come Out And Tell The Truth! I Have Hidden The Truth Long Enough! Now It Is Time To Spill The Beans!===========================================I was Invited to Volunteer as an Updater and Supporter to the Data Content of their website called and it has been, Nothing, but a Major, Big Disaster, a Big Scam, A Big Fraud and ***-Artist for the various reasons and explanations given and provided below, along with (23) Pages Of Attachments to Support My Claim and Major Complaint! I have worked Extremely Hard at Providing ONLY Real, Honest, Legitimate Information that I had obtained from Various, Existing Company Websites for the past three (3) to six (6) months and the kind of Respect that I received from this Ungrateful, Non-Respectful Company was CONSTANT HARASSMENT and BEING BLOCKED AND LOCKED OUT OF THEIR WEBSITE FOREVER as of Thursday, March 24th, 2016. I NEVER made anything up, nor LIED about the Data Being Submitted and/or Published! All of the Information that I had Provided Can Be Verified! However, this company has a Very Bad Habit at Preventing Their Good Members from Remaining Rainmaker Members (which is the Highest Status and Ranking Given to the Members who have Provided the Most Accurate and Legitimate Data). What happens is the Exact Same Thing that has been done to my other friends who were on here and Here Is The Scenario Of The Game That They Play With Their Honest And Legitimate Members, Including Myself. While You are Adding Contacts At The Very Beginning, they typically do Not Bother You Right Away, however, once you get to around 25,000 to 50,000 Points, then you get an email telling You of the Mistakes that You made and they will usually Send You A List Of The Rules That Need To Be Followed in order to Stay Onboard With Them and that is understandable. At the Very Beginning of my time with them, I did Receive the Rules and Have Studied And Even Memorized Them such as the following: 1) You Can Not Use Abbreviations Or Have Accents Above The First Or Last Name.2) You Can Not Have All Numbers In The Email Address.3) The Email Address Must Be The Person's Name And Nothing Else Such As Support@ or Info@ or Ceo@, etc.4) You Can Not Have The Word Retired Or Student Just For The Job Title.5) You Can Not Have Any Cellular Phone Number Or Home Phone Number For The Contact Number.6) You Can Not Use The Abbreviations Jr. Or Sr. Or Phd Or Doctor Or Rabbi In The Contact Names.7) You Can Not Use A Post Office Box Number For The Physical Company Address.8) You Can Not Switch Around The Job Titles When Updating Contacts Such As Going From Marketing Director to Director Of Marketing. For Your Information: I just wrote out the Eight (8) Major Rules By Memory and have Practiced Them, plus the other ones as well, however, NO Matter What I Did To Keep Their Website Accurate, Clean And Strong, they Still Harassed, Complained And Permanently Removed ME! They even Invented NEW Guidelines and Rules that are NOT Written in their Educational Materials as a Deliberate Method To Get Rid Of Their Legitimate And/Or Hand Selected Rainmaker Members and Trust ME, They Always Get Their Way! There Are No Compromises, Nor Negotiations With At All! Please NOTE: I was so Honest, Passionate and Dedicated to that if I ever had a Question on How To Do An Even Better Job, I would ask it and Keep Their Answers in an Archived File. Sadly, they Never Cared About My Work or Any Of The Other's Rainmaker's Work for All That Matters because they ACT As A Mafia and they Will Remove You Once You Get Passed 100,000 Points, Guaranteed! I know this for a Fact because once again, this was done to several friends of mine who shall Remain Nameless for their Protection and Privacy! In my case, I was Very Close To 188,000 Points Or So With A 96% Accuracy Rate In My Overall Work Which Is Considered Excellent In The Real World (with Documents Provided in the (23) Pages Of Attachments), however, back on Thursday, March 24, 2016 as I had stated previously in my Public, Negative Review On Them, I was still Blocked From Their Website Forever! Their Lies and Reasoning about My Legitimate and Honest Work is of the following: They stated that I was Adding Contacts From Different Countries when it is Totally Impossible And Not True! The ONLY Countries that I was Adding Contacts for was Brasil, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States Of America! Please NOTE: Since the website can ONLY Process The Countries listed on their website such as Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Brasil, Australia, etc.; therefore the Rest of the Other Countries out there are all BLOCKED OUT Of The Website which makes it 100% Impossible To Even Try To Add Them. Please NOTE: They are Forced To Get Rid Of Their Rainmaker Members With High Points, High Scores And High Percentage Rates and if I was such a Bad Member with a Low Score, then they would have Removed Me A Very Long Time Ago, But They Purposely Wait To See Me Doing Well And Then They ***K Me Over! In my case, as I had stated before I had earned about 188,000 Points with a 96% Accuracy Rate and they still BLOCKED AND REMOVED ME and even Stole Back All Of My Honest Points Earned for Illegitimate Reasons! Please NOTE: You Know That They Do Profit Big Time On All Of The Contacts That I Had Added and None Of Them Ever Get Removed (Even After They Block Me) Until The Contact Leaves The Company, Resigns, Dies, Quits Or Something Like That. HINT: Basically The Contact Remains On The Website As Long As It Is Still On Their Existing Company Website. Trust Me, I Know That For A Fact and If You Ever Go Back On To Their Website And View My Contacts (i.e. Check Out The Brasilian Company Lawyers Offices To Find Mine) and You Should See The Username IFlyDelta which was My Username Used During The Whole Time That I Worked For Them As Solely A VolunteerContributor / Updater For Their Website Please NOTE: If You Do Not See Any Of My Contacts Anymore, Then It Would Be Because Of My Public Reviews That They Just Read And Therefore The Executives Would Have Then Removed All Of Them Because They Do Not Wish To Be Embarrassed. Please NOTE: Yes, I did try to contact them back for Reconsideration, however, they have an Internal Mafia Rule to NEVER Let A Rainmaker Member Back On To Their Website Ever Again Once They Have Purposely And Deliberately Blocked Them Out Forever! Please NOTE: They Also Provide No Phone Support For Their Executive Rainmaker Members, so Good Luck On Getting To Speak To Somebody About Anything! Please NOTE: They do have Many INTERNAL HATERS AND RACIST PEOPLE working from within their company, including people called "Data Stewards" whom I believe are Volunteers who have been Hand Selected by their Executives to REMOVE ANYBODY that they do Not Like (whether they are doing an Excellent Job like in My Case or Not! Enclosed, in the Attachments Please Find (23) Pages Of Some Of The Conversations That I Have Had With Their Staff, Good Or Bad For Your Review And Further Reference. Thank You. Please Do Yourselves A Big Favor And Stay Away From Them, Period! There Are Much Better Companies Out There To Deal With Who Really Care About Their Members And/Or Customers! Thank You For Nothing And Good Riddance! Sincerely yours, IFlyDelta Username PS: I Have Moved On To Other Legitimate Networking Websites With A Much Better Reputation!
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  • Can earn prizes for good data contributions like i already have
  • I can access their website 24 hours a day
  • I can receive points from the outside for my good contacts
  • No reconsideration to return as their qualified rainmaker member
  • Harassed and tormented me once they saw i was doing well
  • Removed me for invalid and untruthful reasons
Reason of review:
They purposely and deliberately Removed ME from contributing Good, Honest, Real Information to their Website for Invalid and Untruthful Reasons and Got Away With It

Preferred solution: they should allow me to come back to their website and continue contributing good, clean, honest data and/or allow me to use my 188,000 plus points at any time that i wish, but they won't cause they are a part of an internal mafia of haters!

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You worked for a company that collects sales leads data to then harass and pester people and businesses for other annoying businesses. I have no sympathy that you appear to have been doing a lot of work for a glorified Marlboro points reward system rather than real pay for a real job, and even if you were screwed over good riddance; one less person helping them annoy people like me who want nothing to do with them and don't appreciate all my info being collected and traded around.

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