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Oh, how I wish there was a way to give negative stars! I bought a 2013 Nissan Maxima from Darcars Toyota Cherry Hill in March 2016 & it has been a nightmare ever since.

WARNING: LONG READ AHEAD. Beginning in early June 2016, the car began stopping & refusing to turn back on regularly. I purchased GAP insurance and a Gold Extended Warranty (at a price of $2000) at the time of sale, so I took it to their service department to have them look at it. They suggested it was the battery so I bought a new battery and thought all was well.

The car then stopped again. And again. And again. I took the car back to their service dept (Darcars Nissan College Park) in August 2016 & October 2016.

Both times they said they could not find the problem, but they said they replaced the starter (this turned out to be untrue) and that I should get another battery as that may be part of the problem. I was annoyed at now needing to purchase a SECOND battery on a car I had only had for 5 months, but I did it nonetheless. The car did well for a week, but then stopped again. And again.

And again. And again. It stopped so many times that my insurance company (Geico) sent a letter informing me that they would be dropping the emergency roadside assistance (ERA) on the car due to too many ERA claims. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT COULD HAPPEN!!

But just to put numbers on this, between March 2016 & March 2017 - Geico's ERA had to come out to restart/tow the car EIGHTEEN (18) times! The car has literally stopped EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

since June 2016 and often, MULTIPLE times in a month. We had to get Geico to come out for the car multiple times in ONE day on several occasions. And that was only BEFORE they dropped the roadside assistance. Geico dropped the roadside assistance in March 2017.

I bought yet ANOTHER battery in May 2017. (If you're counting - by then, I had purchased THREE new batteries on a car I'd had for 14 months). Between March 2017 when Geico dropped the ERA & this last time the car stopped (August 19, 2017), the car has stopped at LEAST seven (7) additional times (I'm only counting the times I had to pay an emergency roadside service to help restart it or get it towed to the dealership). That's TWENTY-FIVE (25) times at this point, and it does not even include the multiple times the car has stopped and a friend or random stranger has stopped to give the car a jump (or push it to the side of the road) without involving a tow truck or roadside assistance.

On August 5, 2017 - I'd finally had enough and took the car back to the Darcars Nissan (College Park) dealership to have it repaired. This is when I found out that they did NOT actually replace the starter in October 2016 as they had said - they hadn't replaced anything (which is concerning as they had my car for over a week that time and literally CALLED and said that they had to order a replacement starter and that's what was taking so long). I was pissed at this revelation but had no choice but to leave the car again to have them fix it. I went back to pick the car up on August 12, 2017 - they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it but they tightened the terminal wires on the battery and it should be fine.

I told them that wasn't enough and I am tired of getting the car back from them and its not fixed. Because of this, they said if it stopped again, they would cover the cost of towing it to them to fix and cover the rental. The car stopped AGAIN on August 14 - that's TWO days after I last picked it up from service. I got a jump from a coworker and called Darcars to let them know that day.

On August 15, the car did something it had never done before - hesitated to start, started on 3rd try, but jerked and "put-puttted" (wouldn't go above 30 mph) until it finally just stopped completely. Thank goodness a police officer saw me put-putting along and was there when it stopped to help push it to the side of the road. I was livid and inconvenienced yet again as here I was needing to take yet ANOTHER day off from work in the middle of the week to go BACK to Darcars to get the car towed in and get another rental. Darcars College Park had the car towed to them on August 16.

I also called Darcars Cherry Hill (where I purchased the car) and talked to the Used Cars Sales Manager. He told me to come in on that Saturday and we could try to work something out. On Saturday, August 19, I went to go pick up my car from Darcars College Park. Upon pickup - the service person who had been working on it once again said that they couldn't find anything wrong with it - but he knows SOMETHING is wrong because he had to give it a jump just that morning before I came to get it.

He also said he hoped that Darcars Cherry Hill was able to get me out of that car because even he was tired of dealing with that car. I then drove the car the 3 miles from Darcars College Park to Darcars Cherry Hill for my appointment with the used cars sales manager. I get there, and he says only thing he could do was try to put me in a new used car. And by that, he meant he wanted me to apply for a new car loan, and roll the debt from the car I've only had 16 months into a new car loan.

I cursed several times. Why would I dare take on more debt by buying yet another car from a dealership that does not even make good on the first car?! He claimed that was all he could do UNLESS I left the car with them to see if they could fix it at the Darcars Nissan Rockville location. Reluctantly, I agreed to the latter option.

He claimed other than that - my only option was to call the Corporate Office to see what could be done. So on August 19, I left the car with them to see if their other location could fix it. I called the Corporate Office a few days later. The lady I spoke to was nice and called around to get an update on my car several times but that was about it - she couldn't really do anything else, it seems.

Today is now September 5, 2017 and Darcars Cherry Hill finally called and said my car is ready. I asked what had been the problem and what was fixed. Their answer: "We don't know. We couldn't find anything wrong with it, but you can come get your car now." Yes, I am serious - 17 days later & all they have is "We don't know." I am so frustrated with Darcars that I WILL never purchase another car from them again & will warn everyone I know not to either.

I've requested my own history on the car from a 3rd party because I have a sneaking suspicion that they knew the car had major problems before they sold it to me in March 2016, but did not disclose it. I also suspect that there is something major wrong with the car and that they know this, but do not want to disclose it or fix it as my extended warranty should be expiring within a few weeks, and everyone knows that dealerships make their profits mostly from the service departments. I definitely feel that Darcars took advantage of my patience and my pockets with this one. I paid an extra $2000 for a WARRANTY that says that it will cover any repairs to the car, yet they can't (or rather won't) actually repair the car.

Why did I purchase the warranty? If the warranty is essentially useless because they won't honor it - shouldn't I be refunded that $2000? I can't even get roadside assistance on the car anymore because Geico refuses to cover it - so now what? Should I just be prepared to pay $90 every time my car stops or needs to be towed?

This car stops every week - that could be quite costly. At this point, nothing short of Darcars either completely fixing and extending the warranty on the car (AT THEIR EXPENSE) or Darcars getting me into a comparable car at NO ADD'L CHARGE is acceptable. I refuse to roll over debt from this lemon into a new car and a higher car payment when I just bought the car 17 months ago. And I refuse to pay even more tax, tag, title fees for Darcars to do so.

Besides this Maxima, I have owned 5 other Nissan products in my life (2 Infinitis and 3 Altimas), and all were used except one, and I have NEVER EVER EVER had any of those cars stop, pause, hesitate or anything on me, nor need any roadside assistance beside an occasional flat tire. THIS CAR IS A LEMON AND DARCARS KNOWS IT. Before I go retrieve my unfixed car yet again, I am contacting a lawyer to find out what other options I have and if there is a class action lawsuit currently in place against Darcars for this. I KNOW I cannot be the only person who has had issues with Darcars taking their money and running & I'd be fully interested in combining claims for a lawsuit.

Since I work in Public Affairs, I have spent almost half of my day today reaching out to local media contacts to see if they've ever been contacted about issues with Darcars before - and if they kept the complainant's contact info so I can furnish it to a lawyer for participation in a potential Class Action lawsuit. Long story short: DO. NOT. BUY.

FROM DARCARS. They have horrible ratings all over the internet for a reason - trust the reviews. And definitely don't bother purchasing their extended service warranty.

If they refuse to actually fix the car, or even figure out what's wrong with it - what is the warranty even worth? ANSWER: Nothing; not even the paper its typed on.

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  • Way i was treated about my car after i purchased it
Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: Fix the issue & extend service warranty to cover roadside assistance at no charge OR swap out for comparable car without rolling over bad debt or starting over on a new loan (NO CHARGE)

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Darcars toyota silver spring, md

I paid $2,000.00 for car repairs because the check engine light was on in my 2001 Toyota Solara. One week later the light came back on.

I went back to service department and they wanted to charge me $800.00 more to resolve the problem. Of course I didn't go for it. Additionally, I had them replace a light bulb which I bought for an auto supply store, according to the service department the light bulb was defective and they had to replace it one of theirs. You'd think that they would return the one that I bought so that I can return it to the store, well that didn't happen.

I don't know what they did with it and they can't find it. I'm not going to let it end there; however I'll never seek their service again.

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Please allow me to apologize for the difficulty you expereinced when visiting our Service Department to have your Solara repaired.

I would like to look into this further for you and help to work towards a solution.

Please e-mail me your contact information and I will contact you today.

I can be reached at rbayat@***.com and I look forward to working with you.

Rose Bayat

Vice Preseident, Customer Relations

DARCARS Automotive Group



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