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Daphne Macklin is a Liar and Thief this is not Slander, it is the truth

Daphne Macklin's name and number was given to me by another attorney as a referral. I had a very unusual Civil Case that needed an attorney familiar with contract and privacy laws. I was told Daphne could point me in the right direction but when I explained my case she said she would take it... That was a big mistake. I gave her a retainer fee and Daphne spent the next year stalling me out until the statute of limitation ran out and I had no case. During this time, she became difficult to locate and when she did return my call the excuses I got were much like the excuses described in the other complaints. She was in court, she had to get a new cell phone, blah, blah, blah. We always met up at a Starbucks location where she would always repeat what she told me previously about what she was going to do. She even wanted more money from me for the filing of my paper work...Um isn't that what the retainer is for? As we reached the time for the statute of limitation to run out I pressed her about getting my case filed and she disappeared off the map... I thought maybe she got in a car wreck or something so I google searched her name to see if there was an accident reported and guess what I stumbled across...a website called RipOff Report! I read the report on her and when she finally got back to me I told her about this report on her. I also told her that I was going to put my trust in her because I know you cant please everybody. Needless to say she let me down. When I had 2 months left before the statute on my case was going to be up i got this text message from her that made me think she was drunk when she sent it because it made no sense and then she told me I needed to get another attorney. I scrambled desperately but could not find anyone to take my case and the rest is history. She stole $750.00 from me which was all that I had left in the bank at the time but it was an investment that I thought would pay off because of my rights being violated by my insurance company. What my insurance company did to me was chicken scratch compared to what Daphne did. She has an honest look and appeal about her. She has very similar features to my mother and she perpetrated a professional fraud! Daphne Macklin disgusts me. Not only because she stole from me but because she perpetuates the stereo-type of African Americans. As an African American I have fought all my life to rise above the stereo-types of my race; which includes being a liar, thief, and hustler who are unable to hold professional positions because we lack the ability to learn or we just lack the formal education. I have a business degree with a concentration in human resources and I have studied criminal justice with a concentration in human service and graduated with honors from an accredited university. Not only does Daphne have a professional career but as an attorney, it is a high profile position. She should be ashamed of herself because she is a disgrace to her profession and her race. I am here to say do not hire this fraudulent individual and it is soooo not over. I have every intention on reporting her to the California state BAR. It is not even about the money as much as it is about the principle of the matter. I have warned her of my intention to report her so when it surfaces she should not be shocked. Here's an update. I went to the California State Bar to file a complaint against her and I noticed that her status has been changed, effective July 1, 2015 she is unable to practice law . . . shocker!
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Why oh why would you give her a chance after reading these reviews. The views are put here to warn people but the sad thing is you read it and still trusted her anyways.

I do understand, you were desperate because no one else would take your case without a hefty fee? Yes, Daphne looks for such to molest.


Unfortunately I had already hired Daphne before reading any reviews about her and the only reason I hired her without checking up on her was because the referral came from a reliable source. I have followed up on my vow and launched an investigation with the BAR. I am not surprised to find out that there were multiple complaints filed against her.

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Sacramento, California
  • Lack of contact
  • Lack of committment
  • Deception
Reason of review
I was robbed, lied to, and my Civil case went unresolved
Preferred solution
at least my retainer fee of 750.00


$60 dollars yeah right Grateful client DONT BE A FOOL! SLANDER WILL NOT STOP HER FROM GOING AFTER BIG BANKS, CORPORATIONS, OR GOVERMENT AGENCY!!!DAPHNE L. MACKLIN WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!!1. FIGHT FOR THE CONSUMERS RIGHTS 2. NOT AFRAID TO TAKE ON THE GOVERMENT, BIG BANKS, OR CORPORATIONS 3. FEES BASED ON CLIENT ABILITY TO PAY. Daphne Macklin law officeDaphne L. Macklin Fraud, thief, liar, no insurance, will say anything to get your money preys on low income people Sacramento CaliforniaSometimes in life, it is appropriate to show appreciation to those overextend or go the extra mile for us. We need to come to the defense and express our gratitude for the work Attorney Macklin has done.I am one of Attorney Macklin's clients.True Fact(s)1. I didn’t have very much money to defend my case, Attorney Macklin charged me a reduced fee. Thank you!2. Sometimes I paid late she still provided the upmost professional services and treated me the same. Thank you!3. My Case was an emotional and difficult case, Attorney Macklin took the case anyway and never gave up. Thank you!4. I went to several attorney’s before I found Attorney Macklin they told me to give up I would never win. Attorney Macklin WON my case …. Thank you! There are no grantees in life. I’m glad to know when all else fails there are people in this world like Attorney Macklin that will go to battle for your rights! "Thank you Attorney Macklin you are truly appreciated" Grateful client
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Excuse me "Grateful Client" but I think that you are either Daphne Macklin in disguise posing as this Grateful Client or you are a relative or close friend being asked to do a favor. Your information is too vague and my comments along with the other comments I have read about Daphne provides details that support why we feel the way we do.

If she is so great how come effective 7/1/2015 she is not allowed to practice law as noted by the California State Bar? Save your breath...

@Jennetta Jmo

I Am a A Real client! With a real experience Real results!

Will answer your questions personally.

I have been taken advantage of several time and did nothing about it. We I decided to finally do something I found Daphne Macklin. My results were grate!

I understood did not have the same experience! I want to read his out to you in hope your issue was resolved



Sounds a lot like lawyer Macklin writing a positive review for herself. What a complete ***!

Go back to work for a real law firm and stop taking the bus to your appointments held in public places. Someone needs to monitor your dumb *** and see that you quit abusing the very system you swore to uphold. Looking at county court sites online, it is obvious you are desperate for money as you have numerous cases brought against you from creditors.

Quit ripping people off lawyer macklin. Get a real job and stop raping the public


No I'm not Daphne ! I'm a Grateful Client!

This is my real email address : Crookcatcha@***.com

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San Francisco, California

She doesn't want to work for her clients or do any hard workp

She does everything by lying and doesn't want to do what it takes to support her clients. She lies and always want you to meet her somewhere to take your money and provide no services. Doesn't show hard work are is dedicated to her clients and take low income clients that she doesn't plan on fighting for. Daphne makes you do your own hardworking. She never gives you correct information. You don't know anything about her and lawyers are called liars for a reason. Lazy bad attorney whom doesn't want to work. Is she renting or owning? Because as an attorney you know nothing about her.
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judging by your english language skills, you are retarded, and therefore a poor judge of lawyering.

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Daphne Macklin Law office WARNING DO NOT HIRE!

Daphne Macklin Law office WARNING DO NOT HIRE!
Daphne Macklin Law office WARNING DO NOT HIRE!
I hired Ms. Macklin to handle two of my cases and she messed up both case due to late and incorrect filing. She is not assertive and cowers in the presence of other attorney's. Daphne L. Macklin is also a thief who convinced me to leave my backpack with her while I went to the restroom and then she stole $60.00 out of my backpack while waiting to see the judge. She did return it to me but it doesn't matter because she should not have stolen it in the first place. Her excuse was she charges $120.00 per hour for her services but I gave her $60.00. All she had to do was decline but not go inside my backpack and steal the additional $60.00. She goes to court in a head scarf and clothes with cat and dog hair all over it. Daphne Macklin hides behind a PO Box and changeable phone numbers. Daphne Macklin is a predator who will tell you anything to get the retainer. After she has the retainer she makes up many excuses as to why she is taking so long to start your case. For over a year she complained about Allergy attacks, missing sister, in court, or out of town. I loaned her bus fair to come to court in which she has never paid me back. I felt sorry for her at first but I can see why she is so behind in her profession.
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Daphne came to me by referral from someone that use to work with her when I guess she was a respectable attorney. Daphne was only suppose to be someone I could contact to give me the name of an attorney who could represent me in a Civil matter.

I was thrilled to know that I would not have to search any further because Daphne said she would take the case once I explained it to her. I found no reason to do a background check since she was referred by a credible source. How disappointed my source was when I explained what Daphne did. I am sorry for everyone who has fallen victim to her MESS!!

The good thing is that the California State Bar has clipped her wings and she cannot practice law, effective July 1, 2015... It won't get any of our money back but it will keep her from ripping other people off!


I did not no all of this I also hired. her an she took my money did not finished.

the paperwork. I tried. calling her for about two months. on different.

phones .Could. not reach her. I am furious. I am scramble.


trying to get another. attorney


I had about to hire her to represent us in a case of a landlord starting a fire in our rental that have us in hotels for one and half. She promise us this or that but she never delivers nothing.


This attorney is nothing more than a worthless coward piece of ***. Stay away from this ***


This lady is very unprofessional. She indeed rides the bus to appointments and can not have an appointment at her office because her office is nothing more than an dumpy rental home.

She does not dress very professional.

I would definately stay away from this person.


you loaned her bus fair?


you were going to jail for selling drugs, right?


I would never work with anyone who didn't have a law office and hid behind a Post Office Box. I assume this person is very poor and you can tell by her noted attire.

I would never consider hiring anyone who does not have any insurance.

I have seen warning about this attorney all over the internet and I have a feeling that there are going to be plenty more. :p


Stop stealing and work for your clients. :(

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Sacramento, California

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