Blue, 50' Dap X hose exploded while in use. The nylon split about 4 foot, pieces of inner hose flew at least 50 feet. I called Dap customer service and they said it had a 90 day warranty, mine was 4 months old & not used every day. They basically said too bad, I was out my $29.99. I was lucky it did not injure me. I will go back to a traditional hose. The concept is great, but they are not safe. It also leaked from the beginning at the...
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We bought two X-hoses off the tv, and shortly after they both started to Leak near the female connector. We really liked the convenience of the little hoses to water the plants on our porches. I was able to repair both of them, but in less than a month they both just blew up. Now I'm busted in South Alabama!!!!! I contacted the company and requested their new X-hose (black) and offered to pay the difference in price for the up grade. I got no...
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I purchased a new bathtub and wall kit and bought DAP Kwik seal plus, premium kitchen and bath adhesive sealant in higher gloss brighter white color to seal all areas around it. I did not have enough to finish so I bought one more exact same. Apon drying the last tube turned clear. I checked tube to make sure I did not accidently get a clear tube but it is marked brighter white. Now I have a big job to try and get this off without damaging...
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Anonymous We used it for our tub new surround. After following the directions it did not seal and we also are having to remove it and find another product that will actually seal the s...

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