Tim T Qxm
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

*** NowBible Text Mistakes

I contacted NowBible customer service in January 2011 to let them know I found multiple text mistakes in their *** electronic NowBible. Veronica, NowBible Customer Service Rep., told me they were aware of the mistakes and informed me that an update would be issued in May 2011. It's now November 2011 and NowBible hasn't made any updates available. When I asked if they had a new date when updates would be available they did not respond to my voice messages or emails. I would not recommend anyone purchased *** NowBibles due to their inaccuracy. NowBible does not appear to ensure its products are error free before selling them.
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I was thinking of buying a NowBible, so after reading this negative review I looked at their web site and found that the latest update for any of their products was back in 2010. It appears like they are not supporting the product they sell - good to know! Thanks.