Charlyn Nhz
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Ownership at Dancing Queen Dress Wholesale Company is HORRIBLE

I have been a customer and have purchased from Dancing Queen in downtown LA for 8 years and was there when they were a small company trying to grow their business into the large company they are now. Over the years, as they have grown and expanded, their customer service has become less and less friendly and helpful. They look stressed and make you feel like you are not a priority when you are there, but rather you must wait on their beckon call. A few of them are however friendly and helpful. I don't blame them, but rather the owner Michael, who is a bully and tyrant not only to his employees (which is why they are under stress and not friendly) but toward me, a customer of 8 years. It starts from the top down. His poor leadership and management skills is why his employees behave the way they do. Without any warning, his employees have been instructed not to sell to my company and my online account has been disabled through their website. When I asked to speak with him, I was told he was not available. Their poor reputation in LA is documented and known by competing companies. BE WARNED, this is how they treat long time customers! DON'T SUPPORT OR BUY FROM THEM. There are better companies right next door that will treat you right!
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Poor customer service