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Very Dissapointed...Terrible

Dance Kraze Dance Studio is one of the worst studios around. The owner is rude to the dancers and parents. She will go into a class and humiliate the kids by telling them how bad they are, loudly and in front of everyone. Then she turns around and says, it was to motivate them...Who do you think you are ...Abby Lee Miller???? The owner makes you sign a contract with rules in order to join the competition team, but certain dancers are allowed to break those rules, while others are not. What kind of example is she setting? Almost every other week, something "mandatory" is added, usually costing the parents more money. As mentioned in some of the precious comments, parts of choreography are copied from You Tube, especially one certain teacher, who happens to be the owners daughter. Just plain sad, since she is always winning choreography awards for copied dances. It is really sad what the owner has done to her studio!
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There is a BIG difference between critiquing/constructive criticism and belittling. Critiquing doesn’t happen by name calling.

It also doesn’t happen by pointing fingers at a specific group of parents.

It seems as those these reviews speak for themselves. They are clearly dated back several years and posted by several different individuals....and by that I mean families, not employees trying to convince people otherwise.


"Only The Weak Are Cruel"... My daughter has been a part of Dance Kraze Dance Companies for a few years.

Unfortunately, the negativity in a particular group of parents brings the moral of the company down. This post is a result of the director, who cares about each and every one of her students and families going into a competitive class and critiquing the students... as she should. It is her responsibility to ensure that all the company dancers are prepared for competition season and are where they need to be.

This review was posted by someone to try to bring down the director and her studio and what's crazy is that the people who may feel this way still write a check every month to the studio. If it were really that bad... they would leave. It's unfortunate that parents had to stoop so low to ignite such false negativity.

Dance Kraze is an Amazing Studio and my daughter has made many happy memories here. I support Dance Kraze Dance Studio and the Director all the way!


I agree with what this consumer has stated, Dance Kraze Dance Studio use to be a studio kids would want to go to all the time, now it’s the studio people run away from. From the director, to the discretionary rules that she applies.

The teachers allow students to become so vulgar to each other and even be nasty to the teachers. How do they call themselves a family when they push people away and pick people to include?

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Reason of review
Bad quality


Wow I have been waiting to see how long it would take someone to finally write the truth about this Dance Studio. I agree with all the comments people have been writing about this Dance Studio. We will never return back this is not the kind of environment I would want my child to be exposed to. Thieves for sure! The money the charges the extra fees just so you know many of the Company Parents had to pick up a second or third job just to pay their bills and all the extra charges. My Husband and myself both had to pick up a second job just to pay the bill it is over the top priced that's for sure. If there wasn't this and that and this and that the price wouldn't be so high but all the extra fees it was an extravagant price I was paying. Teaching Staff I never really experienced anything too bad but it depends on who you get as a teacher. I am not going to lie my daughters forever favorite teacher you don't even see anymore I heard that teacher kind of dropped her classes and moved on from the unfairness drama which is really sad because she was amazing. I hope she found something new and better and can keep her passion going because she was one talented and creative teacher. The only unprofessional thing I can not stand about the teachers is that there is one of the teachers that has her favorites and picks and chooses for sure just so she wins and not to mention all the choreography she steals its actually sad. Parents caught on. I still hear about it and we have been gone for some time. The director being fake I also agree if its not her sitting between people ease dropping she makes sure she goes out into the parking lot just to see what your talking about and acts as if she is just running to her car but she isn't. Instead of worrying about the parents she needs to worry about her not so professional office staff. Please when I think of the women in the office I want to vomit. She smells so bad just me thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. She is a bigger women but that is no excuse to not shower for days constantly wear the same outfit two or even three days in a row. This sounds really gross but she smells like dirty *** and seriously she is so gross and she is the first person you see when you walk in that office and it smells from her so bad. You get so many emails I just stopped reading them because you never knew who they were coming from the awfully smelling office lady or the director or was the office lady emailing you from the directors email?? No one ever knew we all just ignored them because they were so unprofessional and we received at all hours of the night and most of the time they made no sense. Silly thing about the rules and emails you will get emails about smoking cigarettes which I fully agree dancers lungs are important but then again you see that awful smelling office women outside chain smoking and talking *** herself to other mothers and literally *** in front of everyone and laughs about it and smells up the entire studio she is so gross. The office women is the reason I will tell my friends do not go in that dirty gross studio go somewhere else that is at least clean and fun and that cares about the kids. The director and the teachers and the choreography I agree you will get this and the payments where ever you go dancing competitively but our main reason for leaving was the gross unclean and unprofessional smelly office lady. I do miss them all but I couldn't stomach the women's smell at all anymore everyone always complained my youngest would hold her nose when we had to go make a payment. Thank god they have online paying most parents I heard lately its so bad they wont even go in there. It could be the ultimate Dance Studio in CT but with that women in the office and the dirtiness that studio will never ever be #1
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A friends daughter goes here, we were talking out Dance, fees, teachers, etc. Choreography is the big topic that came up.

And then the stealing of it came up. I thought really there is no way not this studio(my child doesn’t even go here) then she pulled up not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 all from the same year! I couldnt believe it. And one of those Dances was a staff members own child’s solo.

WTH. That is crazy. If you go here and dance on there competition team and are taught by a specific teach you tube your dances/solos/trios from last year and see if your the lucky ones. Seriously these are kids stop making them look like fools because you can’t come up with your own stuff.

If that’s the case owner needs to drop family and get real instructors in there. On that note owner needs new office staff too from the sound of it.

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East Windsor, Connecticut
Reason of review
Bad quality

Highly disappointed

Over the years we have danced, cheered and tumbled at some pretty great studios. What we saw from afar looked pretty darn good. The company team was well put together, head to toe, they looked the part. We made the decision to join dance Kraze and tried out for team. Let me start from here. It’s not that the prices are over the top, it’s the upcharge that gets you. Class prices are reasonable. It’s little things that become mandatory and money is always the issue, always needing more to be exact. While preparing for a competition, we had a friend at another studio competing at the same comp, when I said can you believe the fees went up this year. Her response “mine didn’t”. Then you start to pay attention. Money hungry is what they are. Office staff- is awful. The owner is constantly on edge and always has a snarky comment or remark to make. If she’s hanging in the waiting room you know it’s fake, or she is trying to ease drop on the “talkers” conversations. Don’t even get me started on the woman in office. Well this woman could be very sweet her hygiene is just not even close to par. If I was a business owner I would want my office staff,that person who is the front of the action and Fields all of my business to look the part, And be professional. This woman looks as if she has rolled out of bed and smells as if she hasn’t showered in days. Not to mention I’m pretty sure she’s missing several teeth. If you attempt to call the studio phone it’s never answered. It’s like they field their phone calls. They blame the students for a messy student lounge and waiting area. Numerous occasions have the students not been allowed to use the student lounge, but has been taken over with dance teacher clutter. It constantly smells like dirty feet. And when my child was done dancing their feet from the floors would be almost black. The competence of the teachers - I guess it depended on which style of dance you were teaching. Their motto is “ we don’t just teach your child a dance, we teach your child how to dance “ this has not been the case for us. My child did both company and recreational classes at the studio and I have never felt with the exception of maybe one or two teachers that my child had adequate learnings. Compared to other studios my child has walked away with more under their belt then with dance Kraze. While depending on the teacher there choreography has been outstanding. In a lot of cases national champion winning choreography. But if you pick and choose which kid you want and which team at least one of your teams is always bound to win. When your child is placed in class with less than adequate teacher at a competitive level and forced to dance against another group and the same studio and you can’t even compare just based on technique or the lack there of technique makes these kids feel and look awful. My experience here has been a roller coaster some of the parents are great and some of them always have something to say. You’ll find that no matter which studio you go to. I just feel that you may be disappointed in the studio atmosphere, as well as the neediness to pay more money constantly, Open ended promises, constant changes to the “ mandatory” calendar, Office staff personal not professional, and the lack there of feeling as though the studio is your family. When your children are forced to believe they are better than everybody else and turn into snots.
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I have to agree with most of what was already said. But I think the main fault with Dance Kraze is with the owner!

She is very unapproachable. When ever you tried to talk to her about a problem, she turns it around and makes you or your kid at fault. She also makes snide comments all the time.

4 of the teachers there, are the owners daughters, none of them are professionally trained.

They bring their young children to the studio when they are teaching, and no one is watching them. These children open the doors and disturb class any time they want. For the price I paid for classes, this was unexceptable!

I also heard rumors of one of the teachers copying dances from YouTube, and come to find out, a lot of the choreography is very similar, if not exactly copied!

Most of the teachers have their favorites, and it is extremely evident by watching the dances. Some of the dances revolve around the exact same dancer(s) being the center of attention.

The owner makes the company parents sign a contract with multiple rules, but not all the rules apply to all company dancers, especially her grand kids that dance. They are allowed to skip "mandatory" workshops and various classes that other dancers have to participate in!

Another comment that was made was that if one group scores higher than another group (that is considered an elite group), parents and teachers complain that there was something wrong with the judges/ rigged/ or fixed, I completely agree with that statement! They can't just be happy for that group!

The company dancers work hard all year for the chance to compete.

The final straw was when the owner decided not to do a nationals this year, without even consulting her competition team, because she doesn't want to! If she keeps running her studio this way, soon people are going to come to their senses and find a better studio, where they really do care about their dancers.


i would have to agree with every single word in the last posting. its not fair for families to foot the bill for mediocre training in such a sought out, tight nit, competitive field.

i not only want more for my child, i expect more. i would expect that every child is given the same opportunities as the staff's children, but has proven time and time again to not. don't give your opinion on anything as you will be sought out or talked about by staff and parents. as a parent you want the best for your child but when your child does well and that expected child does not- the staff says there is something wrong with the judges/scoring/or its fixed.

needless to say we moved on from dance kraze, and have been doing great an amazing things since.

office staff- unprofessional

teachers- mediocre

owner- not approachable

thank-you to the 1 teacher that recognized something in my child and gave her a little bit of extra encouragement. - ps i dont think that she is there anymore

***dancers beware***


I completely agree. I walked into to register my daughter for classes was greeted not so warmly.

At that point I simply asked for some information. When I spoke with a couple different ladies I felt bullied into signing up (but i did not).

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Bad quality

True colors shown that an 8 year old could see