Dana has informed some of her contemporaries that she no longer takes 730 evaluations as of July 2021. I believe she should extend that to other services. Its been stated in this forum that Dana has been through recovery and rehab, I do not think that impacts her value as a person but the fact is that shes been practicing for decades in a high burnout field. If she is working with you on a family court matter past July 2021 please comment below. Dana, you cannot erase history - nor can parents who have your words on our childrens court records. You can make amends, you can clean up wreckage and you can apologize to people you abused.
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Full apology and editing of advertisements mentioning family court services, full retirement from evaluations

Requiem Danita

There is evil, ever about fundamental systems of government quite incidental So go, if youre able to Wipe up your hate in some tottering state, but not here, dear. Is that clear, dear?
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We know better let’s do better

Dana Iscoff MA MFT - We know better let’s do better
As soon as you walk into her office you notice that it’s a dated 80’s decor, marginally clean, rusty hooks hold dated prints and lights don’t work properly. That bit down below about making amends should be tattooed on Dana’s forehead backwards so she can recite it every time she looks in a mirror until she’s made those amends, some of those children are now adults and at least one adult child who had an abusive parent awarded custody due to Dana’s reporting has registered a complaint to the board of behavioral sciences, that board cannot oversee court processes and the family court should tighten up its lists accordingly. If you get to choose your PC, do your due diligence, the complaints go back at least 10 years. If you were assigned, take notes and say your prayers. If you are reading this as an attorney or court officer know that this woman is undermining your credibility by *** ing all over what should be scientific (or at least unbia$ed) processes.
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Dana’s kids posting reviews of their mom on yelp isn’t quite as disheartening but uh, apple didn’t fall far from the tree apparently


And her friends who happen to own Dana’s favorite place for R&R... “reflections executive rehab”.

Reflect on ethics much?

A new version of Thelma and Louise, Dana and Louise. Riding off into retirement on the bankroll of broken families.


Don’t forget her very dishonest attorney friends, is that a special version of the bar they took?


Yes, it is a special version it’s one for women of retirement age who wish to still collect paychecks at the expense of minors. They stand to scratch each other backs and cover each other lies...

Until it becomes clear to everyone that these women do not care about children they only care about their next vacation?

Or, Until we parents decided to name all of you with her when we finally sink this rotting ship of shame? It’s their choice and retirement is a lovely option

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