Crimson Xxr
map-marker Leander, Texas

Worst neighbors ever

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These *** used a shell company to buy an old ranch next to our home under the guise of new development. Instead they are sandwiching a rock crusher and quarry between two neighborhoods (and across the street from another quarry)!!!

They have not responded to many emails. When they do they give condescending remarks because they know our government protects them.

Karma is a *** tho

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What is the current status? I read that the permit was approved?

What’s going on? I can’t believe this is happening to the beautiful Hill Country! It will ruin the landscape, give everyone nearby lung problems and cancer AND ruin the water supply! Doesn’t anybody care about our children?

Unbelievable. When we need our worthless politicians the most they totally sell out and abondon their phony “beliefs”.

Sixian w
map-marker Elmira, New York

Greedy company with no regard for the community

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Dalrymple Gravel And Contracting - Greedy company with no regard for the community

Dalrymple Gravel and Contracting has purchased a small narrow plot of land between 2 residential neighborhoods to build a rock crusher and quarry. There is land surrounding us in the hill country and they choose to place it on a deadly stretch of highway between 2 neighborhoods and across the street from another quarry.

This will affect our air quality, property value, traffic accidents and our overall livelihood. They will not comment AT ALL as they are northeast based and are only in texas because of greed. They have no ties to our community and only have their sights set on money.

We have tried to reach out to them multiple times. They have used shell companies and business names in order to go unnoticed which in itself is very dishonest and says a lot about their core values as a company.

Word spreads fast out here in our small community and them not addressing any of our concerns is essentially admitting to destroying this community all for money.

It is absolutely despicable. Please do not ever work for or with this company.

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Reason of review:
destroying our property value

Preferred solution: DO NOT BUILD

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Can't believe this company has no regard for people. All they want is money.

To put a quarry in the middle to 2 subdivisions is not being neighborly. There are lots for sale where the CEO and others from Dalrymple can move to get close to the action.

Glenn L Don
map-marker Elmira, New York

Invading and destroying my neighborhood.

Dalrymple Gravel And Contracting - Invading and destroying my neighborhood.

This company is planning on putting a rock crushing plant between two subdivisions in Spicewood Texas, even though they know that they will adversely affect the property values of these subdivisions and will also adversely affect the health of the residents of these subdivisions by releasing silica dust into the air, which has been labeled carcinogenic. This is an AMORAL company with total disregard for other human beings in the quest to make money.

The state of Texas allows these companies to come into Texas and get a permit in as little as 30 days.

There are no regulations that prevent these companies from opening a quarry and start to contaminate the surrounding area. There are no requirements that prevent them from operating in a residential area.

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Reason of review:
Destroying my neighborhood

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

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That's outrageous. It's disgusting.

Your term "amoral" is spot on correct. I'd bet you're beyond livid and have every right to be so.

Do they not have zoning regulations in that area ? They couldn't get away with that here.

Paul G Xxn

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Heartless invasion of property owners rights

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We, the community of Spicewood and Double Horn Creek development are offended and victimized by the brazen plan to locate another quarry plant adjacent to our neighborhood, and further, between our neighborhood and the new neighborhood next to us, Spicewood Trails. This Dalrymple Gravel and Contracting quarry and rock crusher in addition to an existing quarry right across Hwy 71.

Have the people who run this business become so hardened as to take such a cavalier attitude about our feelings, the dirt, noise, traffic hazard, and seismic shock you allow them to bring to our virtual doorsteps?

These plants generate silica dust which is a carcinogen and can be fatal to certain people.

Next they use explosives to mine the rock which damages foundations and homes in general.

Lastly our housing values, our life savings, and our most important investment will be devalued by 20% to 30%. This will lower county property taxes and have a negative effect on schools and community services in our area.

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Reason of review:
damage to our neighborhood

Preferred solution: Government intervention in the permit process and reject their permit.


This industry has some dirty players but Darlyrmple has to be by far the most viscous. This site choice is so egregious it may actually be the thing that makes our reps finally do something about the industry even though many receive money from this industry.

TACA will fight is all the way. They are incredibly good at getting their way.


These people have no moral compass! They are totally out for the buck.

They are in New York and don’t care anything about anybody’s property or values. Why does that not surprise me . They don’t live next to a quarry ,but is long as someone else does that’s OK. Everyplace we turn from government officials to the governors office to the TCEQ to county commissioners to district judges nobody gives a crap about us !

It’s time for those politicians to listen up and do something about the people that put them in the office in the first place .

They line there pockets with all the money that is donated to them from Dalrymple gravel company. I hope they choke on it!

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Catherine S Cec

New York Company Destroying the Health and Property Values of Texans

Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting operating as Spicewood Crushed Stone in Texas has purchased a narrow strip of property wedged between 2 residential communities, Double Horn Creek and Spicewood Trails. Emissions from these quarries and rock crushing plants carry crystalline silica, which OSHA has classified as a carcinogen. Children will be playing within yards of this operation! The crushing of stone and blasting that takes place will greatly increase the amount of this dangerous "dust" as well as risk contamination to our water supply, risk damaging existing wells, increase heavy truck traffic and lower property values.

There is a need and a place for these quarries/rock crushers however placing one within 2 residential communities is unconscionable and demonstrates a total disregard for the health and welfare of the people in this area. Dalrymple is taking advantage of weak regulations to exploit the people of Texas and in the process destroying the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Numerous complaints/concerns have been registered with local/state officials and the Dalrymple organization. We have even offered to re-purchase the property. Nothing has stopped them - yet. We will use every legal means in our power to stop Dalrymple or close them down.

Texas is open for business but that means SMART business. Dalrymple's actions lead me to believe they care only about profit even if it's on the backs and lives of Texans.

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Reason of review:
Damage to health & quality of life

Preferred solution: Move your operation to an unpopulated area. Let people choose to be your neighbor.

Basil R Mgb
map-marker Chemung, New York

Stone Crushing Operation between two large residential developments

Dalrymple Gravel and Contracting out of New York has applied for a permit for a stone crushing operation that lies directly between and abutting two large residential areas in Spicewood, TX. This has to be the most illogical, unconscionable thing a company could ever do.

This operation will devastate two large residential communities. It's even more inconceivable due to the fact that a large quarry operation already exists directly across the highway from them. There are plenty of other spots for an operation like this other than this location, which will impact so many people. We are concerned about our health, public safety, and property values.

Dalrymple apparently has no concern for any of this.

If Dalrymple will do something like this, they will do other things that are simply bad policy. Businesses should be aware.

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Reason of review:
Stone Crushing permit in Spicewood, TX.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

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You are not welcome here between the neighborhoods of Double Horn and Spicewood Trails. Do not install your business in our neighborhood. It is unconscionable.

Suzanne B Iel
map-marker Chemung, New York

Ruining our neighborhood

Dalrymple Gravel and Contracting is moving a rocking crushing plant between two neighborhoods in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with NO concerns for our health and property. How can a company with no regard for the surrounding neighborhoods be allowed to operate such a life altering business?

NO regards for air quality, noise, foundation damage, road wear from constant heavy trucks. Then after they dig they are allowed to just leave the big hole and walk away. These kinds of plants need to be more responsible for the people who were here FIRST!!

GO AWAY!!! Go somewhere where you are not putting lives in danger with your cancerous dust!

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Reason of review:
Stone crushing permit

Preferred solution: Go to another location

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Machele Imf

Complain to your local officials, who may or may not be bought and paid for.

Barbara O Ufb

This company does business and disregards the well being of people in the communities where they are based

Dalrymple creates a toxic environment in their efforts to make money. They are trying to place a rock crushing plant in between to existing neighborhoods.

Their plans are to blast holes in the ground creating silica dust. Ground water will be effected as well.

If the process is safe in their minds, then why do they not wish to live near this facility? Exexcutives in this company know what will occur.

The air quality and the viability of clean water are at risk, as well as noise pollution and safety. They need to be stopped!! Company growth and profits should not have a human expense!!!!

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Reason of review:
Disregard for lives in adjoining neighborhoods

Preferred solution: Move the plant away from neighborhoods!!!!

Cheryl k Hhw
map-marker Pine City, New York

QUARRY in Spicewood.

Dalrymple Gravel and Contracting is going to damage my property values and my health. They are putting their rock quarry in between 2 neighborhoods with no regard to the people that live there. They have NO HEART!!!!

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