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I had such terrible experience with Dairyland.I was never offer full coverage, I was never sent and ID card, I never got confirmation on my policy. When I had an accident, all they said was that I had liability. How could I have known that if I never received confirmation? I could have upgraded my policy. I was fairly new, a month in. I haven't asked if they could charge me for the difference for full coverage and they said they could if it was...
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I went through an alternative insurance company and they quoted me for Dairyland auto insurance and first of all id like to say the biggest complaint is with the alternative insurance agency I went through not specifically Dairyland.The rep Pam was very rude. She talked over me the entire time I was telling her the issue I had to ask for her manager 3 times before I actually got to talk to her (Mary apparently co-owner as well) and she was worse...
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I liked
  • Rate if it would have remained what i was told but it didnt
I didn't like
  • Blaming the cutomer
  • Rate change
  • Company