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show up for court date, would not return calls don't trust
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#646675 Review #646675 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chino, California
Reason of review
Poor customer service

This is a RIPE off "law firm"

I came "law firm" with the hope of getting my ex-wife off my bad but instead they *** turned out to be worse. They had someone pretending to be an attorney who later turned out to be a clerk. However, he posed as a attorney and stated he was an attorney. If this were not bad enough they were charging me for service never rendered. I called, walked into their office to dispute the billing and did everything possible to remedy the problem the more they demanded for "wasting" their time. STAY AWAY FROM THESE QUACKS. You're better being your own attorney then hiring these idiotas.
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#623839 Review #623839 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lawndale, California
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Story from the inside

Just out of law school, I was hired by Dadslaw as an associate. It lasted approximately 6 months, and I left after witnessing some of the most egregious client disservice imaginable. As an example, the company was running radio ads, and would receive a number of calls each time an ad spot was run. The motto was "get the card" meaning get payment up front before any services were completed, and before the retainer agreement was signed. Once the retainer was gone, if the client didn't pony up more money, they were dropped. Krystal Clemens often bragged that she had "trained most of the lawyers in Orange County" meaning that at some point a number of attorneys had worked for her and left - a real revolving door. Disgusting business practices - this company is the poster child for why people hate and fear attorneys.
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Cypress, California
New Reviewer

DADSLAW, INC. is a *** Artists' Racket

I paid a $6,000 retainer to this firm to assist me in custody matters involving my 2 young sons, in addition to subsequent payments before this nefarious nightmare with DADSLAW was over. After paying the retainer, I heard nothing from this firm for 3 months. I then called to inquire about the reasons for the unusual delay in proceeding with my case. I learned from an assistant in the office that the attorney who was assigned my case had left the firm, and thus, my case re-assignment got lost in this transition! Subsequently, Matt Sundly, an attorney with this firm, contacted me to let me know that he would be handling my case. The nightmare really kicked into full gear in my dealings with this incompetent, irresponsible shyster. I took the initiative to gather and assemble vitally important information for his use that should have made my case a slam dunker for even an average attorney, however, he seemed to have invested little or no time on my case--i.e., never remembering what we had previously discussed; no consciousness of vitally important pieces of information that I had taken the initiative to gather, assemble and forward him; never prepared for court hearings and continuously requesting extensions from the presiding judge; arriving unprepared to court over an hour and a half late and then allowing my ex's attorney to steer proceedings in a direction that ran roughshod over my best interests; seemingly at a complete lost as to how to validate or invalidate claims; charging me for parking fees when he continuously arrived late and unprepared to court; and constantly sending me padded, unsubstantiated bills for more money. I came to realize his incompetence and the fraud involved with dealing with the DADSLAW law firm (or simply a lack of interest in my case) relatively early on, but I tried to see it through because I didn't have the monetary resources to fish for another lawyer whereupon another retainer would have been required. In sum, I never actually got the chance to present my solid, compelling and convincing case before the presiding judge and was hit with maximum child care costs plus arrears even though my ex and me had an agreement that I would pay her $1,000.00 per month (which I duly did!) until we resolved our matter. Thus, it appears my ex and her attorney recognized the flippancy and incompetence of Matt Sundly of DADSLAW, and proceeded to literally rob me by lying about my past child care payments. Krystal Rose Clemens, who headed DADSLAW, INC. at time, probably hates men in light of how this firm operates. DADSLAW is a sinister misnomer--as my experience indicates that this firm works covertly or consequentially for women by sabotaging the best interests of men. In my sober assessment, DADSLAW is a veritable racket and best illustrates why family law has earned the name of "gutter law." The damage this firm is undoubtedly doing to well meaning fathers is nothing short of criminal extortion. This is the first complaint that I have submitted about a place of business, but I felt so strongly about the manner in which I've been exploited that I was compelled to submit this complaint which hopefully will save and spare other fathers the disappointment, discouragement and utter disgust that I have experienced in dealing with these bold, unashamed crooks at DADSLAW, INC. This fraudulent operation should be shut down before some victim of their unabashed fraud take matters into their own hands.
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Matthew Sundly is an arrogant nasty ***. He should be the poster child for People with no Class.

#514749 Review #514749 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lied on charges and charged me an illegal non-refundable retainer.

It was the first time I had to hire a lawyer. Dadslaw sounded good. It was a horrible nightmare that still haunts me. They are still trying to sue me for services when arbitration ruled in my favor and they were warned in the past about illegal non-refundable retainers. Lawyer charged me for 8.5 hours at court when he was over an hour late, asked for an afternoon hearing because he had a doctors appointment and left me until 3:30 pm. He was with me for only less than 2 hours. Now I am being sued by another lawyer contesting the Bar Association findings. Horrible. Do not go with Dadslaw. They almost ruined everything. I spent years correcting their mistakes.
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Orange, California

Do not not hire all they want is your money

I hired this law firm to represent me in my divorce case. They put my case on the back burner for months. By the time they got around to filing the paperwork for the case my x-wife had managed to file and serve me and get my visitation with my daughter taken away. They never helped me or tried get my visitation rights restored. During the hearing the lawyer that was assigned to represent me never made any arguments to have my visitation restored. After the hearing the lawyer assigned to my case ignored my questions and seemed more interested in talking to my x-wife's lawyer and cracking jokes. To me it seemed this lawyer treated me as if I wasn't the person paying them to do job and it was my x-wife paying them. The result of the case I lost all custody and visitation it ended up taking another year and finding another attorney to get everything fix. All this firm did wast cost me lost time with my daughter and lost money for they fees.
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#439674 Review #439674 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Anaheim, California
New Reviewer

WOW, had same, lawyer no show to court

My divorce took 3 years, and on the final court dates my lawyer would change court date and not let me know.. losing time. lost properties when i called the office i was told they had nothing to do with it and it was the layers responsibility to contact me.they could do nothing about it. i asked to talk to krystal or anyone in charge, NO one Ever returned my calls when in person no one available.. My fault, I should have ran away from this law firm, when i would arrive at the Orange office and see the receptionist playing video games. in the end they took thousands and left me broke while me ex wife lives in a new 5 bedroom house. Strange that my wife's lawyer always knew about the schedule changes and i didn't!! Beware if your lawyer has large Gold rings....
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This website allows anonymity to individuals to post "complaints" without recourse regrdless of the truth and veracity of said complaints. The facts stated do not relate to ANY matter that can be located by our staff.

Court dates are not changed without the COURT and JUDGE doing so, lawyers can't randomly change dates. Often the court will be "dark" meaning the assigned courtroom is closed for a particular day due to the illness of the Judge or other reasons and attorneys are not notified until the day before. On other occassions clients may not check their mail as they have it redirected to other addresses, or may not have accurate or valid telephone numbers. This firm strives to keep its clients informed and all clients have the direct cell phone number of the attorneys.

It should also be noted that "krystal" did not represent clients in Los Angeles in 2010 and our servers do not allow "video games" to be loaded onto them.


To any and all readers,

I too have experienced the same type of issues that the complaint noted above has stated.


Playing on x box 360... the one thing they did work hard at was billing me....

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Los Angeles, California
New Reviewer

DadsLaw Orange County CA

Just a word of warning. Do not waste your time with this firm if you are going through a nightmare in your personal life. They will make matters worse. Unlike the last poster- I lucked out and interviewed other attorneys. My issue: Scheduled appt with Wendy ( Krystal Clemens legal secretary ) . The office is 15 minutes away from my house. I left early, but after traffic and with my 2 year old in hand I ended up 6 minutes late for my appt. I was told by the receptionist, a kid with many piercings and tatoos, that she had left for lunch. I mentioned I had an appt at 11:30 - he said you can wait until she is back..... I asked how long... 1:30. A 2 hour lunch? I figured 6 minutes late - ok, my fault. I called to reschedule, Wendy never apologized for missing her appointment or leaving after 6 minutes, but scheduled an appointment for Krystal Clemmens the following Wednesday at 3:30. I thought it was strange behavior from what was supposed to be a professional law firm. 2 hours wasted. One week passes and I decide to make sure I am plenty early. I arrive finding the waiting room packed with people. Confident, I approached the pasty and pierced boy and stated I had arrived for my appointment. He then asked me curtly, "did you get the messages we left you?" I replied, "What messages?". "Well", he replies, "we left you several messages, both yesterday and today mentioning Krystal would be stuck in court and couldn't make her appt w/ you.". I asked the kid, how, if she was stuck in court today running late, would you have known that yesterday? I checked my cell in front of the unapologetic teen, and low and behold a new message appeared- he had just called minutes prior to my appointment and was lying about his diligence in leaving messages. He was kind enough to offer Wendy to me again, if I was willing to sit and wait for her again, as she just took another prospect back in to talk. I said, sorry kid- fool me once, shame on you..... fool me twice, shame on me. This is a revolving door, incredibly unprofessional organization, who's wheels will surely fall off soon. I would not trust them in any sense with regards to professionalism, competency, or reputation in court. Especially not in matters as serious as family law. I ran a stock brokerage in Newport Beach for 7 years. We never treated prospective clients or our clients this way- if we found an employee doing this, it would be grounds for immediate dismissal. Great name for the firm, great idea to pay google adwords $50 a month to get high ranking on the search engine- great marketing and rhetoric on website... but unfortunately way short of the mark. Take my advice- hire an attorney who pretends to care about you- they are out there, even if you have to pay a little more. Go to OC Bar Assc website and ask to be referred to an attorney. I give you this advice for free, hoping that you will spend the 4 hours I wasted with this firm on an attorney that will properly represent you. PS- this is the first time I have ever posted something negative about a service I have solicited- I am that upset.
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This firm has NEVER had a receptionist or any employee named Wendy, or a male receptionist. The facts in this complaint are completely fabricated.


enuf said- YOU ARE A FREAKING LIAR and you go through staff... you even are hiding your name, KRYSTAL because of the law suits against you... you are a FRAUD!


Uraliar is Erich Keefer. Speaking of lawsuits they just lost a small claim suit that they brought for harassment because they falsified proof of service.

Now they face the real suits that they have brought upon themselves with these keyboard commando attacks on a legitimate law firm that they have conducted no business with.

How did Peter like getting served? You are next.


Funny thing is...I am the employee that was named Windy.

You are right. This place was a joke...exact reason I left


are you jews?


So you ran to Tennessee to escape the many many law suits against you, eh? LOL-- nothing on our end.

But you LOST ALL ability to ever have a law license again. Due to FRAUD!


I don't know what these people did wrong but my representation was exceptional. The attorney can only present the facts and Mr.

Cox did so, he knowledge of my situation, applicable law, and nuances of the courtroom procedure was nothing short of exceptional. I provided all of the information requested, his staff compiled and subpoenaed records we had one court appearance and everything was completed. I have been represented over the last 15 years in family law court, used three previous attorneys.

Based on a recommendation from a trusted business associates, I engaged Dadslaw of Orange County and the out come of his plan was the best ever. I highly recommend him and his firm.


Are you an employee or were you involved with Krystal? SHE IS A THIEF LIAR EMBEZZLER and she is a ***!


An Employee is not. It's Erich Keefer a pitiful little *** dude who is pissed because he finally tried to scam someone who knows how to deal with him and his "spouse". See ya in court boys.


I wish I would have seen this before.. Did you finish paying for your fees?

They are threating us with collections. Will it go on your credit report?

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#155926 Review #155926 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
New Reviewer


I am a Single "Dad" who is also getting ripped off due to incompitent lawer who claim's to be on the side of the "DAD".I requested a few things from them and wound up paying for nothing. "DADS" please be aware and get a more honest attorney.My case should have been resolved a long time ago being that I am the "Biologica Dad" but they cannot seem to close it. They are nothing but legalized *** artist riding on an issue that changes the "American" life style.If we the Dads are together ,please send complaint's also to the "Bar"association as something has to be done and get Krystal and gang out!
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This is an Attack complaint by someone who has never done business with Dad'slaw. They do not use their real names and their attempt to harm Dad'slaw is related to a scam they tried to run on Krystal to obtain a dog without paying for it.

They make a habit out of this behavior and are currently the subjects of five restraining orders for similar activity they have engaged in over the past five years.

How many of you get a restraining order filed on you every year? If you think it is a valid complaint you can certainly check with the california state bar assn.


Dear Lanaki,

If this is your first child please be aware that in most cases they are 100% your soul responsibility until they are the legal age of 18. ANY case regarding a child will remain open depending on how much the two parties would like to fight with each other...

Now with this said, a case can not be closed over night, cases are constantly being reopened due to changes in both parties lives, occurrences and emergency's...

I am sorry that you feel that nothing went right with your case, but you also have to take into effect ALL the facts of ones life as well as the other parties. Attorneys are not the ones who make the choice of what gets said in the judgment, the judge is. Attorneys are only there to present the facts with a legal background and understanding, not make the facts up.

Being the "Biological Dad" makes you souly responsible for the child's life until the age of 18. and even still, sometimes the cases last even longer past the child's age of 18. As i stated above, it just all depends on how much the two parties want to fight...

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#124418 Review #124418 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California
New Reviewer

DADSLAW = Bad Law & Rip Off

Interviewed and retained this firm. Upon becoming a client, they lost my file and original documents. This should have RED FLAGGED me as to what was to come, but who knew they were unprofessional enough NOT to show up for the court date as well. When in court and without Attorney, the Judge allowed me to call their main office in Orange. I talked to Krystal Clemens, Owner of the firm and she said she did not know who I was or anything about a Court hearing. She told me if I gave her a credit card number right then, she would talk me thru the hearing, but I would have to pay in advance and even more if I wanted to go further. I just want to warn everyone, DADSLAW is a rip off and not to be fooled by the banner of Fathers Rights these people sail under, their true colors are a skull and cross bones. I have retained a "real" attorney and am in litigation to recover my money.
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This is another false complaint generated by Erich and Peter Keefer of SanDiego CA. They have engaged in this activity with others and have had five TROs filed against them in the past five years.

Feel free to check public records on them.

You may also find that they are about to go on trial for Identity theft and internet fraud in San Diego. The lawyers they are complaining about have been called to testify as to their activities and they are "Pissed" about that as they are looking at lengthy prison terms.


The only reason a credit card would be taken over the phone is for payment of a consultation that was to be telephonic as mine was since Im out of state or because someone wanted to hire the firm but hadnt done it yet and was on the spot to do so. This complaint rings of an individual who doesnt understand the legal process, made an appointment for a consult and then didnt want to pay for it.

These facts sound like and are most likely completely false and this individual likely did not understand how retaining an attorney works. Since he chooses to be anonymous nothing about his complaint is verifiable.

Frequently people post things like this when asked to pay the bill thinking it will get them out of it.


I had a phone interview today with Krystal. Her staff was really rude to me too.

Didn't give it much thought until tonight. I was going to retain her services, but hearing that she missed court dates and other issues I see here......... Well let's just say there a a lot of family lawyers out there who don't have a web site for people to share issues....

Thank u to whoever started this site. Wish everyone would share positive experiences with other lawyers so us dads can know who to go too


Really sorry to hear this. These folks are some of the most unprofessional gang of kids I have ever witnessed. I escaped before I retained them once I found that they could not even hold an appointment not once but twice and gave no excuse for it.

If anyone should read this, call the Orange County Bar Assoc and ask them to refer you- they even have attorneys in your area who discount their fees if you are short on money but still need proper representation.


P.O. Client,

I'm an active duty Marine and have a similar situation with the Orange branch.

Any way you could send me an update with how money recovery went. Service members don't exactly have $5,300 to give away, nor do I have time to lose visiting my daughter.


hi P.O. Client,

Do you have a # for your "real" lawyer?

Thank you


These are all fabricated complaints by Erich and Peter Keefer, who will shortly be on trial in San Diego for identity theft and Internet fraud. Feel free to contact the San Diego Superior Court to follow the progress of their trial and check the public records for restraining orders filed in regard to these two.

They have had five TROs filed against them in the past five years for this sort of activity.


Krystal Rose Clemens ran to another state due to so many clients trying to sue her for damages and theft. If you look her up on the California Bar website for attorney search you will find out a lot of the BS is true.


Funny this initial complaint was filed in 2008 when the two people she is claiming to have posted this did not know her or anything about her at that time. They only became involved with Krystal in 2011 until she moved out of state due to several pissed clients and pending lawsuits.

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#121885 Review #121885 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

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