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Services not delivered

We signed on with D&A for a 5 month "marketing" contract, as my daughter already had lots of acting experience. She did attend the few classes that were "included" in the $450.00 fee, however, the "guaranteed" auditions were not delivered. For local agencies, they only have monthly auditions with ONE agency, and you don't even get to see any others until they feel you are "ready". As for the national auditions, we were guaranteed three, and there has not even been one single national agency audition scheduled in the 6 months we have been involved with them, and now that my daughters 5 months are up - she's out of luck. Frankly, the whole thing is a joke.
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1st there are 4 workshops, and monthly National Auditions plus a commercial print headshot and the right to the photo.Please tell me where you will be able to meet Los Angeles Agents/ Managers or Casting Directors on a monthly bases in Minnesota ?Like Next Model Managemen, Clear Talent, AEFH, Susan Osser, StageCoach Entertainment, Coast To Coast, Joey Paul Jensen Casting, MC Talent, Marilyn Atlas, Hines & Hunt Entertainment? We have on our website for our talent under the talent only section the Agent Line Up for the year when they will be in the office... this is put up at the beginning of the year.Check out Our Facebook David Andrews or instagram and you can see photos of the agents/managers or Casting Directors we have had in our office.


Yes look at their Facebook and IG accounts all the actors that they have started their careers


I'm send in an audition form, and I thing this would be good for me. Is it worth trying it out?

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Changed Names to Dupe Consumers

John Robert Powers of Bloomington, MN appears to have changed hands yet again. The same people who did some interesting business practices there are now starting their own company called D&A TALENT. These are the individuals who stated that kids would be meeting with high level individuals in the industry as well as promising things which could not be provided. The only way you will ever get to meet the top agents and people from LA & NYC is if you pay to attend their classes. Even then, you will need to audition to see the agents. How do I know this? I previously worked for Connie Steckling and Heather and they made me participate in these scams until I quit.
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D&A tells you in the audition they were part of a franchise (JRP) its not a secret please get your facts straight!


I called and set up a time to come in and audition. Of course I went in and emediatly I realized the professional look to the room.

I checked in and was given a script to read for my audition. And other information like who there big stars are and a short introduction of the company. I did a screen audition and went in to speak with Heather the acting couch she asked a few questions and we were on our way. We were given a time to call in the next day.

We called in and I was told that I was a yes. We were given a time to come in and sign a contract and pay for classes.

We were given a tour and then talked about times to come in and get head shots. We booked a time three days later I have yet to go but am excited people saying this is a scam are wrong it is one of the best options for kids who need guidance.


Submitted my information to D&A Talent; headshot and other photos, resume, stats, demo reel, etc. My submission was placed on the website and it appeared to be an agency; wasn't clear on services that were offered, but more of a generic description that stated, “D&A Talent has helped hundreds of past talent and we are here to guide you as well.

We are constantly networking with industry professionals, we always have a beat on the pulse of what is and what is next and will provide you with the advice, contacts, and training that you will need to get your career started or to take it to the next level.” Two days later, on June 2nd, I received a callback to come in and audition for the company on June 6th.

I traveled from Madison, WI to Edina, Minnesota to audition. I arrived to be greeted by the owner, Connie Steckling. She gave me some paperwork and an information packet, a side to read for my audition and asked that I be seated.

I took my seat in a room with other potential talents, mainly children, and began reviewing the info I had been handed. As I started to read, I came to a page that started describing the services D&A would be offering. My eyes fixated on two words, “payment plan”. I started to wonder, if this is an agency or company that offers auditions with clients, why would they need a payment plan of any kind?

For what and why wasn't this stated on the website or on the phone call I had received to come and audition? Things became clearer soon.

After all potential talents were seated, Connie Steckling and a woman by the name of Heather, took their seats at the head of the room to give their presentation. It was finally revealed that they were not an agency, they were a marketing company. To summarize the gist of what was said, Connie and Heather continuously name dropped the past talents they claim to have assisted in getting them on the road to success and discussed how much money each of them were making.

Money, money, money, money was the topic of discussion and every potential candidate seated in front of them, including myself, was viewed as a potential sale. Why do I say this? Well, aside from the fact that money was all they talked about, it comes down to what happened at the end of this ordeal that made it clear and how misleading their representation was.

When the presentation was over, Connie had every talent audition in front of a camera by reading our given side. When it was my turn, I got in front of the camera, stated my name and age, performed the VERY short part and answered a couple of questions that were asked by Connie; Do you have any experience?

Do you have an agent currently? Are you looking to get back into the industry? At the end, she asked me to look into the camera and smile for photograph. I was then directed to wait in line until I was interviewed by Heather.

Upon my turn, I went into a room where Heather was seated.

I handed her my resume and photographs. Heather said, “So you have a little experience with modeling/acting? Were any of the jobs paid?” I replied with, “Actually, I have a lot of experience with both, many years. I just don't have an agent.

I have had some jobs that were paid, yes.” (I have done theater for many years and have been in filming projects since 2011 including numerous 48 hour film festivals, short films, feature films and a web series. Not to mention, modeling for many local photographers, including an ad for a local clothing store. I'm experienced.) Heather noticed that I came all the way from Madison and stated, “Wow you drove all this way. You must be really serious about this.” I said, “I am.

It's a 4 hour drive, but I want to get representation by an agency.” Heather didn't seem to really listen because she wrapped things up by saying, “Alright, well because you don't have a lot of experience we can offer you some workshops to get you started. You haven't done commercials, so that could help you with the on camera work. Distance shouldn't be a problem if you come here 1 to 2 times a month.” I was handed a packet of information and was asked to call back on Sunday at a designated time, to see if I was a “yes” for their company.

When I came back home, to Madison, WI from the 4 hour drive to Minnesota, I sat down to look over the “mock contract” that Heather handed me to review.

On the very LAST page was the description of services offered, along with the request for payment. A 3 month contract for MARKETING services for $425, that includes claims for auditions with 3 local agents and 3 national agents, a headshot, and 4 workshops. I'm looking for an agent, not a marketing company nor was I looking for a service that asked for money from me. D&A Talent didn't reveal the fact that you have to pay, until after you go through their audition process and it's never stated to you, you read it in the fine print.

I never saw it stated on their website, the rep who called me on the phone to come and audition never stated it, Connie nor Heather stated it during the audition process. I read it on the very last page of the mock contract. If I would have known payment was required and that it was clear that they were not an agency, I would have never wasted my time. Today, I called D&A Talent back to see if I was a “yes”.

I spoke to Heather again. When I called, she asked right away how serious I was about this business and with pursuing it. I asked point blank, “Are you offering me a contract?” She had said yes. I then replied with, “Well, I'm going to decline your offer because I want an agent, not a marketing company.

It was never stated, clearly, what your company does nor was it ever stated that you'd require money for your services until I read it in the contract. I'm not looking to pay for marketing assistance. An agent gets paid, when you get paid and I want an agent. I decline your offer.” Heather said, “Well if you ever need help in the future with things, you can certainly come back to us.” My response, “I don't need help because I have a lot of experience and I will find an agent the old fashioned way by finding them myself.

It may take more work and time, but I can do that. I don't need your services. You should be more upfront about the fact that you charge and that you're not an agency. It would have saved me a lot of time.” She gave a curt” Okay.

Thanks” and hung up before I could say anything. To anyone who is interested in pursuing modeling, acting or is a parent of a child who is interested in pursuing the field, beware. D&A Talent is not upfront about what they offer, particularly, that it isn't free, which should be known right away.

Any company that leaves such details in fine print, is not upfront about what they do as a business. Be sure to ask questions when dealing with any company that claims to be your ticket to success.

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Before you go, READ the information on their website. It clearly says they are not agents or managers.

If you go there expecting that you are wasting your time, like the person from Madison. They don't get paid for jobs you book, only for the classes you attend.

And remember that no matter how much experience you may have if you just don't have the real talent you'll never get an agent or a manger.

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D&A clearing stats they are not an agencyD&A TalentScoutsDevelopsMarketsTheir talent and starts careers.....What Does this mean ??Scout:find talentDevelop: coach, train, teach industry needed techniques, guide talent, Monologues, audition techniques, cold read, commercials, Improv, voice over, self-taping , commercial print modeling, high fashion modeling, scene study, Character Building , parent/industry workshop, commercial print workshop, monologue workshop, commercial workshop, National Agent workshops by AEFH, Marilyn Atlas, and Joey Paul JesenMarketing: in house national agent auditions, local castings, local agent auditions, National Casting director auditions, National manager auditions, take and submit model snaps of high fashion models for NY and LA Agencies. Feedback from the agents that our talent audition for.This is what D&A Talent doesIf you believe you do not need training that’s the day your acting/ modeling career will end.No one knows it all, everyone can always learn more.


When they were at JRP, they would make it seem that it was very special to get a call back, but in reality, I can only think of one or two times when someone wouldn't get called back. Think about it...

it's a school and what kind of incentive do they have to NOT get someone's money. There are far better agencies out there if you want training.

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What are some better agencies? Thanks


I thinks its funny this lady that is signed with connie is liying to you. She is suposed to get the audtion and if the agent likes you they will pay her for finding you. You don't pay to get found.


This is a school , i was asked to coach the kids that came in for training and i declined because even though kids should have training they were asking wayy to much and i felt as if they were scammed, because of the fact that its only a weekend class and they are making you sit and watch videos, i was trained for much cheaper and have worked with janice dickinson and kevin murphy, and am agency represented , if they were making money off of the jobs they are booking their models on they wouldnt be raising the prices to high, if you need a coach i can train kids on their walks, how to do hair and make up and everything they do but for way cheaper, samanthastrandberg@***.com

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Don't know if this is still valid but I just brought my daughter in for their "open audition" and was very upset upon leaving that I have been speaking to these ladies for 3 weeks and. It once did they ever ask for money! And then I come home and look at all these comments and am even angrier!!

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