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CW Jacobs Online - Never
His new page is @callmemrjacobs
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Full refund
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He’s no photographer! Unprofessional! Rude! Seems Bipolar! *** And nasty!!!

Hello! If anyone sees this post & has more info on his real name please reach out to me! I worked with this “photographer”as well & he needs to be stopped immediately!!!
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How do u know him

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Wow this “photographer” does not have any of his own photos on his page. He fakes his profession and uses model for personal gain and his own sexual weird thoughts. He has a book of naked photos of his models... he is rude when not shown “proper respect” or in other words he’s rude when he doesn’t get the attention he wants from models. He says sexual explicit things to females while working with them. He’s a thief. He’s unprofessional. He will take ur money and never give u pics back and/or take forever to give them back. Trust me when I say don’t trust this man. He’s older but acts like a child and usually hangs with a younger crowd. Probably because a more mature crowd wouldn’t even entertain his BS.
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Poor customer service

Unprofessional, flirtatious, manipulative

He's unprofessional - too touchy and flirtatious. His personality seems cool at first but then you realize he's a little *** If you got your pics back it's because you're someone who is either in his close circle or because it will benefit him. He's not a photog to work with, do business with or even hang with. He made me feel uncomfortable. There are too many negative reviews to pass up.
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CW Jacobs Online - Scammer!!
He comes off as a real nice, genuine person. We went to Starbucks prior to the shoot since I try to be weary of meeting photographers online especially if they're oddly insistent on shooting with me. His page seemed legit and some of his "photography" was posted. So we did the shoot at his friends house who had extra space..which I didn't like. He should have his own studio space not his friends apartment across town! We then shot several looks which he promised that he would return within a week. It's been 6 months and absolutely no sign of my edits. I've texted him so many times with no response. DO NOT SHOOT WITH THIS MAN. HES A *** AND A SCAMMER.
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Cw Jacobs Photos Review

Had some rude remarks during our shoot, it's been about 2 months and still haven't received my photos. When I contacted him about the photos he wouldn't directly respond or say anything towards how the photos were turning out. Still without photos and would not be surprised if I never see them. Do not pay this photographer for a shoot, not even recommending him as a photographer for anybody.
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Miami, Florida
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Bad quality

CW Jacobs Photography is a complete scam

Paid for professional pictures and never received them after waiting several months with out being able to contact anyone. I discussed with him that the pictures would be needed in a certain amount of time however, nothing. The photographer was rude and impatient with me. He does excellent work but you will probable have to deal with the unprofessionalism. He is located in Atlanta, to be more specific the Buckhead area. He also is known to take pictures in the NY area too. Beware of this prographer because I had to learn my lesson the hard way. Never again will I use a photography without reading reviews first.
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He scammed me not to mention touched me inappropriately. I brushed his hand off me and politely declined.

Told him to stop touching me.

I asked for my photos months and months on in and i never ever received them. I have screenshots for days


When I first met him, I thought he was cool and believe we would create something amazing. Came off as professional.

I shot with him several months ago and paid him several hundred dollars for some photos. It’s been well over 2 months and I have received NOTHING! I’ve messaged him multiples times via text, Instagram and have even tried calling him but all he does is ignore me as if I don’t exist.



Unprofessional. Manipulative.

Liar. He comes off as a nice guy, but he's usually too touchy and flirtatious. It's unprofessional and uncomfortable. If you've got your pics back, you're a lucky one.

So sad to research him and the first few links to pop up are all links of people who have negative things to say. There are complaints from years ago and current ones as well!


Omg im glad I read these reviews. I was going to shoot with CWJ and I asked my friend who shot with him before if she can show me the pictures he shot of her so I can see his work from someone I actually know and not some site ..

and she said she NEVER got any of her images from him and doesnt even know how they came out. She contacted him numerous times and all he said was hes too busy at the moment working with his exclusiv clients but that he will send her the images. Its been 7 months and nothing. I was in disbelieve so i googled his company and this is what i find..

other victums.

Im glad i did my researc before I wasted my $$ time & energy. Thank god for the internet


Yeah it happened to me too in LA he's not professional at all. I hope he gets it together


Most recent I shot with CW in LA where he now resides in now. He seemed really bothered that I had my mother with me, I don't know him or haven't even met him before so I will not travel alone to someone's apartment without even knowing them.

He seem as though he was the best photographer and that it was a privilege of working with him. But any ways I was waiting for my photos but never got them. I'm really serious when it comes to something I invest in, and I paid for the photos. I called and text there was no way to contact him.

He acted as though he was really busy, but posting pictures on Instagram. But once I got in contact with him I asked him to please don't forget to send the photos thank you. And he replied and please don't f'n annoy me. He's really unprofessional.

And I still haven't received my photos it was only the proofs. Not even the four high res he said he was going to send, not even smh!

I'm trynna give u a heads up don't loose ya money, I feel like he just took my money n jet. Don't do it


Well I retract my previous statement. The photos I received were just the proofs, not the hi res photos.

He sent me 6 hi res but I paid for 8. For some reason he hasn't responded to my e-mails for the last 2 shots. Luckily I at least have the proofs to use for my comp card but I can't use the last 2 as head shots. Ladies I would stay clear of him.

I got some great shots but it's not worth the hassle. It's been over 6 weeks I've been waiting for photos so I can put together my comp card.

Very unprofessional. Anthony Lloyd and Drexina Nelson are awesome Atlanta photographers if you need someone local.


where do models come up with these crazy *** stories....this must be a photog or something hating on this man's work. always know these another entire side of a story that we all don't know about.

if you're waiting on one photog to give you all your pictures for a comp card then you're already doing it wrong. most composition cards are a collection of bodies of your best work, from multiple photographers and jobs already done.


Same thing happened to me (and it's not a crazy *** story) and I never got my money OR my photos back and we shot 3 *** years ago. Don't make excuses for that piece of ***.

He's out here talking God this, God that and doing the exact opposite of what He is all about. He will pay.


I just shot with CW 2 weeks ago. Got my pictures back already.

Had no problems. He was very professional and sweet. My pictures look AMAZING! Maybe it's because I am agency signed and I take constructive criticism very well.

He's not trying to be rude, he's trying to get you to do your best and take some gorgeous pictures.

He's a professional and knows what he's doing. I've worked with a rare few bad photographers and CW wasn't one of them.

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Bellevue, Washington

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