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Cutter Group - It's getting more elaborate!
Cutter Group - It's getting more elaborate! - Image 2
I've dealt with these jerks in the past. It happens once a year and it's magical each time. It's a shame what happens when my information is sold to the highest bidder. Here are today's details: The phone rings and shows the number for my local police department and shows the name of said department. I pick it up because of an accident I was in last month so I thought it was important. Guy comes on the line and states his name and that he's calling me about an arrest warrant that has been issued, states my current home address (public record anyway), and asks if I can come down to resolve this matter. As in come down to the police station. I said no. It's Firday and he says I'll be picked up this Monday unless I can resolve the matter before Monday by calling the National Financial Fraud Bureau. I said sure, hit me with the number I'll see what I can do but it's Friday at 5pm, there's a slim chance government employees will be "waiting for my call". I asked for his call back number and name and he gave me such. The number matched the number he called from and was in fact my local police dept. The phone number of the place I should call, according to the police, is The National Financial Fraud Bureau @ 888-900-****. As any concerned citizen would do I looked up their information online first. 1. Typing in that phone number to Google will provide you with a tech-support line to most printers, and nothing else. 2. Looking up the National Financial Fraud Bureau will give you several results. Top result = SCAM! See attached image. 3. I called the phone number anyway to see what I would get. It's no longer used for printer tech support. Or if it is the printer people are working a side hustle! The phone rang once and picked up by a guy that said hello and nothing else. Unusual. So playing dumb I gave him my phone number and name. He looked me up and asked me to confirm if said email address was mine. I said it was 5 years ago, it's been deleted. So he jumps into his script and tells me The Cutter Group has filed a complaint against me and that they involved Chase Bank to confirm I took funds then closed my account and then never paid back the borrowed money or fees. I asked for my bank account number and he gave it to me. Knowing these guys *** off easily I reminded him that the cutter group has been trying to get money out of me for years, why now and why the warrant? Why not the other several times they've tried collecting? He rebutted with excuses and blamed me for my situation. To break the flow in his script I said I'd happily set up monthly payments for the full amount (knowing they would never). He quickly refused and said they only take the whole amount from people that can pay their debts. EEW! So I left the conversation with, "I guess I'll have to do the jail time and figure things out." He didn't like that said just hung up. Next step was to call Chase Bank and let them know what's going on. To make this short they confimred I had an account matching the NFFB provided information during said time frame and that my information IS in fact public information. I asked Chase Bank when the account in question was closed, they said in 2015, 3 years after the scammers said when I closed the account So there is more reason this is a scam as I had that acocunt long after scammers said I closed it. Either way Chase is sending me statemens from the month and year in question for the *** of it and thanked me for my information on the scam. They'll do nothing with it I'm sure but there's that. Next I called my local police department back, at the number given in the very beginning. They were patient and polite and helped me understand what I'm up against. Here's the short version: 1. You can walk into ANY police station and give your name and ID and they can run a FREE warrant check for you. 2. Yes, if you have a "serious" warrant and you're there they will arrest you. Catch 22. 3. They checked to see if the guy that originally called me workes there. He is not a real person in their office. 4. According to the police, if there is a warrant out for your arrest they WILL NOT CALL YOU to tell you you have one and WILL NOT tell you the day they will do it. To quote, "We'll just surprise you with a little visit." Things you should take away from this transaction: 1. I work in tech and know about apps and web services that can change your phone number and the name shown when calling someone. This is not new and it's free for most. 2. The National Financial Fraud Bureau is not a real place, real website or a real thing. And most places like this will not answer in one ring on a Friday at 5pm with "Hello." Nor will they hang up on you. 3. Your banking information is public information unless you bank in the Cayman Islands. In that case, you're probably NOT getting scam calls. 4. A warrant visit is always a surprise to you unless you know you've done something wrong have have received legal documents from your local court... or have recently been arrested. Then it's not a surprise! 5. A warrant will rarely be about "owing someone money" and that you need to call an 888 prefix number to resolve it. 6. Do a little digging, it'll do you good. Be safe out there, friends.
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map-marker Owensboro, Kentucky

Unprofessional rude scam artist

I got a call from cutters group today saying I owe them when I clearly have a email I provided several times about this manner in 2013.Now they're saying the last payment was 2014 & its a different account number.Bs!Stated that they have mailed me different times at my address & I declined in which I never did.Place is such a scam & keeps threatening to go to court.I will be ready with my banks statements & all.
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Filed bankruptcy on them 4 years ago

They are still harassing me, crooks@
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service


Ok so I paid off this group through a legit debt recovery company in 2014, and since then I have gotten called from several different "legal" offices trying to get me to pay this debt back. When I send them the letter showing paid in full they leave me alone but now I am being harassed with legal action and court by a woman by the name of Karen Rivers from VMA ( but can't find company anywhere). Tried to send her the letter she doesn't want it, she asked me to verify the amount paid and when I told her the balance she has is 1100 more. She is very rude and unprofessional. The numbers she is calling from is 844-621-**** and 302-922-****. I will go to court to fight this since it was taken care of. DONT DEAL WITH CUTTERGROUP!!!!
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
1 comment

I just got a call from a debt collector saying they were calling for this company. They said I owed $290 but could not tell me the date it was deposited or what bank account it was deposited it.

But was going to charge me an additional $900 to serve me. The representative was very rude said she could not provide me that information.

Good luck in court and hung up. They called from a private number and every number for cutter group online is disconnected.

map-marker Mission, Texas

Cutter Group - Payday Loan Review from Mission, Texas

So cutter group or someone claiming represent them keeps calling my job threatening me about serving me with legal documents talking people at my job that I have done something fraudulent I have told them to serve me with my papers and let's go to court cause I am tired of them making me look like i've done something wrong to my employee when I have never borrowed anything from them I've had payday loans before but I've paid them in full so someone please help us stop cutter group I've research the company and they are not even registered to lend money according to oregon
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Similar thing happened to the. I had to call my friend at the DA office and they had really filled papers on me.

Never heard of them but apparently they are a affiliate of a payday loan company and they have their own agenda!! My advice is if you do find yourself needing a payday loan make sure they are not affiliated with cutter group!!!


I just got a similar call at my job from a company claiming to represent The Cutter Group and the rep says that I owe a loan that I pain in full years ago. She threatened legal action but could not give me any information about who I owed the money, why were the interest payments were not taken out of my account during the term period if they had authorization to deduct fees that were owed?

The rep and I got into a heated argument and and she ended up hanging up on me.

I will pursue this in the courts if I have too! Why should we be harrassed and belittled, and at work no less for a measley few hundred bucks!

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map-marker Reno, Nevada

Loan Review

Cutter group isn't really a help,but to the company. I took a loan out in 2013. Here it is over a year and half later. They are trying to get $3,000.dollars for $200.dollars
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
Mechelle Thx
map-marker Brooklyn, New York

Please help.

The "cutter group" has been taking out 6o to 80$ every two weeks, for the past year in half. I have called every number that is on the website that i had looked up,and no response. I had left my phone number a coulpe of times in regards to this matter, but no call backs every, I have emailed them a couple of times also but no response on this matter. Please help me stop them for taking money every week from my bank account. Or can you please have someone from this company call me or email me please, and thank you.
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The only thing you can do is close your checking account. I began receiving unauthorized deposits and withdraws from them.

I believe that they got my information from a computer virus. I was planning to close my bank account anyways because I was moving. A year later I started receiving calls claiming to be from a collection agency on cutter group's behalf. DO NOT GIVE THESE SCAM ARTISTS MONEY, never verify any of your information to them, close any bank account that they know about, and put fraud warnings on all future accounts.

This is a big fraud. The good news is that these people will not ever serve you with papers. They can't; they are not a legitimate loan company, do not operate according to fair lending laws in most states, and break laws with their collection attempts. The bad news is that you need to change your phone number because once they have verified that they've reached a working number they will never leave you alone.

I began getting calls 2 years ago saying that I owed them money or they would sue me. They had all my information from when I was a college student including an old address, old workplace, birthday, and the last 4 digits of my social security number. They also contacted several of my family members. Once I figured out it was a scam I quit answering their calls and eventually they stopped calling.

A couple months ago, I got a call from a lady claiming to be Cathy from National Processing. She claimed to work for they county I use to live in and said I was being sued by this company for thousands of dollars, but she would be able to help me settle out of court for a few hundred dollars if I gave her my checking account information by 5pm the following evening. Then I get a call from my panicked dad saying that he just spoke with a lady who said I was being arrested for an unpaid loan. I contacted the courthouse from the county I use to live in and they told me that they do not send any of their lawsuits out to be processed by anyone, and I had no pending litigation.

The states attorneys office also verified that this is a scam. A few weeks later I began getting calls from "Ben Fraisure of the fraud division" saying that I or my attorney needed to contact him immediately because an affidavit had been filed against me. I took all the voicemails I had saved from these people to the police. The police basically told me that these people are using prepaid cell phones that are difficult to trace and there is nothing I can do to stop them or their calls.

You cannot sue someone without their name and address, and this company uses 15+ different names and will never give you an address other than a p.o. box. Now these people have somehow tracked down my current address and began threatening to show up at my house or work if I did not immediately give them money. The police are still not willing to do anything.

I finally changed my phone number; however, my parents still receive calls.


I was doing a little information searching and found that the Cutter Group LLC has a ceased and desist order against them because they have no license to operate as a loan company. Please note that supposedly they are based out of Missouri and have a P.O, Box address.

The order was placed in Oregon back in April 2013.

You can read all about it at http://www.cbs.state.or.us/dfcs/securities/enf/orders/PD-13-0053.pdf. I would close your bank account and let the bank know that you tried to contact them and no one is getting back to you and you believe it to be fraudulent regardless if you did take a loan out.


Have you tried closing your checking account and opening another one?

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Ted F Vwa
map-marker Portland, Oregon

Cutter Group LLC no customer service

Engaged Cutter Group LLC Sep 2011 for short term payday loan. Refinanced twice. Then wanted to talk to customer service. Called and called and called. Put on hold forever. Then, one day, a voice says "if you don't want to remain on hold, leave a contact and phone number and we'll call you back." That's baloney. They never call you back. Kept debiting my acct, ran up nsf charges. Threw me to zardem.com. They don't believe in customer service. Very, very bad company. Use at your own risk. The hide behind the web and make it difficult to find them. That should tell you something.
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how do i get them to stop?

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-580622

I contacted my Attorney General office consumer complaint department and had the send then a cease and dismiss letter a few years ago and they stopped, however they have sold my account to Mid West collection and another agency who has recently started calling my job this year asking to speak to my supv. I just got off the phone with one of these companies and after checking Mr.

Taylor said "oh I see know that you did asked that we stop calling your job. Fortunately payday loans are illegal in NC so they can't file court papers on me. Check and see you state guideline for personal loans.

In NC you can't charge more than 36% interest on a personal loan, and they charge 238% interest.


Same here no aprroval take ur money back. Ur illegal in Ca or write me a paid in full letter.

45 days later blow up called my work, my husband, his sister , his mother and my mother said they were r local courts trying to serve me hello. R u crazy. I was smart enough to catch it at my bank and tell them I have know idea who this is.

Now they r not happy. Sorry


I have the same situation with this Cutter Group ...300 was deposited into my account unauthorized, on the phone with the bank now, taking 90 every check and cannot get them on the phone, no responds to email, get this stopped, do not pay them, ever!!!!!!!


they deposited money without my approval, cannot get ahold of to decline, luckily have a great bank that is stopping all activity from them


This is a short term loan to have been paid off the next pay period. They only took $90 on a $300 loan.

I can not get a hold of them.

You get an answering machine during business hours. It is also agains't the law in the state of California.


I agree with the above note from Portland. No one ever answers the phone and you never get called back either.

Web site cannont be found and several phone numbers got me no where. im going to have to close my account.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-519546

my bank worked with me and refuned the $750 they took and they gave me a new account number.

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