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This product is a waste of money!!Should boycott curtis! Especially since they don't give a *** that their products are faulty! I will be sure to spread the word on NOT wasting money on these products!!!! I purchased a piece of *** dvd player for $35 and it worked for two days! Being a single mom of three small boys, i am beyond pissed!! I do not have money to throw in the garbage!!Buying this product is exactly that!
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I just bought this a month ago at kmart in puerto rico, im very sad to kno i trusted your equipment to work so i threw out thebox and was not oriented that its a one year gaurantee from these *** islanders who work here!They are lazy!!!!!!! my dvd player wich cost me 25.00 plus tax that was a 12% almost 27.00 wont eork after the 30 days wewr up the remost for thebattery springs came off instantly im 32 weeks pregnant high risk! On bed rest and i...
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Anonymous Anononymous, dvd player keeps restarting to main menue light goes from green then it goes to yellow and restarts to main menue helpppp

I bought a Curtis DVD1041 less than 2 months ago. . I sued it perhaps 10 times in 2 months. Never dropped it or spilled anything on it. Replaced the new batteries. The remote is non functional. I called Curtis who told me that the warranty on the DVD player is 3 months but the warranty on the remote is only 1 month. No where in the warranty claim does it say the remote is 1 month only. Te warranty stated that this QUALITY PRODUCT is...
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I didn't like
  • Product is a lemon