map-marker Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Extremely poor, deceptive charges for unnessesary items

My computer wasn't working- from what little I knew- I thought the hard drive crashed from a virus. Took to firedog for a diagnostic test- $60. Told I need a new hard drive-$275+. another $130 charge I'm not sure of- they told me to order from Acer a recovery disc-$30. When I went to pick it up- then they told me- whoops- CD drive not working- another$70. I told them to take out the hard drive and give me my computer back- they said OK- BUT an additional $60 for their time and labor. So I've paid out $150 pretty much for nothing (didn't take the new hard drive , etc. Took the computer to another independent repair shop- $45 diagnostic test, and needed ONLY a simple part they sold me for $15. (I never needed a new hard drive, or the recovery discs.) Firedog techs are very incompetent- at least the ones at the Lancaster, PA store. I will never go there again- and will warn all my friends also.
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