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Cunningham Weatherspoon Agency - DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!!

So, I 'blindly" had accepted their offer for a job prior to doing the research on them, which I NOW KNOW was a mistake!!

I'd went in for my 1st interview, which wasn't with who I was told it would be with, RUSHED into what was then known as my 2nd Interview, being the ALL loving "pep" rally of all the *** getting up and promoting themselves as though they were 1 step below God, which they ARE NOT!!

At the time, I said I wanted to move further with them.....went into my 3rd interview and, looking back now, I think the individual who interviewed me was brainwashed by "THEM" but, I accepted the job.....THEN, I went in & Mr. IP installed the software on my laptop....

Once I got home and researched them further was when I had found the other posting and decided to terminate my contract.....

That was a WHILE ago!!!

TODAY, I get a notification on my laptop from Kaspersky that states:

Needless to say......I DELETED it in it's entirety!!!

Moral of the story: If you've EVER worked, or had them install software on your laptops, do a FULL SCAN on your computer!!!! Who KNOWS what these idiots are doing in that SCAM of an office!! I may just even report this to the BBB!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for your feedback. We have passed this info onto our IT team to look into further.
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First let me say that I am a current AIL agent that works for another agency. I am much happier; however, my initial experience with the Cunningham Weatherspoon Agency out of Indianapolis, IN is what has prompted me to write this.

If I didnt believe in the AIL product I probably would have had such a bad taste in my mouth that I would not have considered exploring if there were good AIL Agencies out there, but there are.

AIL is not a SCAM. Granted there are less than ethical recruiting practices and the turn over rate is horrible, but that is consistent with the industry. I did make decent money at the CW agency, I was not promised the world, had to work a lot of hours, and had to witness a lot of things that makes me want to warn anyone else who is interested in working for CW. If you live in Indianapolis or Fort Wayne Indiana, their competing Hancock Agency has been around for years, is stable, and a lot better agency to work for.

It is agencies like CW that give AIL a bad reputation. There are good agencies out there, but you have to research first.

Now I will address the Red Flags at CW.

1. They have two SGA's. and 3 other "right hand men" that run the whole sick operation. It is a well known saying that they are run by "A Rapist, A Felon, and a Psycho". The "Psycho" is this snot nosed young guy who treats everyone like ***, codes business under struggling female agents for "Benefits (if you get my drift)", Is screwing another Master Agent and his personal assistant. He drives a Maseratti and lives in an apartment - go figure.

2. Everyone there is young. The assistants and recruiters are little girls who can be easily brainwashed and trained to their "plastic" mentality. We were instructed not to even call candidates that looked like they were over 40 because those candidates wouldn't fit our "vision".

3. You have no idea who to go to for what. Since everyone is an IC1099, you never know who to complain to for what, who to go to and the SGAs keep it very confusing. They have a "stand offish" attitude when something happens, saying "You are an IC working for our business". Nobody is accountable for anything.

4. Same recruiting tactics as most other agencies. Most candidates have no idea what job they are coming in for, evasive advertising, and they call their assistants "Recruiters" when in reality they are "telemarketing" recruiters. They are given a list of RMS names and numbers pulled from several major sites and they call candidates acting like they have a resume and say this script.

5. They treat their support staff like ***. The receptionist is paid 7 bucks an hour and she does the most out of anyone. She has been brainwashed, like all the other assistants into having "loyalty" and to see "the bigger picture" of future wealth.

6. The company meetings are repulsive. All they are is one big ego session. The SGA's walk in like Gods advancing to the throne up front. Everyone else sits in the audience like they are watching some grand broadway production. Everyone knows when to clap at the right times, and they sit and stand more than a Catholic Church Service. Paycheck amounts are announced and passed out. Agents who are moved up in the chain of command are done so in front of everyone. Those meetings are propaganda sessions to boost ego, self esteem, and keep everyone entertained.

7. They preach loyalty. It is distgusting. They have a "I will take care of you if you take care of me mentality", and anyone who doesn't fit and follow along with their brain washing tactics are quickly weeded out.

8. You cannot trust anyone. You don't know who to trust. It is best just to keep your mouth shut and follow along.

9. It almost feels like a cult. Even people who leave the company, or are fired, are followed and harrassed. Making sure nothing is being said about them. One recruiter was not paid on time for several weeks in a row. She was the top performer for the company and actually did things with honesty and integrity. She ended up losing her car, and almost her home, and owed back pay. The SGA's told her there was nothing they can do to help her because she was an IC contracted under a manager who couldnt afford her so she needed to take it up with him. Again, not being accountable even tho her recruiting efforts helped all the offices and ultimately lined the SGA's pockets. She has since went to a competing agency, but was harrassed by text and email for a while after leaving.

10. One Managing Agent was very successful in Indy and the SGA's asked him to go open another office in another territory. He had to relocate his whole life. It was a struggle getting the office up and running and he was not bringing in money. He ended up penniless and with no support from the SGA's. You would think if they asked someone to relocate to open an office for them, and that person had been successful for them, they would make sure that they are supported and not discarded. NOPE

11. One of the Master Agents recently resigned. This man was embezzeling thousands of dollars from the agents that worked under him and the SGA's knew. How sick is that?

12. Making big promises to keep people motivated and entertained.

13. Profiting from their licensing fee. CW uses Greenlight for their Indiana State licensing schooling. Portion of the 299 initial fee go to line the powers that be pockets.

As you can see, this AIL agency is what gives AIL a bad rep. There are good agencies out there. Do your research. It is a great position for the right person.

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Thank you for your feedback. Each Agency is independently operated. We will pass your input onto our Agency Division.
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To Brandi:

Brandi, its been a while since we spoke and I have nothing to gain here but I can tell you the God's honest truth. When you first started working there, I would hear Ophals and Gordon make remarks about your weight and say he would eventually fire you because you just werent "bright enough" to get good results.

I went to bat for you repeatedly. I told Mr. holier than though Ophals that you had something. Not everyone can be a recruiter and out of everyone, I wanted to train you.

instead, he picked his pretty and mindless assistant for me to train and it was a waste of time. As time progressed, your results got better and I still wanted to have one on one time with you. He would laugh it off and say your best skill was the "office spy". You won't see it because you are still working for them but I wanted you to know that I still think you have awesome potential to have a very progressive career in recruiting.

Don't waste it on the concept of "loyalty" or expect much in return for your efforts there. Also, don't let your ego be stroked too high that you are blinded. Take it from someone who is much older, wiser, and has been in the recruiting field for years. Good recruiters who are brought into the best positions are done so through word of mouth and networking.

You are wasting precious time if you want to be sitting as a Corporate Recruiting Manager like I was. I saw your attitude go from great to almost being a sneaky little snake at the end. Don't let them change you.

You can find me on FB if you ever want to chat. I got married, but my name is above.


Brandi is just as bad as these other low life pieces of ***. The whole thing is based on lying. *** disgusting to be a part of that, you should all be ashamed of yourselves


I am so glad this nightmare is over

I was the top recruiter for months and was told "off the record" that they were developing a salaried position for me and I was to oversee all recruiters. I didn't hold my breath.

I see the recruiters who still work there posting on this thread regarding their recruiting ethics and being a professional. I can only say this. I loved the position because it worked for my health.... period.

I have 20 years of progressive and provable recruiting experience at major companies throughout the country. I could recruit and bring results with my eyes closed. You cannot hire a recruiter for 8 bucks an hour. Even calling them recruiters is hilarious.

A mentor of mine in the recruiting networking group I am involved with told me to keep AIL off my resume because it is laughed at. These "little girls" think they have all this experience that will land them bigger recruiting positions when in reality, their experience at AIL under a "recruiting" job title will only be looked at as a very small stepping stone in an office administrative position, not a recruiting one. Take that job title and resume to staffing agencies or corporate offices looking for anything from "Recruiting Administrator to Corporate Recruiter" and their resume will end in the trash. These poor girls are not learning proper and ethical recruiting practices nor do they have any knowledge on hiring laws for that state.

It's not recruiting at all - It's tellemarketing and they LIE. I did my best do do things the way I know and never had to lie to get an interview and I had the highest sets out of all the offices. When I tried to train one of them for a week, i was left exhausted and drained. John Ophals complained that she wasn't getting better results and said it was my training.

No, you just can't train someone in a week on experience I have busted my *** for for 20 years. They got a 60K a year recruiter for 10 bucks an hour.

Most of these "recruiters" are mindless, doe eyed, and naive little girls who have been trained and coached on "loyalty". The only other one who had been there the longest out of all of us ended up leaving as well.


I wonder what ever happened to that recruiter. I remember James and Jamison asked her to train all the offices on recruiting practices.

When they asked her what she wanted in return, all she said was she wanted compensated for her gas, a donation box set up at each office for one of the halfway houses she worked with, and to have that same halfway house included in the Pilanphrophy project thats done monthly or bimonthly. They agreed. I remember how devestated she was when she couldnt deliever the donations to that halfway house since she already told them it would be coming. This is how low this agency is.

They boast about all they give to the community on their wall in nice little frames displayed amounts given. What do they want, a pat on the back for doing what is right?


Just interviewed here..along with about 40 other people. Wouldn't really call it an "interview," more like a bs excuse for one.

The group presentation was over an hour of my life I can't get back.

All to find out there is ONE position and it's commissioned only. Not what their sheisty recruiters tell you on the phone.


Worst *** place!!!!!!


all I can say is that my time at the CW Agency was nothing but horrible. I wish I could say different because I had big dreams coming into this.

I guess that's part of their gimmick. Feed you the kool aid right? I personally worked under IP Harris. he did nothing but micro manage me and all those "under him" (that's right, under him, he did not treat us like we were a part of his team.

he made it very clear he was our BOSS and of higher ranking) He did not talk to us with respect just walked around barking orders. As far as their SGAs Jamison and James, they were alright but did not take the initiate to address what was going on. Everyone knows how sheisty IP is and it shows in his team dropping like flies. Jamison was actually cool with me and I thought he was probably the only genuine one there.

James was like Ip and walked around with arrogance. The rest of the staff seemed normal but can't help but think they're also a little brainwashed.


As one of the longest running recruiters there until this past January, I can say without lying that this particular agency should be investigated for tax evasion concerning their recruiters, and should have their BBB endorsement pulled for horrible recruiting practices. ***, I WROTE most of the scripts used last year and well into this year. Trust me, I knew they were *** as I was writing them. It's easy to not feel guilt about it when you're in an age bracket that includes most of your peers working at McDonald's and you get to dress up for work every day.

I was only contacted twice after leaving (being let go because not one manager in the office I worked at could afford me)- once by an old payer who waited till literally the day they were due to contact me about tax info, and once by an old manager who let his star pupil ruin a year of my life and my boyfriend's. After hearing that I had moved to Pennsylvania, he basically said I and my boyfriend could name our price to come back and recruit for him. *eyeroll* Nice try, darlin.

The structure of this company is as fluid as the lies need to be. There are fees, you don't get paid till weeks after you "start", and the plain fact of the matter is that NO ONE gets any kind of health/dental/vision insurance. This is to be expected with 1099's, but I can tell you I wrote it into the script many times and used it to get high recruiting numbers.

Not one single person every regrets LEAVING this agency. As for those of you defending it... stop lying to yourself to convince yourself of your own superiority. If you work for a company that tells you that you're more ethical than every other agency, better than every other insurance company.... you're being lied to by yourself AND those who "hired" you.

That being said, make your own decision. If you don't feel creeped out by the end of the first "interview" day, then you're probably blind enough to fit in. This is why Christians do so well for this company- you last longer by being blinded to all the glaring issues at hand because you "believe".

*laugh* Joke's on you....


All true. And btw- what company pays their "rcruiters" (who refer to themselves as "hiring managers" when calling ALL day every day to set inteviews) under the table?!

Each one of them gets laid directly by their managers under the table. It's pretty pathetic. I was also told I would have benefits. Never saw those.

Never saw anything I was promised.

2 offices down, 2 to go. Ha!


Well to be fair I'm sure the person who put that in the script is deeply sorry for it, since she was told that by one of J&J, and didn't find out differently until right before she was let go. They'll fall on their own time, to be sure.

I heard that the top recruiters were trying to turn the position into an actual department and were shut down repeatedly by management because recruiters would no longer be seen as entirely disposable. Many attempts were made to standardize pay, hours, and production requirements. J&J wanted each office to be autonomous to keep confusion high and knowledge sharing low. They were taught long ago that controlling information is the only real way to control masses of people.

All you can do is warn everyone you know and drive them out of the state through word-of-mouth. Only so many people in Indy. And they've been through a great deal of them already.

Someone could always go to the Fishers council they belong to and give them the real skinny...


I was the top recruiter for months and was told "off the record" that they were developing a salaried position for me and I was to oversee all recruiters. I didn't hold my breath.

I see the recruiters who still work there posting on this thread regarding their recruiting ethics and being a professional. I can only say this. I loved the position because it worked for my health.... period.

I have 20 years of progressive and provable recruiting experience at major companies throughout the country. I could recruit and bring results with my eyes closed. You cannot hire a recruiter for 8 bucks an hour. Even calling them recruiters is hilarious.

A mentor of mine in the recruiting networking group I am involved with told me to keep AIL off my resume because it is laughed at. These "little girls" think they have all this experience that will land them bigger recruiting positions when in reality, their experience at AIL under a "recruiting" job title will only be looked at as a very small stepping stone in an office administrative position, not a recruiting one. Take that job title and resume to staffing agencies or corporate offices looking for anything from "Recruiting Administrator to Corporate Recruiter" and their resume will end in the trash. These poor girls are not learning proper and ethical recruiting practices nor do they have any knowledge on hiring laws for that state.

It's not recruiting at all - It's tellemarketing and they LIE. I did my best do do things the way I know and never had to lie to get an interview and I had the highest sets out of all the offices. When I tried to train one of them for a week, i was left exhausted and drained. John Ophals complained that she wasn't getting better results and said it was my training.

No, you just can't train someone in a week on experience I have busted my *** for for 20 years. They got a 60K a year recruiter for 10 bucks an hour.

Most of these "recruiters" are mindless, doe eyed, and naive little girls who have been trained and coached on "loyalty". The only other one who had been there the longest out of all of us ended up leaving as well.


Melisa or how ever u spell Ur name....get a life u have been gone for over a yr. U and Ur boyfriend were the nastiest people to come in that office. U had more hair on Ur body the most men do and when u came to the office with scabies I literally almost puked in my mouth...get Ur higine right and get a job if u had one u wouldn't still care to slander the CW.


^wow. Current CWer's continue to be so classy and professional.


Name callings a two way street sweetheart ;) You don't think we know who you are? At least we don't put the fullnames on (like theyve to anyone on management team) to where when anyone (perspective employers) googles their name this *** pops up.

Posting on the internet does have consequences kids....Just saying.


Brandi you are one of the trashiest people that worked there. You are so brainwashed its pathetic.

They keep you behind a telephone because they are desperate for your services but you don't look or fit their mold. Wake up.

Do you ever think they'd have you work the front desk? *** no.


Haha!How adorable!! My very own hater!

Your absofuckinlutely right I don't "fit the mold". Did it ever occur to you my goal was never to be "the front desk girl"? I Have much higher ambitions. The truth is you're mad that you failed and gave up on yourself, and so now you'll say anything to anyone even mildly successful there to make yourself feel better.

Which is completely pathetic.

Ive achieved more in my life at 23 then the majority of people and I guarantee you I'll be more successful in this life then someone like you that can never see the big picture. So how bout you "wake up".


Brandi, its been a while since we spoke and I have nothing to gain here but I can tell you the God's honest truth. When you first started working there, I would hear Ophals and Gordon make remarks about your weight and say he would eventually fire you because you just werent "bright enough" to get good results.

I went to bat for you repeatedly. I told Mr. holier than though Ophals that you had something. Not everyone can be a recruiter and out of everyone, I wanted to train you.

instead, he picked his pretty and mindless assistant for me to train and it was a waste of time. As time progressed, your results got better and I still wanted to have one on one time with you. He would laugh it off and say your best skill was the "office spy". You won't see it because you are still working for them but I wanted you to know that I still think you have awesome potential to have a very progressive career in recruiting.

Don't waste it on the concept of "loyalty" or expect much in return for your efforts there. Also, don't let your ego be stroked too high that you are blinded. Take it from someone who is much older, wiser, and has been in the recruiting field for years. Good recruiters who are brought into the best positions are done so through word of mouth and networking.

You are wasting precious time if you want to be sitting as a Corporate Recruiting Manager like I was. I saw your attitude go from great to almost being a sneaky little snake at the end. Don't let them change you.

You can find me on FB if you ever want to chat. I got married, but my name is above.


Brandi, you are a great and accurate representation of the CW staff. Complete TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

Your responses are ridiculous. Saying you've done more in your 23 yrs than most have done in their life is laughable. Excuse me while I chuckle. Ha!Ha!Ha!

You live in a trailor (which is fine but not when you make statements as if you are more accomplished than most your age), and you make $8/hr lying to everyone you make contact with. The only thing you have accomplished more than the avg person your age is being obese, which is why James and Jamison stick you in a freakin cubicle and would never offer you anything more.

Way to bat for a company who would never have your back. Hahahahaha


These are my personal opinions after working at the Cunningham-Weatherspoon Agency. I quit a few months ago and am extremely happy with my decision. I have learned a lot from this less than pleasant experience. Let me start off by saying I am now at another insurance company and 1000x happier. I hope everyone realizes not ALL insurance companies run their business like this. My time at CWA was short lived for multiple reasons:

1. The "management" here was anything BUT what I consider to be management. John Ophals was my team leader but I wouldn't exactly call him a leader. He gave me extremely vague answers to my questions (this stems back to my "interview" which should have sounded an alarm right away. He kept telling me this was a 6 figure income, but NONE of the agents make even close to that. Do you think the turnover rate would be so bad if people were being treated well and trained properly? Nobody lasted more than a month or 2. John also never took the time to sit down with me, set goals, train, or show me how to reach my goals. (Let me say, I am not a person to half *** anything, I always put in 100%) Basically, I was fed the same thing everyone else has been fed. "This is a 6 figure position" and "I drive a Maserati." Of course, this place looks appealing when you pull up and see luxury cars all parked out front. Then once you start working there, you realize what's really going on. It's all a big fraud. Even the other "MGA" drives an old Camry, yet the agents coming in are supposed to make 6 figures? Hmm, how does that makes sense?

2. As much as I disliked John and Ip, I disliked James and Jamison even more. This is THEIR company, and they've let it get to this point. AIL in general have different recruiting and hiring tactics as a whole, but that's not what bothers me. (I saw past the gimmick and flashy cars) What bothers me is that the BOSSES know their management under them is to blame for a lot of their people leaving, but have not changed one thing. They speak on loyalty, but does that mean they are staying "loyal" to John and IP even when they have been mistreating employees? Where is the logic in that? Their management is failing, and they are failing. They need to step up and lead by example instead of barking out orders. (That is directed more towards the MGA's and James. I actually like Jamison and think he is just along for the ride. James likes to put up a show that he is this big Christian/philanthropist/leader but he is also a major part in the demise of this company). I can't tell you the numbers of times I have been belittled and spoken down to by these 3 "managers."

3. Since day 1, I was lied to. I was told I would be reimbursed for my Green Light/training. Yehhhh, that never happened. I received my first check weeeeeeks later and it did not include the above. At that point I had invested over $300 and so much time I decided to stick it out. How can these MGA's and SGA's lie straight to all these peoples faces and go home to their families and fall asleep at night????????

4. The job itself was horrible. I am an agent at another agency and I love it. I feel like I am genuinely helping families and completely honest with them. We were taught at CWA to lie and cheat our ways into homes. I never felt good about what I was doing here and was ashamed. Lying and cheating won't get you far in the long run, and now CWA is learning the hard way. When I left, they had hardly any agents left, most of the recruiters had all quit, and the rest of the staff seemed extremely unhappy.

5. I couldn't help but feel like I was in some secret society where ideals were pushed on me that I didn't agree with. I don't believe in lying, cheating, stealing, or scamming to make a dollar.

6. My hours were VERY long. (which I have no issue working if I am properly compensated and not having to feel slimy while doing)

I put in between 60-80 hrs per wk. It's easy for them to blame the agents and say we were lazy, demotivated, etc. But I think this site and the company speaks for itself. They opened 4 offices and now 2 remain. Barely.

All in all, there were HUGE RED FLAGS I should have seen right away. I should have went with my gut. I honestly cannot think of

a positive to working here, and feel bad for anyone who wasted their time, money, and energy trying to do so. Please do your research first!!!!!!!


You must not have another job and are the biggest loser in the world to actually take the time to write this long blog of BS!!! Read a book and get god in Ur life


Hahahaaha! "Get God in your life" ????

Is that your only response? Typical CW.

Get God. CW need more than prayers, you self riteous ungodly idiots


The reviews here are nothing but accurate. Unfortunately it's easy for the SGA's/MGA's to blame the person who started this blog, but we can see the proof from past employees that there is a lot of merit to this.

The employees that are still left will leave, it's just a matter of time. I am a past employee and worked there for 1 month under IP Harris. He was the worst manager I have EVER had in my adult life. He is extremely arrogant and well, lets just call a spade a spade, he's an ***.

He expected me to work insane hours, yelled at me for taking a lunch break, and told me I couldn't take any time off or I would be fired. Yet I put in over 40 hrs a week and was straight commission. Ophals isn't any better. The entire thing left a pit in my stomach.

I felt like I was in some secret society of people who feed you nothing but garbage. "This is a 6 figure position"- really?? The MGA's aren't even making 6 figures. I drove around in IP's beat up Camry and Ophals' Maserati was a trade in he got when he was doing well, WAS doing well.

This company should be ashamed of themselves. They are on their road to failure and can't keep their employees from dropping like flies. Go back to Ohio J&J. You guys are worthless and your poor management stems from your poor management, especially James, who walks around like he is high and mighty.

Of course your MGA's are ***, you guys treat your staff like *** too. Set a poor tone early on. Don't waste your time and money.

Oh and even work here, you have to pay &200 for their licensing program Greenlight AND then an additional $75.50 and &50 for your exam and license. Whata joke.


At least they got rid of that piece of *** Kyle Wrobel who dates and 18 yr old stiper with his criminal *** record. He was the worst of them all stole from his top people. Hope he know one takes him back to AIL


I really wish I could erase my time of working at Cunningham Weatherspoon from my life. John Ophals is a *** slime ball and IP Harris is a *** and sexually harasses everyone, and he has a gf!!

The owners, James and Jamison aren't that bad but they don't have really anything good to work with.

They should just start over. Don't waste your time working there, wish I would have saw this post before I lost a few thousand dollars and months of my time!!


Lets be honest Brandi, you make about 8 hr and they keep you in a cubicle. Your job is hardly anything but complicated.

You sit in the cubicle and call numbers and read off a script. You do not work "directly" under James or Jamison but in the end, your work helps feed their family. Have you once been asked or promoted to do anything else there? Of course not, they will keep you back their as long as you allow them.

John Ophals prances around and brags whenever he can about his Maserati yet rents a home with his loud mouth girlfriend Cassie who reflects just as poorly on this company.

I will never work for such a *** company again, which is a shame that this agency has given such a bad rep for everyone. Sorry, you might be able to brainwash Brandi, but you can't brainwash everyone.


Lets be honest Anonymous, for some reason, you have gotten on here and made very general statements, none to do with your personal employment, made assuming statements about my personal employment and haven't even backed it up with your name, title or anything else. So you don't have any real credibility.

You have never seen my paychecks, and no one "keeps me in my cubicle".I rather enjoy not being a slave the the time clock like the majority of Americans are. They have as a matter of fact provided me with a free phone, a very nice leather executive chair and ample space in my work environment(whats your current employer doin' for you?)

I'm pretty sure you were never a Sr. H.R. Assistant/Recruiter, or you wouldn't have a doubt in your mind that conversating with a candidate about their needs and the needs of the company does get quite complicated at times. I produce the majority of my own candidates and have my very own non scripted phone interviews with them.

I actually have received 2 promotions in the last 12 mo. along with multiple raises, bonus's and expanded benefits such as paid licensing and paid time off. You may want to educate yourself on the definition of brainwash. I am fully aware, that their are different compensation packages from company to company. I was offered an assistant position, payed above minimum wage to start and was provided ample training, which lead to one of the best jobs I've ever had. I'm able to provide for my family, I have flexibility which allows me to be there at all my daughters important life moments. And I have found something here I didn't find anywhere else, achievement, and support. Its safe to say I am very satisfied with my position and appreciate all that My manager does for me..If I had to say someone is brainwashed, it would be you...with your general,non original statements you've thrown onto the hate bandwagon here.

One last thing, If John could finance a Maserati, don't you think he could finance a home if he so chose? Stop and think before you pen your next ignorant post. Good luck to you, I hope you find happiness some where....


The phone they've provided you is a piece of *** Wal Mart phone only so you can schedule as many interviews as possible and your chair is the same as everyone elses. And you CERTAINLY aren't a 'SR HR Manager', haha.

You're a *** fool who gets paid like $10 to call resumes of people that don't want to hear from you to try to recruit them to a job that you lie to them about. Do you tell them its 55+ hours a week? Do you tell them its 100% commission? Do you tell them they will not be paid for over a month from when they get hired?

NO, NO, AND NO. So quit lying. Your 'promotions' amount to nothing and you literally have NO benefits, don't kid yourself. And the only reason you got 'paid licensing' was so John could have credit for a hire you *** fool.

Oh, and John bought a Maserati that is like 7 years old and didn't even cost $75,000 AND traded in his Range Rover for it, so maybe YOU should get educated because no, to get a loan for $35,000 it does not require all that much.

John doesn't give two *** about you and neither does anyone else there! Get over your glorified self image, you do nothing but lie and trick people into a position that does not exist, and that will come back to *** you in the *** one day!


HAHAHA this post is a 1000% accurate. Kudos to you and bravo...


Turn over rates in the insurance industry is high..because its not for everybody. The job has HUGE Potential! Not just your average $7.25 hr Wendy's job. Unfortunately, most people these days arnt willing to take a risk to get a reward. The minute something gets tough, they *** and blame anyone else in sight.

I'm going to go ahead and add my personal experience in here. I cant wait to read all the hate comments *eyeroll* And I understand that it may not be everyone's same experience, but it is mine.

James and Jamison, have never been anything but kind to me, always have an encouraging word when you see them and a smile on their face,(not because everything is wonderful all the time, but to quote something I heard them say "Never let your team see you sweat") and undoubtedly, have worked incredibly hard to own their own agency in less then 10 yrs of working for AIL.

And PS- J&J have nothing to gain from my loyalty. I don't even work for them directly.

Also, I do happen to work directly for John Ophals. He pays me a fair wage for the work I do,has never showed any disrespect to me and has always listened to any concern I had and tried to find a solution for me. I've honestly never had a better boss.

That being said, does he put up with bull? No. Does he make mistakes because hes human? Yea, and he'll even admit it. I know I've had my share of meetings with him because I've done something, and unlike most boss's at other companies, he didn't just fire me and find someone else to easily take my position. He valued my loyalty, and gave me a chance to correct it.

Along with 2 other wonderful girls, that are part of team Ophals, we try our best to make a very complicated position easy to understand over the phone and point out all the good and rewarding parts of the job. Lets be honest, every job has down sides. I've never told a direct blatant lie to a candidate, which is more then I can say for most other insurance recruiters at other companies.

As far as being sickened by a good business practice of showing off the rewards (fancy cars) of being really good at your job and sacrificing what most of us wouldn't to get there...I have no idea what there is to complain about that. Good for them.

And, if some of these Not so Anonymous ex employees would tell both sides of the story, they were given lots of help, lots of training. Anytime they spoke up and asked, someone was there. I've personally seen and experienced the generosity that can be gifted to someone in need in our office. It really just makes me sad so many people wanna jump on the "poor me" band wagon and not acknowledge how much they learned professionally or honestly gained while there. Because I know I have.

What I can say, those of us, who have stuck around, through the good times and bad, followed wise advise that was given to us, are still around. Still paying our bills and having a good time with our co workers trying to share a rare opportunity with folks. Its not every job that all you have to do is work hard and in turn grow as an individual, earn promotions and have the sky as the limit.

I look forward to many more years with James, Jamison, John and everyone else who works there.

I highly recommend, if you were invited to come in, and take a look around you do so, and not let other people and their negative attitudes scare you off, move outside the bandwagon and form your own educated opinion. Its all about your frame of mind/perspective.


So, normal turn over is training and promoting 8 top level managers and at the end of 2.5 years having only 2 left? Oh, and those are just the two that came over from OH, minus one other. Would you like to guess how many agents and recruiters were burned through? Those positions were seen as dispensable.

I also realize you don't actually know how the business works, but of course J&J have stake in how well you do. The interviews you set, turn into hires, turn into codes, turn into first time 15% bonus earners, turn into trainers, and on and on- all of which they have overrides on and have numbers set by the company that they are held accountable for. As a matter of fact, you certainly aren't paid well enough. Each agent you bring in makes every manager above you a chunk of money and you're sitting there on the phone all day every day for *** pay. Did you get invited to convention? It was your efforts that got the ones that went there.

Also, it's not about not learning anything, or having a bad attitude (few posts have been absolutely negative- more statement of facts), it's about how nothing in the world would be worth working there for another day. Which is something I've heard over and over from all of us that left, but still stay in contact. We're all doing pretty darn well. Especially those of us that were continually harassed after leaving. Everyone is caught back up, significantly less stressed, and enjoying our families. Exactly all we ever wanted to do. Best of luck to all you and I truly hope that it's worth it for you.


I love that they *** out c-r-a-p hahahahaha


Someone is drinking the Kool-aide.


You don't even work for AIL. You have no idea what its like to be an agent there, so your opinions or thoughts on how 'great of an opportunity it is' really mean nothing.

Do you not think that there is a VERY GOOD REASON that NOT ONE person has worked there for over a year besides the two people who came out there with James and Jamison and get handed everything so they don't quit?

Even the experienced people who have been at AIL for years and transferred to that agency have since quit! Its not that the 'opportunity isn't for everyone', the 'opportunity' at CW is for NO ONE, hence why NO ONE stays there for over 9-12 months.


I interview here last week and it was a fricken joke. Cattle call is RIGHT!!!!

Worst interview experience of my life! The receptionist was flustered and annoyed, I was told the hiring mgr I was supposed to interview with was in a meeting...but lets face it, he was behind in the other 20 interviews he had. Everything was right on point to what this article said. I should have done my research beforehand.

All I have to say is, look up this company before anything. Complete waste of my time!!


This is by far the most unprofessional and worst place I have EVER worked in my life. First off, the cattle call recruiting and hiring any and everybody is questionable. Their turn over rate is SOOO high they must do this. From the time I started to time I left in just a few months there was NOBODY left who I started with. Understandably.

The management is disgraceful. The SGA's Jamison and James preach "loyalty" yet aren't loyal themselves, they're all about their own pockets. They brainwash their staff & pay them like ***. John Ophals is the worst "manager" I have ever had. He thinks he is the man because he drives around a Maserati. The managers actually are forced to buy luxury cars (it's in their contract) and then they line them all up outside the entrance of the building so when ppl come in for interviews everyone gets a false perception that they will be making that money too. It's all really sickening.

The worst part is that you will bust your *** for pennies all the while being made broken promises. If you are from this agency, run far!!!!

BTW- All those "reviews" on Glassdoor are by employees and being told by management to write those. No other site offers those same reviews. Look into it, it's all a scam.


It's not in the management contract to have a luxurious vehicle. You're delusional and clearly didn't succeed high enough into management to see for yourself.

Promises are never made, promises are granted for those whom can work hard enough to earn them. I'm sorry you have zero work ethic and couldn't keep up with the dedicated ones. You made pennies because you chose to sleep, whine, complain, and blog about it.

Good luck with that. Mazel!


Actually, yes it is...and everybody is aware of this delusion. Oh, if we park all our cars out front it looks like we have status. Those cars belong to James, Jamison, and John. Everybody else has to park in the back so their "avg" cars aren't seen. And it IS in their are obv one of the "upper management" who is responding. So sad. I actually had great work ethic and it's sad you think those who don't make it there are lazy and complainers. just admit it, you guys are all a bunch of dishonest *** who take advantage of your staff. do you think it's just a coincidence your turn over rate is that high and you hire any *** that comes in. when I interviewed there was a lady in flip flops. zero standards, zero accountability, & and no integrity.



Wow, I used to work there over a year ago, and everything for the most part that is written here about CW is true. I would leave out the personal stuff; I don’t know or care about any of that.

I was once told, since I had a shaved head at the time and worked in an area that had a lot of skin head to act like a skin head for sales, which was funny because this was coming from a black man. I cannot sell out like that, but they have a lot of young people that are promised to be making six figures in a year that selling products that they do not understand,” just let the computer do the work for you.” There were so many people coming and going that I just stopped learning names. But to get any idea of how it operated just watch the movie Boiler room, which they actually named a room after the movie. But since I worked for AIL any time someone tries to use any of the tactics or rebuttals on me I see it a mile away and counter act them, which sometimes can be fun.

But because of my journey at AIL I now do what I love and never had the guts to do before working at CW. I too have never wanted to work in insurance again because of my time at CW. I was not treated bad or stalked after wards, but their sales tactics and recruitment tactics and especially their meetings are sketchy.

I was never paid for my last 3 sales also, shocker.


I wanted to make sure I had seperated from AIL for a while before I posted a comment to this thread. Out of respect to the two agencies I was supporting, I wanted to just let things lie.

I have checked in from time to time and had old wounds reopen. Then decided, it was not worth my limited energy to let this *** rent space in my head for free. First off, I had nothing to do with the original post. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I would not hide myself behind an anonymous rant to express my opinion or vent frustrations nor would I find it necessary to vocalize garbage on the internet like this.

I did not even know half of that stuff had happened. All I can speak of is my experience. I absolutely loved the time I worked there under my origninal Manager. He gave me an opportunity to do what I love to do and have flexibility to work from home due to my health issue and hectic sobriety schedule.

Yes I was making pennies of what I am used to, but I was happy that my needs were met and I was able to take care of my son. It wasnt until he could not afford to pay me that things went haywire. I was tossed under the mercies of the owners for 5 weeks because they "wanted to make sure I was taken care of"; however, my pay frequency was sketchy at best and I did lose my vehicle and continued to work being owed backpay for a few weeks. The last manager I was paid under literally had me come into his office and he said, "You are being paid by me and should be grateful".

Now I am all about gratitude. I try to give back what has been given me, but don't come across as an arrogant *** and expect me to just batt my eyes at you. So yes I can say it all lies in who you are being paid under. I was harrassed by ranting texts by this manager, one of them being, and I quote directly, "You need to humble yourself to me".

Ok so yes the psycho is a freaking ***. I can say that with confidecne and when I tried to address these issues with the managers I was basically swept under the rug. Probably because they had a lot going on, I don't know. I just know maybe I was spoiled by my first Manager as he would have never swept a concern of mine under the rug.

Call me foolish but you would think a company that values the words Integrity and honesty, would allow anyone to slip under the rug. Exspecially, since I was doing so much on my own time to benefit them. It is what it is. The other agency I was supporting in Indy would never treat their employees that way and I thank them for giving me the opportunity to continue to do what I love to do until I got settled in my new home.

Looking back on it all, it was not worth it. I have been a recruiter for a long long time and never in my life have I ever seen such unprofessionalism by any manager team members. I am not talking about all of them. We all know who they are.

I had a few fabulous ones who would take me to and from work when all I could afford to give back was an energy drink, a pack of smokes, or some interview sets. There are fabulous people that I miss dearly and the recruiting team busts their ***, is treated or was treated like ***, and their office staff works harder than everyone. I am just so glad that God took me out of a situation where it could have hurt me more than it did. I saw a lot of greed, control, and manipulation all for the sake of the almightly dollar.

450 a week is pennies compared to what I used to make and I was grateful to a company that I felt valued. Pumping up my ego at an employee recognition meeting and asking me to spill my personal story in front of 100 ppl. And afterward, one of the owners came out and asked me why it was so brief and why I held back sensative personal information regarding what happened to me in my past. Exploit ppl for their weaknesses and then discard them.

I saw it happen to many people and I am truely sorry for the many souls I tried to recruit to work for CWA. I am happier without it.


...and 8 months later they are still harassing ex AILer's and trying to screw up their lives. Really?!?!

Can you guys just get a grip and leave those of us that have left alone!?!? :sigh


I left here after having a bad experience. Something just didn't sit right with me.

The phoniness was gimmick is bad enough. I paid for my Green Light course (I will say the class and teacher benefited me a lot, however how do they make you sign a contract to be in class AND NOT PAY YOU?!?!) Stay away.

Broken promises, laughable meetings unlike you'll ever experience, and *** management. Ophals is a joke.


I left this job over the summer. I couldn't have anything better to say about j&j.

However, all of the mga's are nothing but ***. They think they've made it in life, when really they are absolutely nobody. Not much money to be made here. Your expenses don't leave much left to be made.

It was a terrible expense for me, but I am sure some will be able to make it. It's hard to sell for a company where all of the customers believe the company is a scam and do not want to see you.

It's bad when you have to lie on the phone to get in front of someone. Glad I experienced this, but I am so glad to move on to much bigger and better things.


Seriously, I'm STILL recovering financially from my time at CWFW. I kept hearing "hang in there, it'll all be worth it in the long run".

After a long and fruitless training process I went out on my own ONE day and then day two I had a trainee in my! Then when practically everyone else in the office had quit or been fired I was told repeatedly "It would just be easier to fire you and start over from scratch up there, but we're not going to, just saying". THAT'S HOW THEY REWARD LOYALTY! Resources were almost non-existant for help.

Trust me - I tried. Gave it all I had. Ended up broke and moving back in with my parents. Left a job making over 40k a year for this ***.

They knew how financially busted I was at the end and the solution was for me to go to Indy for 2 weeks without any pay and sleep on "the psycho's" couch. No thank you.


Holy ***, I hope you find a worthwhile job, soon. It took me almost 4 months, but I started a new job this week making 45k a year processing payroll. I can't wait to get all of the bills caught up and stop feeling like a noose is around my neck.


My brief time there fortunately did not cause too much financial stress as it did so many others on my team. The atmosphere is weird and I worked there when all this happened and every bit of it is true.

Karma is a *** because as I hear it, they are struggling now.

Offices closing. They brought in Libassi, maybe he can bring some integrity to the whole thing.


I'm happy to hear you got out before they pulled you to far in. Which offices are closing? Also,from what I hear, Libassi was just as bad as J&J, which is part of why his office closed.


Libassi is worse than J&J. He sleeps with his agents and has a drinking problem, at least J&J have some sort of moral compass.

He's lazy too, why do you think after as long as he was an SGA they couldn't even produce? No matter how you package it, moving from an SGA to an MGA is a failure.


Fort Wayne and Bloomington from what I've heard. No clue how they're affording rent on 4 offices without better production.


Word has it that they were closing them. They grew too fast anyway.

I can understand opening 1 new office every few years but WTF were they thinking about opening 2 offices within an hour from their Indy office. Fort Wayne was a good move but they should have stretched their territory out further.


No offices are closing, get a new source. CW is growing just fine, serving beautiful families all over Indiana. This business is about the importance of protecting our members and CW will do everything to MAKE IT HAPPEN :)


I briefly met Libassi.. Don't have much of an opinion on him but same weird vibe as I got from almost everyone there who was in any sort of position of "authority".

If you want to call it "authority" at all. Really it is "Nazi dictatorship". But anyway, Fort Wayne and Bloomington were pretty much empty. Many people left and moved away from Lafayette.

Last time I saw J&J they looked stressed as *** and Ophals running around like the *** bag he is. The morale is shot and they still keep ranting about the whole loyalty thing. Looks like they had loyal people there but they did not take care of them. I wonder how people are doing that have left.

The former manager of Ft.

Wayne and his recruiter, H L, and Smith. Wish I could just tell them all "I understand".


They are closing down Fort Wayne. I am sure of that.

Not sure of Bloomington. Check out their Facebook It's funny, they just keep pressing on which I guess is good but if only their new recruits knew about all of this. And to answer your question.

The former MGA of Ft. Wayne is doing ok from what I hear. he cut all ties with AIL. The recruiter moved to another state but still supports an office part time.

I hear HL is doing good and has moved on but not sure on the other. She kinda dropped off the face of the planet but I heard she was getting married.


Who posts about someones sexuality or anything else personal on a site like this.. CW Management - that's who.

Huge bad sign of a an employer I do not want to be associated with. Moving on fast.


I remember her.. She busted her behind and to be trashed on this site is pathetic. I don't care if someone is *** or whatever, she had values and integrity which most here didn't..


I hear about the brainwashed receptionist and it truly is sad. I had hoped she moved on by now.

AIL is not what it seems. At the very least not at the CW agency. I remember those who were duped along with me back in mid 2012 and wonder how they are. One a woman from Chicago whom I briefly befriended and another whom I dubbed "Roy" I hope you are both doing well.

But truly the management there is not one I would consider respectable. They had no problem belittling or "guilt-tripping" you for not coming to work even if you were ill. and i dont mean you just had a little cold, ill. Honestly its shameful to see the recruiting techniques and the managers' behaivor.

I cant say I regret getting out when I did, and the only thing i will miss were the other kind recruits that carried on through the horrid training period with me. I thank God I wasnt harrassed by them afterwards, and I truly hope no one else falls into their trap. I see some sentiments below that greatly remind me of some of the recruits i met while training, and 1. I am glad you saw that coming, 2.

I regret that you were right. To any outsiders looking in on this, know that the training is a veritable H*** to anyone who has something to live for besides work (and that includes sleep). The recruiters are not remotely upfront and honest about the position or pay. its 100% commision and the figures they give you are gross.

so not including personal expenses or taxes or anything. (btw social security tax is double since you are technically "self employed) They will basically harass you if you dont meet quota (somewhat understandable) or miss work for any reason at all.they tell you that their hours are typically between such and such hours, but in all honesty you will spend most likely at least 14 hours a day with no pay during your training period. I dont write this out of spite, and it isnt that im not willing to work hard. In fact im currently working 48 hours every 8 days on a rotating shift.

It isnt easy. But at least I am getting PAID for my work.

I write to encourage outsiders to turn away and to thank all the others who are working to expose this un-ethical agency.


This agency sucks.. All of them..

The recruiter you speak of however good she was makes me sick in her personal life. Distgusting *** and probably wanted to "bone" every female there anyway.


Come on now.... What business of yours is her personal life? Was that what this conversation was about??


I thought it was funny.. D Y K E...






Personally you can state your opinion regarding whomever you speak of but when it comes specific genders, I find it offensive. She is a remarkable female who has and still does work her tail off for the company she is a dedicated,intelligent,loyal and trust worthy with a sense of humor.Whatever her preference is should not matter her value is within and whom she chooses to share it with is upon her and knowing her she is a loyal person and for you to think with your little mind,definately shows your value.


You are a disgrace.. :roll


Talk like that is typical in CW. That's what you get when you put money in young jerks hands.

They don't think anyone else has value. After the two female upper level managers left they were "glad to get the b*****s out so they coul get some business done." Classy.


I know, who the felon is, and the psych, but I am trying to remember from my time there who the rapist is. All I have to say to J&J is this: If those are the names being given to the MGAs and RGAs....shouldn't you start to question the true character of those people.

I mean, I get the fact that they make you money, and you make the most money off the naive individuals you bring in and then fire after 6 months. (Oh yes, I remember how our team went from 20ish people to 8 and only 1 of them wasn't a manager or trainee. RED FLAG!!!!!), but still...there should be at least a minimum line of ethics that they are held to and that sure as *** isn't happening. Oh, and I will point out...even though people were making 1500$ a week, those were the same people struggling to make their rents and keep food on the table.

Why do you ask? Because the cost of doing business came out of their own pockets. At the end of the day, that 1500 a week really translated to about 700. I made more being a manager at a fast food joint then they make after all is said and done.

Oh, and just for safe measure, keep 10% of your earnings in a savings account for tax time and hope that none of the policies fall off.

Because if they do, you are even more *** outta luck. Yep, I will take my job making 50k a year because at least I know at the end of the day the money that I made is really my own.


I will not call anyone out but the titles are accurate.. However The Rapist is a pretty good guy. Far removed from the BS at that Indy office.


The rapist is a pretty good guy?!?! You've GOT to be *** kidding me...


Or her sister. Wonder if she knows about that....

He tells everyone that story when he drinks including J&J. Wonder if they ever told her...


they purposely hire naive recruits.. Easy to "train"..


One day when she goes for a pap and the doc says that she has a STD she will have the proof that he is sleeping around. Unless she is also banging any of the cute guys that walk through the door...and of course when he has to take a paternity test and start paying child support that will be another clue.

Unless she already knows and is just turning a blind eye because of "how good the money is".

Poor thing, it's so sad when the whole world knows the truth, but she is to naive to believe it. It really is a shame and I have to pity her.


Its a blind eye trust me.


She already knows what he's been up to their whole relationship. How many times does she have to catch him before it's the last straw?

I don't think he realizes that he truly couldn't get better than her. But, he told me he wants somebody "hotter", so he won't settle down. She treats him so well considering the *** he's put her through. She'll get pregnant soon enough to lock him in.

What a prize that'll be. :sigh


Just as an FYI, personally knowing people that still work there and those that were terminated I can tell you that most of those that were "terminated" left of their own accord, but for appearance sake, they had to be "fired". No owner wants current/potential employees to realize that 4 out of 8 upper level managers left due to hostile/unprofitable/dishonest (different for each one) circumstances.

Oh, and a half dozen second and lower level managers and uncountable agents as well. (In case you don't think I know what I'm talking about- 4 MGA/RGA's left and several SA's, and the only GA that was still there)

Since I know people that are still with CW, I know that they asked those that are currently there to "combat" the online negativity.

For everyone's sake, for truth, and for at very least legible responses, keep G Biggs away from this. J&J at least pick specific people who can post something, anything intelligent.


Let's make them look "fired".... appearance sake exactly.


Yah, isn't ol' Gordy just a lovely person.... trash


Gordy is a charactor, and I mean that in the most defamating way possible. The way that he treated people, not only behind their backs but to their faces leaves something to be desired.

I'm surprised that someone him could ever make management in any circumstance. He reflects badly on those around him.


Once upon a time I worked for the CW branch of AIL. Now, I'm not saying that all of the AIL branchs are bad, but thanks to them I no longer want to have ANYTHING to do with Insurance or Commission based jobs.

I should have followed my gut instinct when I went in for the first interview, it kept telling me that it was to good to be true, that there was something not right here. However, the picture that they painted drew me in and swept me away. Also, I was told at the third interview, when I signed up for the Greenlight program (which was 199$) that once I was licensed and started producing that they would give me an advancement to help me recoup the money that I spent. Yeah...that never happened.

In fact, it wasn't until I no longer worked for the company that I actually saw a paycheck for any of the business that I wrote. One more thing to note, and mind you, this is my personal opinion, is this - ANY company that does not have a Human Resources Manager or HR team should not be trusted. It doesn't matter whether or not they legally qualify as needing that, they should have it anyways.

When I went in for my first 2 interviews, that was the job that I was originally promised before they pulled a 180 on me and told me that I had to be a certified agent in order to get that position.

Also, I would like to point out that the manager that was training me and that I specifically reported to was having me show up at the office between 8a and 9a while that manager was not showing up till after noon or at times, after the first appointment was scheduled and then having me work until 11p or midnight. Now, I am no stranger to busting my *** to get things done, but LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE is one of the many things that my Seargant Major taught me, and leadership by example is one of the many things that this agency severly lacks.


Yah, their actual "HR" person has no clue as to what HR is. Lovely person but already bombarded enough with her current job.

They "leadership" and I am not talking about the owners. The only example they give is how to effectively manipulate, coarse, and misdirect other female new recruits in order line their "pockets" and "sexual agenda".

It is pathetic. Really, so thankful I am not a part of that fiasco of bottom of the barrel trash as I also was not paid correctly.


this blog is ***.

1. if you have money- buy whatever the *** want. and "act" however you want. people see wealthy people as snotty. not because they are snotty but because that person wants to *** and complain

2. There are lots of pretty girls there. most dont sleep around to get promoted, one. and 2 if you tell a girl to keep her legs closed. then she is a slore. any classy girl would keep her legs closed. sleeping around for promotions happens at most any job. if anything less at this job because pretty much all men there are in committed relationships.

the only reason people make this a big deal is because there is a high turn over rate. like the NFL. New people see money money money but then they have to actually put the time in? whaatt?? crazy!!!! and when they don't they blame everyone else and they think the only reason why he got there or she got there is because of sex or money. its ***.

Certain people get pissed that it didn't work for them and they *** all over the internet.

There is more people complaining because of the turn over rate and the amount of lazy people in this world. go to a regular 9-5 job and make your 30k a year while the people that want to make a good living actually work hard for their money.

you people are pathetic and have no idea who the management team really is. Stop slandering them for being human.

and way to go. you just put a negative image on AIL. so even though you've switched agencies, you made AIL look bad and you are taking away peoples opportunity and members proctection rights by giving them false information before they even get a chance to see what the company can do for them.

you should feel good about yourself for ruining other's lives.

you just took that right away from them.


You must be descendant from the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. You are ignoring the hundreds of negative stories on dozens of AIL threads throughout this website, and there are at least a dozen other websites.

AIL is MVP of bad insurance companies, they have the worst agent turnover in the industry, they have the worst policy retention in the industry, they have the worst agent contract in the industry, they have the worst agent training in the industry, and they force agents to pay union dues for this privilege. AIL is an equal opportunity abuser of both agents and policyholders. Policyholders are subjected to a stream of poorly trained agents with no industry knowledge pushing over priced products. Once they become policyholders, they are besieged with new agents attempting to sell them additional insurance.

Should a policyholder have a question or problem, agents are unable to help them and customer service is the worst. Working families deserve better trained agents, better products that are competitively priced, and good follow up from their agent and customer service. Finally, the arrogance you display presuming agents that leave are lazy or dull is absurd. I know dozens of successful agents that left because AIL executives lie to everyone consistently.

There is no excuse for the sexual and chemical conduct of AIL executives, it would not be permitted in most other organizations. This does not excuse similar conduct by SGAs and managers however one can understand how they rationalize this behavior as permissible.

@Wayne H Gnj comment on every AIL blog around so you must not have been able to find a job since then. Who has time for this you must have no life or even a woman in your life cuz if you did then you wouldnt be wasting your time with this slander.

We are probably paying you to write all this garbage with unemployment so way to work the system. Stop sucking at life and get a job and i life.

Throw in a mail order bride to cuz you obviously need help brother. find a new hobby besides slandering a great company


I left AIL after being lied to by the corporate executive on numerous occasions. I committed to provide the true facts to prospective recruits before they make a decision. With access to the facts a prospect can decide if they want to associate with an organization that grossly exaggerates first year earning opportunity, grossly exaggerates renewals, has the worst contract in the industry, has the worst agent turnover in the industry, forces agent to pay union dues and never see a union rep, has the worst policy retention in the industry, and forces them to associate with *** like "Get a Job" who can't form a cogent response, then they have made an informed decision.

@Wayne H Gnj

Who are you? ....

Ohh, nobody right. So *** bc you have NO idea what your talking about.

Go get a meaningless job now please. Thanks bye.


To summarize your position, you can offer no facts, you can refute none of the facts presented by others, but you don't like what is being said. You should be an AIL executive. Why don't you check with the Smiths and see if they have a position for entry level sycophant.


FIRSTLY this blogger was never contracted or employed through The Cunningham-Weatherspoon Agencies of American Income Life. She was hired from Craigslist to personally assist a former manager working for the company at the time. Compensation was CASH. She was his personal assistant and as stated "friend."

ABOVE ALL attempted objectives, this blogger and bitter-unemployed individual is NOT a licensed agent. She certainly cannot tell you from experience about enrolling into that fabricated "$299" Greenlight training program, NOT an AIL agent. NOT licensed by the State of Indiana. Credit NOT Granted.

Need I go further?

Where State Farm and/or Farmers are concerned, going elsewhere with AIL questions and comments is highly recommended. This "Pissed Consumer" has only telemarketing tips to offer, as that is solely what her employment background entailed before she interviewed with a gentleman employed by The Cunningham-Weatherspoon Agencies.

This independently owned and operated company branched from American Income Life upholds a significant Moto, "OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED." Taking chances. Helping to provide influential, positive, and healthy changes. Guiding towards success. Opportunity unlimited does not however open doors to felonys. The contract process is an in-depth and precise procedure.

The owners and leadership team put forth an excessive amount of LOVE, DEDICATION, and TIME into making themselves and the company run smoothly. AND IT DOES.


I found the personal insults all very contradicting and judgmental. Therefore, I have chosen to oversee the negativity and spiteful remarks. Fabrications.

My advice to the disgruntled; Progress forward, ONWARDS and UPWARDS. DO NOT live in your past. Begin a new chapter and stop looking back.

The Cunningham-Weatherspoon Agencies is a GREAT company FULL of the BLESSED and IMPERFECT. This company is growing exponentially, beyond "Pissed Consumer"




Exactly what I have been thinking this entire time. Well said.


Mistreatment of a person is OK providing they are not directly employed by CW or AIL. By that logic mistreatment of a client is OK because the agent is not employed but a contractor.

Ridiculous! This website has hundreds of stories of mistreatment, misinformation, and unethical behavior.

How do you excuse the totality of the comments?

The truth is that AIL has the worst agent contract in the industry, the highest agent turnover, the worst policy retention in the industry. Prospective agents have better options, better companies, better training, better compensation, and more ethical treatment.

@Wayne H Gnj

Mistreatment of a person or misguided to our readers? This person was given transportation to and from work for months.

Supporters of CW attended AA meetings to hear her story, helping to provide her with stability. CW allowed her to have a VOICE by speaking during an agency meeting. Donations were accepted to help go towards her NEW car (She could not afford). Getting to partake in a nail salon outing, where she had been gifted a manicure and pedicure from the SGA's.

Taken to multiple lunches for appreciation and recognition. CW IS NOT TO BLAME. It wasn't until a vehicle was purchased. The manager whom initially hired the individual had respectfully left his position of Managing Director at CW.

Leaving this well-treated person without a supervisor. Another Managing Director kindly agreed to help her out for a few weeks. Nothing permanent. The recruiter worked regularly for about a week, until she became sick for two weeks following.

Failing to do her job efficiently disappointed the manager relying on her. Absences are unpaid, that is understood by many recruiters. She received some compensation for that period of time, although zero candidates reflected. She was in and out on somedays, 100% efforts skyrocketing downwards to nothing.

It had become clear and apparent by many, this individual felt entitled without rightfully gaining the respect to assume so. This person was requesting the manager drive an hour to deliver her cash as she so eagerly needed it. Manager having WORK to undergo could not afford TIME to deliver her compensation. The money was given.

Weeks went by of hardly seeing this recruiter. The last very few times we saw this person, she had told us she lost her car. I knew she had been terminated. CW does not deserve this negativity and blame.

CW was not her financial advisor, nor employer. (MY POINT) The manager who was generous to compensate her temporarily was not responsible. NOW tell me our readers have not been mistreated while being misled with lies by this irresponsible individual. Prospective agents can decipher through there own good judgement.

Misinformation and "unethical behavior" coming from this website is CORRECT.

Mistreatment from CW is UNKNOWN. This BLOG was never about AIL (Keep the topic of messages relavent to the subject)


I think the correct thing to say to the above poster is BS. I no longer work there, thank God, but I will say you are wrong.

She was allowed to work remotely, sick or not. That is the terms she had with her first Manager. What I saw is someone still work even though she wasnt being paid correctly, and when this so called other Manager took her she refused to work for someone who treated her the way that he did. I wouldn't either and neither would you.

Get it right. I think she did what she had to do and addressed it with the SGA's. Then she moved on. I think it gets very confusing for anyone not used to how a company such as this is structured.

And to be redirected to everyone else creates frustration. I would have done the same thing as she did and if I could I would apologize to her directly. She was passed off to the top of management garbage and because of how she was treated she went nose to nose with him and he could not handle it and terminated her. It had little to do with her performance as if I remember correctly, she had the highest results.

It had to do with ego and some little boy in a big boy position could not handle someone as direct as her. My only suggestion to CW and J and J, do not hire anyone else with any business experience for a Recruiting job.

You do much better with the entry level "pretty girls" who have no company maturity and can be easily trained into being submissive. Ya, it has nothing to do with AIL and I don't think the poster made it that way, it has to do with the specific culture at CW.


The only GARBAGE that has had any outcome of this all, is this blog. Every manager has different guidelines they abide by, perhaps that is why one specific manager mentioned..

is still employed and employs MANY. A success without you, "Pissed Consumer." You did not make things better, you will not make things worse.

You are simply nothing. Move ALONG, STEP ASIDE.


The Managers didnt have TIME? I might have believed that if i hadnt been trained and heard from the managers themselves about how they dont have to put in NEARLY as much time as the agents, now that they were in managing positions.

I never saw the Managers working NEARLY as much as the new recruits. If they had the time to go through the training, they had the time to go give the poor woman her paycheck.


My point exactly. When someone busts their *** for as much as those support staff people make, going out of your way when someone is working 10 hours a week on their own dime..

Yes, indeed, give them a little respect. That's not too much to ask

@Wayne H Gnj

Regardless if someone is a 1099 or employed direct. Nobody deserves mistreatment.


This specific agency has great opportunities and I think it offers people a chance at a great career. I am also sure, very sure, that the recruiter mentioned had NOTHING to do with the original post.

She was not even aware of it until last weekend. I really don't think that most people have the time to sit here and worry about what is being said on some consumer complaint board. If they do, then that shows they have nothing else to do with their life. People get angry, "pissed", and hurt over employers all the time.

It is a fact. It is what you do with it that counts. We all deserve the opportunity to be successful, happy, and prosperous. Doing your best in any situation shows accountability.

Like I said below, someone who has the time and enough anger to post trash on a consumer board as this that is basically a dumping ground for temporary problems, then that shows me that they did not have the spine to address things correctly when they were still working with CW.

I don't have time to follow all this and I really don't care. What happened was in the past and I have moved on.


Keep fighting it JC!


:grin :grin :grin


I have read everything on this post. I have also been able to view this whole situation from a distance and make a judgment on the facts that I know are true.

I have worked with this Recruiter for several years and am very close to her. Being a sponsor, and active in a 12 step program, I try to always keep my sponsees accountable to what their part in any situation is. Having that said, it is the foundation of our program that takes the anonymity of others in the program to high respect. When you come to a 12 step meeting it is clearly stated that what you see and hear there stays there.

When reading a few of these posts it is plain to see that no respect to her anonymity was given which is the first concern I addressed with her months ago when I saw so many of you come to hear her share at an Open Meeting. I don’t have to say anything to make her look better or more respectful in the eyes of those reading because it is not necessary. She knows that she did the best she could in this situation considering all the confusion, misdirection of accountability, and lack of attention to the matter in the end. I never once heard her say anything derogatory about anyone until after what happened those last few weeks she was there.

And even then things said were out of frustration and quickly addressed with the Owners. There was a lot of mass confusion going on in regards to who was paying her, the treatment she got from her last Director, and how she didn’t know who to address things with in the end. The truth of it, because I saw it from the outside, she was happy there and enjoyed her time working under her first Director. There were real problems with the frequency of her pay.

She was moved a few times under different people who were accountable to pay her. She did lose her car not because she couldn’t understand financing documents. It is very rude to say anything in regards to her sobriety on a public forum as this. I don’t feel like I have to prove her sobriety because her actions keep her accountable.

I feel she had every right to address the situation as she did. She addressed it with the Owners and I told her what they did with it fell back on them and she moved on. I can say with personal knowledge that there were some very negative things done in the week after she left as I was with her. She did what she had to do then and changed her number.

She does not have any mental problems, she is very kind and giving, and she does her very best to give back what she has been given. She has worked harder than anyone I know in sobriety and I see the same devotion to how she worked with this company. I personally saw several weeks of her working very late to meet her own professional goals because she was assisting to train others on skills she has learned over a long career.. She has had nothing but great things to say about most people in that office and how they helped her with rides and in return because she couldn’t afford to pay for gas she did her best to help them with what they needed in their department.

There are those she really misses there but out of respect to AIL and her current agency, she decided to cut all ties with CW. She has moved on and just enjoys having the opportunity to continue to recruit for American Income. She doesn’t need anyone to “Carry The Torch” for her because she tries to do that for herself. .

I think anyone would have been angry, disappointed, or hurt. Her part in this was being way too trusting, a little too eager, and not remembering that just because she is active in a 12 step program does not mean that everyone else out there in the world pays attention to self motive, trying to stay humble, and a constant desire to clean up their side of the street. Most of those that worked there were great people. I saw her smile and love a job because of the people and what she could do to assist them.

It is a lesson learned. I think there are real problems with any company structured as this. Seems to me there is more ego floating around there which creates a lot of dishonesty and a general mentality of Take Care of Your own *** no matter what it takes.

This is no reflection on American Income but a reflection on this agency in particular. A simple acknowledgement of the problem and a sincere apology goes a long way.


I was a former agent at the CW and had to leave because of personal issue with my family but i plan on coming back. My wife informed me of the slander that was going on, on this rediculous blog so i couldnt stand and let this go down.

First you have to be a pretty big loser to actually take the time to start one of these who has the time to do this live your freaky life and stop sucking at it. Let me tell you a little about the manager that this person is reffering to you know the "snot nosed young guy" please. He was my manager and nothing but help me. i was only working under him about 4 weeks when i had to come to him with the red notice from my home and it was an effiction notice.

I went to him and asked him what do i do i have a wife and kids at home and we are about to be kicked out because i dont have the money and its due today. This man who barley new said dont worry about i will take care of you i will not let your family be on the streets. Who would do that for someone he barley new, wrote me a check for a 1k and i wasnt even producing well at the time and has never asked for the money back which i do plan on paying back when i get back in the game. He has helped me in so many ways and he is the so called "slimiest" of them all and i know he has helped you as well but your real quick to forget about that huh!!!!

and i cant wait to join the CW again. Even the SGA's helped me at that time and gave me money for my utilites. It seems to me that all these post are from the same person. They are a yound organization so mistakes will be made but it didnt merit this rediculous post.

She couldnt even get the cost of the green light right so it shows how much bs this all is. Do us all a favor and get a life and find Jesus cuz you defiantly need him in your life


He was so pissed that he loaned you that money and tore you to pieces behind your back. Just thought you'd like to know.

-an old buddy

Miss ya!


Backstabbers is what they are. They are so "generous" and give with a big heart.

BULL ***... What is really pathetic is they post what they "give" to the community on their wall. You don't boast about stuff like that..

You do it without expecting anything in return... Even if that "anything" is just wanting people to notice how "generous" they are but really arent


I think everyone knew and old heard about it, especially after you were no longer there.


There are those of us who absolutely thought she was phenomenal. She needs to continue to do what she does.

She was exploited in a sense. Very sad..


So not only did you just confirm who originally wrote this (because let's be honest. How many alcoholic druggies worked at the cw agencies and NOW work for another AIL company....

I'm thinking she's the only one) so thank you for confirming that "sponsor" and everyone in the company knew her story OUTSIDE of those "12 step meetings" so they are saying stuff from when she told everyone outside of those "private" meetings- so they don't have to follow the same *** rules. And lastly... You say "aw poor baby, it's suppose to anonymous and why would u call her out blah blah" but she just said all that *** about cw yet- no one can call her out? She can say a rapist psych felon and even specifically point one out about his car and such....

But don't call out the original person that posted this? Wow. You have some balls. And this is slander.

Even though the bigger blonde haired druggie/alcoholic user [oops did I call her out?] denies it- she just started something that she can't take back. Everything is traceable.

She will get what's coming to her. Karma is a *** :grin


She did not post this.. I know for a fact.

She won't even check the threads on this.. Who would. I think her sponsor just felt a need to say her part. You are a freaking ***.

Again - redirect and refocus. Clean up your own *** and move on


I am a managers recruiter here at CW. This posting is completely incorrect. I'm sorry that this former employee has such a "bad taste in his/her mouth" but CW is a great place to be. Let's set the record straight.

The SGA's are great people. They are very down to earth and humble people. To be honest the SGA's may pay the bills but from the looks of it the girls in the front run a lot of it. They always seem to know who is where what is what and how to do this and that.

The "3 Right hand men" are also great people. One of them is my manager. I have never had issues with him coming on to me or any of the other managers either. I'm a beautiful girl (told by many).

No one here is brainwashed. We do not discriminate against "candidates". We interview if they are qualified and hire if qualified.

As far as the not knowing where to go or who to go to and people being stand offish when something happens, I think that comes down to being able to talk to people. When you have mental disorders from drinking and drugging you may forget how to talk to people professionally. I have a great relationship with many managers here and they do not really seem standoffish to me.

This is true that resumes are pulled from many major job sites but it is not "telemarketing".

The receptionist is not paid $7 an hour. If that was the case I don't think she would be there. She always has new things so if she was paid $7 how could she afforded anything? She is not brainwashed, well maybe to work hard but I'm sure she learned that growing maybe her parents brain washed her I guess??????????

Truthfully The SGA's do walk in and sit in the front to run the meeting. Would you want the owners of your company to sit in the back. They are the reason everyone is there. If they didn't open CW then these people wouldn't be there, nor would I. Do you think Bill Gates sits in the back at one of this board meeting??? *** no he sits at the head of the table because he is the one in charge.

The I will help you if you help me is just life. Do you think your Aladdin and have a genie to grant you all the wishes you want. No you work hard and you help people. Good things come to those who do well.

Another life cannot trust anyone in life....this is pretty thorough in itself I think.

A CULT.....REALLY....A CULT....unfortunately that recruiter was not paid on time. Sorry for that. I am always paid on time. Not once has my manager not paid. But how is it the companies fault you can't read legal documents and had your car repo'ed because you did not understand the financing. It looks like you're looking for someone to blame so you could get a little money and sense they have nice cars and nice clothes and money doesn't mean they will just give it to anyone.

Unfortunately this manager did not work out opening up a new office. That is sad but The SGA's and a few other managers relocated to Indiana from Ohio and they seem to be doing just fine. Do you maybe think it was the person. Not the company?

I agree that embezzling if not right. I doubt the SGA's knew about this if it is even true, and we are seeing how much of this is... I doubt it was thousands of dollars if at all.

Why is it the companies job to keep you motivated and entertained. They call it work for a reason.

Green light is not $299. I sat through and overview and they tell you it is $199. In my 3rd interview they told me it was $199. I don't know where this person is getting their info from but it is defiantly incorrect, you can check that yourself. If the company gets a kick back from it that's great. That goes back to you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. Its life. Don't get all jealous because They are giving someone business and getting something for it.

Last...This is correct. one truth to this all AIL is a great company. So is CW.

I plan on doing the 10 years and retire to go and do something that will change life's. I will have my residual income so I will always be financially stable and that means so much!

I feel like a lot of these posts are inaccurate. I feel like they are unhappy people who have nothing better to do with their days then bad mouth companies. The recruiter who was being mentioned never mentions that when she didn't have a car because her "drunk junk" as she called it died, oh that's right she was driven home and picked up every day in the Mazerati by that manager. So maybe that "snot nose" isnt so bad considering he never asked for money or anything to drive 40 minuses past the office to do her a favor. Maybe he does want to help people and is not so bad after all.


I have worked for Cunningham Weatherspoon for quite a while and do not agree with hardly anything the original post says and I do not think anyone else here would either!! I am sorry that things did not work out for this person, but nearly everything she said is embellished, exaggerated, and just inaccurate.

I do remember her, and it's sad how judgmental she is being to people who welcomed her with open arms, paid her for weeks with ZERO results, and did everything they could to facilitate the fact that she had no vehicle. What a shame...


Obviously one of the little clones posted the above. Um, go ahead and be fooled.

You will see. And since I have read this post it easy to determine that you have no real clue as to what is going on. This Manager picked her up ONCE. It was others that helped.

I know because I helped her as well a few times. In reality, there was a sour relationship between that manager and this recruiter. At the end of the day, what you say is swept away, because those of us who really saw what happened. And this recruiters issue is really not the big issue here.

What is big is this shouldn't be happening in the office and yes there have been some good changes. I always play by one rule - Don't point a finger because there is always 10 more pointing back.

I see a lot of finger pointing and a lot more pointing back directly to the Upper Level Management issues that occur here. :upset


Longer than any of the past or even current recruiters. No, the post isn't completely untrue.

I think the only thing off is the cost of green light. That doesn't dispel the rest of the concerns.


"I was there". Miss you old friend. One of the true "winners" of the group.


And I ran far, far away. Miss all the good ones there, I just couldn't do it any more. :sigh


Running far far away is a great thing to do.. You also left completely as you and not changed into some *** stepford wife like the rest. hahha :grin


Of course he didnt ask for money for driving. HE GETS PAID FROM HOW WELL HIS AGENTS DO.

If she wasnt able to work he wouldnt have gotten any bonus from her, now would he? he didnt have to ask for her money, he benefits anyways.


Its hard to have an opinion on all of this. The owners definitely do and have swept a lot of stuff under the rug, I'm sure a bunch of stuff I'm not even aware of.

I know for a fact one of the managers has slept with several females in the agency and is a very 'slimy' person, as described by others in these comments, and nothing was ever done about it. I also think he is the person that this recruiter worked for. But I would say, as is the case with any place of employment, it definitely matters which manager you are under. Some of them are perfectly fine to work for.

Has nothing to do with AIL, Cunningham Weatherspoon, or the insurance industry. It has to do with PEOPLE, which is going to be a common thread no matter where you work. If you sleep with the dogs, you're going to get fleas. Thats just how it works.

But it is also true that if you mind your business and work hard, you will have no issues and make a lot of money. PLENTY of people, including myself, were/are very happy in the agency and make a very good living with none of the issues that are talked about here. I also know for a certainty that a good portion of the original post is not true.

I just don't think its fair to say the issues are the agency itself, because that isn't true. Its just some of the people in it and the way things are handled sometimes.


Again this rationale is nonsense, the problems referred to in this post are not isolated. These same problems and many more occur daily throughout AIL and management.

How is sexual indulgence by a manager any worse than that same behavior in the corporate executives? *** is a managers lying any different than a AIL executive lying? All of these problems are widespread in the AIL culture, and have been for many years. Now as to the earning potential for an agent minding their own business, average agent earnings were terrible in 2005 and have declined every year since.

Torchmark financial reports reflect the average agent having gross earnings before expenses of less than $20,000. Opportunity Unlimited.


It is true that it falls directly under your manager. That said, A lot of the feedback regarding the details of the original post are not true.

I think the author addressed some very real concerns that were happening at that office. I did get a very uneasy feeling during my short time there, and I was not lazy and a poor performer. I just accepted another position that better fit my educational background. I know a lot of stink has been discussed regarding this typical recruiter and if I remember correctly she was always very pleasant to have around.

I was not working there during the time all this happened but I totally can see why something like this did happen. I did hear from another employee that no longer works there that one of the managers was known for sleeping with women in the agency for "benefits" as the above said. It is true you didn't feel like you could trust anyone as everyone was out for themselves so it was best to just mind your own business. I do think it is wrong how those on here have found it their mission to continue to bad mouth the recruiter.

She doesn't seem like the type of person who would air dirty laundry on some website; exspecially since she is still working for AIL. If I read everything correctly. My impression is just what the above person stated. It all falls under the Manager you work for.

I just think it looks wrong for those to keep the fire going so to say.

I am glad I received the offer I got with my current company because the vibe I got from most people there, except a select few, was something seedy going on somewhere. It was a very different experience and I am glad some people thrive in an environment like that, but it was not for me.


You'd be amazed at what exactly was swept under the rug. I was horrified. :sigh


The whole thing is sick.


Thanks for the update on this posting. I have been following this thread for several days now, biting my lip. Should I respond or not. I have wanted to completely cut my ties with this agency and everyone involved in it. After reading some of the posts below I have speak up.

I was successful and happy at CW for quite a while, but now that my time there is over (mutual decision) I can reflect and look back and see how I too was caught up in the "illusions" that CW is so good at creating. I am not disgruntled, and I still have good friends that currently work there, but I cannot sit back and just listen to all of this and not say anything.

Most of the above post is an accurate recount of what was going on in that office. Unless things have drastically changed in the last 2 months, it is probably still going on.

I too was caught of in the illusion of "Opportunity Unlimited". The company is not a SCAM, but the practices that happened internally at that office were a disgrace.

The SGA's are good people, with big hearts ; however, it angers me how they try to "sweep things under the rug" so to say. I really really hope for the sake of their credibility that they have addressed or will quickly address the "bad eggs" at that office.

Now I am going to carry the torch for the Recruiter, as I am appalled at what I have read from current employees at that office. You should be ashamed of yourself. This Recruiter had more devotion and pride in her work than you ever expected to see out of any of your Recruiters. She worked harder than everyone and had a sincere desire to help each of you succeed. She is far more experienced than what the position required and brought amazing things to the table for each of your offices. She had a great working relationship with the Manager that hired her. She was always treated with dignity, respect, and if she was still being paid by him, she would still be with him. She bent over backwards to be of service to each of your offices, many times on her own time. Some of it she wasn't asked to do and she did out of the kindness of her heart, but a lot of it she was asked to do. Each of you took and took and took from her. All of you saw an opportunity of someone trying to help you and you took advantage of it. And you continue to treat her like a doormat when she has moved on with her life. To call her a boozer and doper is a slap in the face. That is the kind of people that CW hires. Their management team is all users, manipulators, and only out for themselves. Leave the Recruiter alone. When her Manager at our office could not pay her anymore, she was passed off and reported to the slimiest one out of them all. Then she was treated like garbage and and terminated. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to her because she is worth more than that. So you all can stop your bashing of the Recruiter. It's distgusting.


Really it should not run that deep. Yes there are certain things happening at that office and most of it falls under a few very unethical people.

Watch which manager you get hired under is all I can suggest. I enjoyed working there and I feel great about what I accomplished. I am sorry so many people have so much hurt and anger in them to not be able to let it go. I am also very confident that the Recruiter you are talking about absolutely would not comment, endorse, or engage in any behavior that would prompt such nastiness from their current employees.

I am also very sure that the Recruiter you speak of has enough professional maturity to be able to handle her own issues that she had and she did. I am sure she is happy and just as successful in her current position within AIL as she was with CW. Did any of you ever think that you could be giving people what they want and in return damaging the feelings of others? I agree, take it up with the postings author and move on.

I hate sites like this, all it is is a dumping ground of garbage that people did not have the spine to address when they were working there.

All the best. :roll


I could not have said it better myself. All of it paints a true picture of what it is like to work for CW and what it is like if you are unfortunate enough to report under certain managers.

Also, very accurate as to what happens if you are terminated or leave on your own terms.

Just remember that just because someone was "terminated" does not mean they were a bad performer. Having worked under another Manager for several months and having extremely high results, and then working under another manager only to be terminated a month later shows there was a problem with that particular relationship between that Manager and Employee.


99% of the posting is true....

"confused", if you are cute just be very careful.

They collect cute, young girls and they take advantage of them. All of the managers, but not including the SGA's.

Don't know why two good guys decided to build a business with such awful people in their leadership... maybe they're not such "good guys", maybe they just don't do their own dirty work...


Exactly the owners have no clue what is going on, nor do they care. I think it is repulsive that one of the comments included someone's name.

That shows the true character of their team members. Seems to me that if this wasn't true, then they would just ignore it and move on. Having something to prove shows they are trying to hide something and redirect attention to the author. I think it's sad as well that the owner's, however "generous" they are, tolerate nasty behavior from their management team.

Do they have a qualified HR person there now? I wonder what AIL thinks about all this.


The HR person is still the office mom aka they don't have an actual HR person.


No HR is a HUGE red flag. Go ahead and complain "up", see how quick you're shut down.


delightful girl; however skewed she may be. This person is the right hand lady to the RGA..

She has been loyal throughout yet he likes to put himself between the legs of any naive, desperate new recruit there. See how her loyalty pays her off in a company so focused on "loyalty".


The owners know a lot more than you think, but it all gets brushed under the rug. Oh, and AIL doesn't care.

It's not just CW with counts of poor management, illegal corner cutting, and office drama (not even the word for it, more like office catastrophes), it's in 99% of AIL offices. Just look into the criminal histories of most SGA's.

The fact that J&J are clean is unusual compared to most leaders. It just so happens that the nastiness is just in the second level managers at CW.


Somebody should address this with the Insurance Commission. My husband is a agent with State Farm and he said that you can have felonies and still be approved to have a License.

He said they base it off of the type of felony it is and automatic denials are usually with felonies of a money nature. Dealing with money and the such.

He said he also has another agent who has a felony as well. He ended it by saying that it is well known in the Insurance Industry that AIL has the worst products available, the worst agent contract that is out there, and since it is structured as an MLM , has the most unethical recruitment procedures.


Every company is different on who they will/won't license. Agents have to be approved by the state AND by their respective company, so your husband really has no idea what he's talking about. And fyi, I would venture to say State Farm has some of the worst products in the industry, thanks for your opinion though, however misguided it is.


dumb- state farm screws people


dumb - CW screws people..


I am a 19 year old female, i was hired today at the indianapolis location, everyone that i have came in contact with at this location has been very nice and helpful to me, as i read this post among many other complaints i am becoming scared and worried becuse i remember thinking this sounds to good to be true. Is it?

Or are all of these negative posts just angery former employees?? Now im concerned and im not sure if i should accept this position...Some advice?


it's a great career opportunity for the right person. you have to be willing to literally work your *** off.

you'll have great weeks where you make 3k and some weeks you won't make a dime.

if you are a parent, you should run as fast and as far as possible from AIL. however, if you don't have anything tying you down and you can go with out a paycheck from time to time, I say go for it!


The ONLY way you will go a week without getting a pay check is by not working. I am a current agent and have worked here over 6 months, I have never gone without a pay check and neither have any of the people on my team, who I am friends with.

If you do what you're told and actually SHOW UP to work and you aren't going to ever make less than $600-900 a week.

And thats a fact. Oh, and I'm a single parent.


you say you make $600-$900 per week? let's go best case scenario & say you make $900.

you're working 70-80 hours per week. $900 per week at 80 hours is a little less than $13 an hour. and in case you weren't aware, that's BEFORE taxes. and I'm assuming your field area is at least an hour from your house.

so $13 an hour before taxes plus gas to and from. there are also no health benefits included in there. and let's not forget to mention the money you're spending on professional clothes for their "suit up & boot up" motto.

yep, you're living the dream baby. opportunity unlimited!


None of this stuff is true...don't worry about it. Unfortunately there are people who are lazy, immature, and dishonest. Keep your legs closed and don't break any laws like these complaining losers have (which is why they lost their jobs) and you won't have any issues.


since when is addressing serious concerns considered breaking Laws? please be careful who you believe.

If there was nothing wrong why is there so much negative stuff out here to begin with? i dont see this stuff when i search for apple or microsoft, or many other upstanding companies.

come on, use the logic, even old superstitions and wives tales have at least a grain of truth. at the very least be careful and keep your eyes and ears open.


Itts a great place to work. I am a young pretty female (at least in my opinion lol!) and had to leave CW because I relocated.

I never had any problems with any of this stuff. Good luck!


The positions they offer are good opportunities. Like another poster said, you have to work a LOT of hours.

But make your own mind up regarding the agency. I think since there are quite a few people on here validating this, then there is real reason to be alarmed and choose another AIL office to work for.

Not sure about where the other offices are but I bet if you go to the American Income Life website, then you can find other offices. Best of luck.


I am not going to attend the interview that I have scheduled next Wednesday with a Mr. Opals.

I don't know or care if any of this information is true but this posting would not exist if there was not some truth to it. I find it very alarming that one of these postings said "Keep your legs closed. Don't Break Any Rules and you will be fine". Ok, now why should any woman with any tact at all have to even think about Keeping their legs closed in a working environment.

The poster must currently work there. And what "rules" are there to break. Wow - what a way to smooth over this one Cunningham Witherspoon. You just confirmed that there is something very wrong going on in your office.

Being a Sales professional, and networked with many people, I will make sure to spread the word That women on your team should make sure they are not ***, and that they must not break any rules, be under the age of 30, and if you are all of these then you will "Be Just Fine". What a wonderful way to promote employment to women in the Indy area - I am sure you will find the best!!!!


NOW THAT was funny... Well said!!!! :grin


these figures that you will see are GROSS income, not net. If you factor in the expenses and taxes well....

its not as much as you think. please be very careful


Ok... obviously people get sensative about this stuff.

But, truth be told - No hires is a huge exaggeration. I think this above poster was commenting about the "theme" of this particular agency and not going on a band wagon about the recruiter. That said, I currently am employed by CW and I know of this recruiter and zero hires is false. In fact, 14 were licensed and ready to go at the start for the Fort Wayne office..

I know this for a fact. I don't think she is disgruntled at all and I have not heard any bad things come out of her mouth about CW and she is happy with another agency. I am active on her FB. So for someone to rant and say negative things about someone who cannot, nor finds it necessary to defend herself then what you are telling is there is truth to what the poster said and you are trying to cover up and blow out smoke.

Seriously, I don't see her or anyone else on here quoting facebook pages. It's posts like that that make CW or any other AIL agency look bad because you can't suck it up and deal with it with maturity and professionalism. I think CW has a lot to learn when it comes to putting out it's own fires. Quit casting blame and just fix things that need to be fixed and everyone is happy.

At the end of the day we all want to be successful and happy. Cheers


The only exaggerations here are in the original post. NO HIRES is accurate for the last three weeks of her employment, I know THAT for a fact.

How would you know? Considering you didn't and DO NOT work at CW because you were 'terminated for embezzling' according to the original post. Which also is not true.

She is disgruntled because she tried to strong arm the SGAs into paying more money out of their pockets after she spent all hers on booze and drugs, as usual. Stop lying and worry about your new career.


Now come on I do know her personally, and yes she had no hires the last few weeks because of certain issues she was having with the Manager who was paying her. Who would want to give results to someone who was treating her that way?

I wouldn't. And saying she is on booze and drugs is a pathetic statement because she is active in a 12 step program still to this day. I don't know about strong arming anyone but it is true that she had huge financial problems that arose from not being paid on time for several weeks. I would have addressed those issues with the SGAs as well.

You have someone screw with your pay and nobody addresses it, and not get a little upset. In regards to her, I know for a fact that she will not get on here and endorse, comment, or feel like she has to defend herself. Professional people with good backgrounds know how to handle their business issues.

Typically this agency hires young, naive, and very green team members, exspecially for their office support positions. So having someone with a mind of their own, who can make their own decisions, and has any experience at all would be not the "norm".


Here is a post off of this person's Facebook page dated from this past October when she was still employed at Cunningham Weatherspoon...funny how her tune has changed after she was terminated. If you reference her 'Red Flag #9', she is talking about herself as if she is another person, but she just wrote this post because she was unhappy that she was terminated for acheiving NO HIRES in four consecutive weeks while still being paid $450 a week. Who would expect to keep their job after such terrible results anyways? Grow up you cry baby.

Kelsey Rose Bower (Her name has been changed out of respect)-

'I feel very blessed that you all showed up to hear my story tonight. It is amazing to work for a company where there are people like you who are so supportive and encouraging. This company and those that work there make me feel valued. For the last 2 1/2 years I have worked for a few places that could care less about you as an individual. Who would have known when I answered that little Craig's List ad that my life and career would *** doing what I love to do. Thanks again!'

Like · · October 7, 2012 at 10:40pm


Ophals you are an ***.


"Kelsey Rose Bower" changed that a lot, huh? Maybe somebody should identify which one is the rapist, the felon, and the psycho with as much discretion...just sayin'.


That is a known phrase within the agency.. Keep pointing the finger and more are pointing back like I said above.

It only ends up making you and CW look bad not anyone else and not Kelsey Rose.. lol.

I don't see anyone on here commenting directly to you now do I.


I used to work for Cunningham Weatherspoon agencies but had to leave for personal reasons that were unrelated to the job. I just wanted to let everyone know that very little of what this above post says is true!!

The course for licensing is not even $299, and anyone who knows anything about the financial industry knows you can't have any felonies and be licensed by the state in insurance! Also I personally spoke to the staff several times while there including about what they were paid, and it was not $7 an hour. Though I am no longer employed there my experiences were great, and the owners are generous, honest people with a great, caring vision.

Don't believe everything you read people! Especially by former disgruntled employees!!