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The Owner is a liar and unprofessional

I work for Ashley for a few months then quit. Ashley is the worst person lve ever worked for. She did not pay me my full amount when I quit. She would lie and tell us that she would pay us extra if we came in on days where she needed help. The company who contracted her she talked about them badly. She took as far as getting the manager fired because she didnt like him. She turned a blind eye to one of her friends sexually harass her employees. He was also a manager for the company that she was contracted for. He would tell her that he wanted certain ppl working on his side and she would obliged. She fired a girl who followed protocol when she called in to say she would a few minutes late. She took pride and boasted about firing ppl because she didnt like them. Her firing had nothing to do with them working. She didnt like the fact that they didnt join in with her when she would trash talk other employees. I would never recommend working for her at all. She will lie about they pay, the hours and the work.
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  • Worst company ever

A thief and unprofessional

I had to quit this lady job because she talk about all her employees, the people she work for she tell the business to her employees, she even to me she fired on of her employee because she told her that her best friends tryed to come on to her so she fired, she also tryed to get me to get her fired from her 2nd job but have me call and tell him that the lady say he is gay and other things but I dont do it , I just told her he job was not for me but I wanted to finish out my week for she want be stock out. She had the nerve got to want to pay me so now I have to fight fir 160$ lmbo that crazy and Sad
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Preferred solution: To be payed for hours worked

User's recommendation: Please don’t hire her, she seems nice but she is a snake, but if you do then you will see for your self