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Three weeks ago I paid Crowdfundbuzz U$D 1,499 to promote my campaign in Kickstarter for our product MAGIEN that will start on September 12, 2016 I start to smell something wrong when Howard ask me to make the Script in Kikcstarter, and I did it. Actually he is the one to proceed of doing it that but he was not able to provide it. He told me that tons of contacts are undergoing to our webpage and social media. I find out that I... Read more

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I will be filing a case against them with the FBI's IC3 Internet Crime division. I was scammed just like many people; also like many cases, Paypal decided to side with them, even though I provided enough proof and audio recordings to prove the fraudulent activities. Promises were made, but not delivered. Anyone who is willing to testify with me on this case is welcome to join. Please give me your full names and emails so I can perhaps use this... Read more

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Crowdfund buzz ripped me off. I got suspicious after seeing the quality of their work so I did some digging online about these little crowdfund buzz bandits. By the time I discovered it was a scam they had already taken the money and ran. BUYER BEWARE! My bank also said that i was screwed and that I should file wire fraud charges against them. I guess crowdfundbuzz thinks that most people wont put in the effort to claim a refund so they keep... Read more

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These guys ripped me off. I paid $399 for their service, and it did absolutely nothing to help my crowdfunding campaign. It was a complete waste of money. It's obvious they just took my money and ran like they've done with a ton of people. Take note of the 30,000 + people they claim to reach daily through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); however, they are likely reaching the same accounts daily, the profiles are inauthentic, and/ or the... Read more

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I used CrowdFundBuzz for my Kickstarter. After receiving a lousy, and incomplete press release and not wanting to return my money (lost trust), I continued to work with them. They got me 17 views on my Google analytics account linked to my Kickstarter and a full ZERO dollars in funds. Non of the press release work they claimed to do results in anything but empty Google pages. I should have trusted all online reviews before committing and... Read more

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I paid $299 for their "consultant" service so they would promote my indiegogo but they did absolutely nothing. They're a complete scam! I got no backers. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It wasn't worth one penny. By now, I'm sure they've robbed thousands of people. Don't fall for it. They won't give you a refund either of course. They figure people will go for the low price with the potential of making a ton more, and sadly, they're right. These guys will be... Read more

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