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After exchanging a few emails, underwhelmed by the "results" promissed, I decided not to continue with CrowdFundBuzz. Angered by my decision not to pay the invoice for "services" which accounted to nothing, Mr. Howard Sherman wrote (and I quote with apologies for the "slang"): "To school you in how badly you *** up, we will be promoting THREE different Raspberry Pi campaigns that are live right now for free just to burn your *** and bury your campaign."... "No homework assignment for you. Just watch and learn. Professor Howard Sherman" Now this is a guy you really want to do business with, right?
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Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Just to let others know about this scam

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Why I’m i not surprised! He scammed me too of $1250.

He did NOTHING! He posted my crowdfunding on his social media and I got about 6 views all combined ! 10 days ! He has 30 days to go , and decided to stop !

No press release , no data shared , nothing ! Only words and no actions . Saying no one will want to back up my funding ! He lies !

A scam ! I will be filling with the Attorney general office .

Chealsea Yow
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Crowdfundbuzz Ripped Us Off $ 1466

Three weeks ago I paid Crowdfundbuzz U$D 1,499 to promote my campaign in Kickstarter for our product MAGIEN that will start on September 12, 2016 www.magien.it I start to smell something wrong when Howard ask me to make the Script in Kikcstarter, and I did it. Actually he is the one to proceed of doing it that but he was not able to provide it. He told me that tons of contacts are undergoing to our webpage and social media. I find out that I haven't a SINGLE VISIT yet. Yesterday I asked him in Skype what's going on and he insist that tons of traffic are undergoing to my webpage and social media. I checked again and still NOT A SINGLE VISIT YET. I called him again and asking to refund me the amount and close our deal. This morning when I woke up I found an email in my mailbox from Howard saying that I have threaten him and his family, and under the regulations article bla bla bla, he keep all the money and stop promoting our campaign. I have never offend and Thread Him, I just ask him clarifications and when he was not able to answer it I asked him to refund the money, and this Guy invented the story of the "Threads" just to ripped me off the money and run away from his responsibilities. Here the email Howard sent me: Diego, We are very big honor on as well. You have not honored the terms of service you agreed to here Just one of many of the violations you committed during the course of our Skype call today appears in section 8, paragraph 4 vis a vis "acts in an unprofessional manner...." As outlined in section 8, paragraph 4 we are exercising our right to terminate your services immediately without the benefit of a refund. Based on your statements of your implied physical threats against me and my family -- and your own admission that you are having me stalked by third parties and your promise to make me cry the rest of my life.... I am alerting all relevant law enforcement officials across the United States and Europe including Italy. Members of law enforcement please note this individual's contact information below: Contempo S.a.s. Diego Lucatello Via Macello 35/2 35010 Cittadella (PD) - Italy Additional information from his Skype profile is on the attached screen shot including his picture, his stated date of birth and phone number. Since I have bc'ed two of my attorneys, law enforcement in Italy as well as Interpol, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department AND the FBI... ... you're smart enough to know that if anything happens to me or any member of my family, law enforcement will be knocking on your door first. Then the friends you bragged about in Las Vegas and/or the people you said were watching me and following me day and night. I did right by you every step of the way and feel some sadness that you took this dark path without rhyme or reason. I don't acquiesce to threats and I will never back down from doing the right thing. Howard A. Sherman http://www.crowdfundbuzz.com 1-(88*)-983-**** A BBB Accredited Business Member of the Public Relations Society of America Follow Us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/icrowdfundbuzz Like Us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CrowdFundBuzz Join us on Google+ - http://google.com/+CrowdfundbuzzCom Connect on LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/howardasherman Follow on Instagram - https://instagram.com/crowdfundbuzz/ AND THIS IS MY REPLY: Dear Howard. With amazing surprise I read the answer to my email of yesterday. After discovering that your company steals the money to those who seek with effort to promote their idea or product on kickstarter or Indiegogo, I called you yesterday in Skype asking informations about that: www.crowdfundbuzz.co Based on contract you haven't completed the kickstarter page, Three weeks have passed since my payment and you supposed to finish it in a couple of days. I also asked repeatedly why there was no traffic on my webpage and in my social networks. You promised me that there would be tons of traffic on my webpage and on our social networks, but nothing happened. When I asked you politely to close the contract, and send me back the money I had given you in advance, you answered was: It’s your problem not mine. Now I have to invest again to other professionals to make sure that our campaign will be successful. I read with incredible surprise that I threatened you during the call. I have not threatened anyone, let alone you and your family. You have find this excuse, as I imagine you also have done with others, to wash your hands and come out clean after you have cheated and ripped off the people Based on a research I have done in internet I found out that more than 93% of your customers failed advertising the campaign on Kickstarter or indiegogo. All your positive reviews in your webpage, various blogs and in your social media are fakes, no one of them is real. All these positive reviews were made from people or companies that do not exist. These posts were made by people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh through www.fiverr.com I wonder how a person can live at the expense of others, cheating and then destroying their dreams. I believed in you and I gave you all the money in advance, and so far I have not received anything in return. The script done on kickstaer was done by me and not from you or your company and in three weeks I have not even received a single visit on our webpage and social networks. I'm an invalid man that promised on his friend on his deathbed to help her daughter Sofia to promote the product she had invented, Magien precisely. A person in my situation certainly can not harm anybody, let alone threaten your family. You think to be a smart person to invent this story of the “Threat”, but the truth always come out. I’m a very reputable person, I have never cheated anyone in my life. Can you tell the same? I don’t think so! If you want to return what you have stolen from me, you know how to do it; If you are an honest man you can still promote Magien in a professional way; If you want to keep the money, and run away with this pathetical and fake excuse of the “threaten you and your family” you are also free to do it. In any case, today I will post on the blog this story, your email and my reply, and for sure I will do everything in my hands to let the world knows about you and your company. What a shame Howard !!! Yours sincerely Diego Lucatello BE CAREFULL!!!!! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! ALL WHAT IS MENTIONED ON Various Blogs and Forums IS TRUE. MORE THAN 93% FAILURE IT IS TIME TO STOP THEM to steel the dream and the money of Honest people
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  • Crowdfundbuzz ripped us off usd 1499
  • Doesnt honor guaruntee
Reason of review:
Crowdfundbuzz Ripped Us Off $ 1499

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

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The bad reviews must be fake or something because I couldn't be happier with the $899 I paid for the Crowdfund Buzz Preferred service. I got media reports showing me all of the different places my press release was published including some of the biggest names in news.I got a lot of action from their Instagram posts and Tweets.

Communication was fabulous. The consulting on my Indiegogo project was spot on!

I made their suggested changes and it helped a lot.As a stay-at-home mom I am so happy Crowdfund Buzz helped me launch my line of yoga clothing for moms! They seriously made my business possible!

Sharanya Uwc

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Crowdfundbuzz--CEO Howard Sherman is a SCAM