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Deceptive wicked business practices.This is how I'd describe Crest and my experience. I got wheels from them for 1425. The option of 90 day, payoff, 6 mths. Or a year. I was a few days approaching the 90 and said To the tire people I want to pay it off. They said the pymnt isnt due yet, I said I know, Im figuring my bills and want to confirm my balance os the same as what you have as a payoff. Thay time from what I paid it was only 510 left. So...
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I bought a piano through a retailer and was told that there was no sales tax because it was a promotion Crest was running.So I thought, cool! I moved the 24 payments to just four over three months so I didn't have to pay the 65% add-on you get if you purchase through them. That's right, 65%. If you take the 90 day "payout" option then you pay only a hundred and fifty more than you wanted to pay but I guess it better than a grand extra. I called...
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Anonymous Thank you for this, i was seriously considering using them for a new sofa i cant afford to buy with cash just yet. I think i will wait until i can. Thanks!

I didn't like
  • 90 day policy
  • Math skills
  • Customer service