Rockie Vay
map-marker Mountain View, California

Short Review on May 19, 2016

They took £14.99 from my debit card, impossible to contact them or even find out who they are, had to cancel my card because i fear they will steal more, defo do not give them your card details, beware and be warned
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Problems with payment
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I keep getting emails from them like who just gives away money for free come on especially to those of us who need it? I feel they target the lower income.

Heydi Sqs
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Credit Improvers Inc. Cincinnati, OH

This business say they: Our licensed and bonded credit improvement program is uniquely designed to hire and fully compensate a licensed attorney on your behalf. He can forcefully and effectively utilize this important federal statute and protect your legal rights. We know it works. We back it up with our 100% money-back guarantee. 1st, they do not have any attorney's. The customer service rep's pretend to have knowledge and try and guide you through the process. They pretend to be attorneys. I asked for a bar # and they refused to give me one. and not only did they not help me, they wouldnt return my money! Do it yourself or retain a real attorney. This business is a crock, and they lie lie lie!
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I would not recommend this guy as well. After taking my money he pretty much disappeared.

He did manage to make my score go up a few points I will give him that but he only fixed half the problem. 750$ gone down the drain and I cant even get a phone call back or email back after 3months thats bad business I am sorry you dont treat people like that.


My score before going to credit improvers was 582 AFTER i am at 475!! I recieved a call from a creditor on tues asking me to please contact this attorney because they recieved a letter saying they were in violation and have contacted the office several times with no response and the need an explaination on the letter to know what he wants because the accounts he sent them do not match up!

I tried calling his office 5 times in over two months response to my message...when he did answer the phone i was told by him to call back at 9:30 am he didnt have access to my account x2 and then a chick told me id have ti pay a service to get my scores! To try whatever it is i wanred to do at the end of the should be good...475 is GOOD????!!!!!!!


Shouldn't I be able to look you up in the Ohio Bar directory, Mr. Garrett? You aren't listed there, as far as I can determine.



My attorney registration number issued by the Ohio Supreme Court is 0016607. This information is readily available to you or anyone else from the rolls of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Edward J. Garrett, Jr.,


Credit Improvers, Inc.


Be advised that Credit Improvers, Inc. is a licensed and bonded Credit Services Organization.

We are regulated by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Financial Institutions, our license number is CS-900016. I, Edward J. Garrett, Jr. am the owner and the President of Credit Improvers, Inc.

I am also a licensed, practicing attorney at law and have practiced continuously since 1983.

I provide services for the benefit of each and every Credit Improvers client and have done so since the inception of Credit Improvers, Inc. in 1994.


The person who posted the comment about Credit Improvers not having an attorney is a COMPLETE ***!! Obviously this *** has no idea what they are talking about.

More than likely, it's a broke loan officer, that has nothing better to do with his/her time. Go get a real job, you ***!!!!

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