Brian R Ksx
map-marker Walnut Creek, California

Craven county department of social services discrimination problems

ok i need to go to classes at the craven community college in newbern nc i am in havelock nc need to go to the fast forward program may 19th trying to get craven county department of social services to pay for carts to go back and forth so i can get a better schooling but got told (if you are not black or have kids we refuse to help you) what kind of world do we live in where they only are willing to help black people all i ask is for them to help me pay the ride and they said that was wroung what was said i want to better my life and they are standing in my way no one cares about it contacted the governors office nothing is getting done. i only get an income of $637.00 and rent is $400 by the time i buy food and lights i am brook can not afford the $120 for carts and no one is willing to help me.
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well they just messed up my life and i have no petty on them the next time i hear edcution on the news i am going to call them and tell them off be cause the goverment just stood right in my way of getting one they have made nothing but anxiety and worrie for me for the rest of my life i want every one to know what they have done to me i am seeking the press now.


Just curious, Fred, how have you made out since this happened? Did you manage to find a way to school?

Also, what is the cart that you needed to get back and forth? It is about 20 miles from where you are to there, so maybe a bus? How has the past 6 and a half years treated you?

I hope you found a way, because the old saying: "Where there's a will, there's a way" still holds true.


what kind of world is this when you are not black you can not get any help i want to better my life and they tell me if i am not black they will not help me.


what kind of world do we live in where if you are not black and do not have kids you can not get help to better your life then you wounder why more and more people are on food stamps forget it now they made me upset i will just collect food stamps the rest of my life i have the chance to make $28 an hour but they messed up my life and no one cares in time i hope they get what is comming to them at this rate the whole USA is going to fall in to depression it will be a 2ed depression time i do not fell petty for the goverment any more after what has happened to me forget the govermenet i quit voteing because all they care about is the black people or peopel with kids in life forget all the peopel that want to better there life.

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