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Craven Acres killed my puppies!!!!!!!

Here is my story.First off let me start by saying I am not a breeder just a lover of English Bulldogs..I have a male and female who we got pregnant I did a lot of research and kept in close contact with my vet to insure I was ready for this litter..The litter came a few days early by c-section but all were born healthy weighing 11oz my smallest was like 9oz6gr..My female was not making a lot of milk my vet gave her a shot of oxytocin in hopes that milk would start coming in.I got the puppies home and started doing work right away the runt was having a hard time wasn't suckling right just didn't seem right..The next day I lost the runt,me being nervous and scared I had heard of a woman who breeds English Bulldogs so I called her really hoping for some tips but instead I got "if you don't get them to me you are going to lose you whole litter within 2-3 hours" her words exactly!!!!She said she would whelp the litter for me until they were 3 weeks old and I had to bring mommy too!So I rushed around got everything together and did as she said.When I got ther i got a very uneasy feeling when she started pulling out needles and all kinds of medication as she was shooting the pups up I asked her "Are you a Vet??" she replied "no I am a licensed technician".So I trusted her..Bis Mistake on my part should have went with my gut..I dropped them off on Thursday didn't hear from her by Friday so I called her and got an attitude in return like I was bothering her.She said the puppies were doing great!!So Saturday comes and I once again don't hear from her so again I call her puppies are doing great!!!I had befriended her on facebook hoping she would put updates on there so Sunday morning I wake up and check facebook and there is a picture of a battery operated nasal inhaler and a dead pup saying "people please do not bring me sick puppies cause this is what happens..In my head Im like that cant be my puppy she would have at least called me if one died right???I called her 3 times with no answer so my husband and I just popped up on her..The look in her eyes was priceless she looked nervous.Then she proceeds to tell me that she lost a pup the night before.She and her husband immediately ran inside and began cleaning the hardened *** off the remaining pups as they screamed in pain..I went over to the pack and play she had them in and started to observe them by pinching their skin the skin stayed creased and they were covered in *** and ***..Oh my god what have I done I thought to myself..One of the pups looked really bad and she said she had pneumonia so she picks the pup up takes it into another room and starts giving her a breathing treatment,THEN she lights up a cigarette..Well I had seen enough I told her I wanted to take them to my vet she said Vets do not know anything and that would be a HUGE mistake..My husband and I got into our car went home called my vet and got a box together to go pick them up..I dint want to call her and let her know I was coming in fear when I got there she would have killed them all.When my husband got there she tell him that they lost another puppy an hour ago..Once again no phone call,and her reply is that she didn't want to be the bear of bad news..Originally she was going to charge me a puppy for her services beings I picked them up after 3 days she wanted $500 I refused to pay her..I took the pups to the vet immediately their mouths hit the floor when they seen the condition of these babies..I realized the reason they were screaming when she was cleaning them was because their behinds were raw and bleeding from not being cleaned properly!The mother of the pups came home submissive and scared can not even pet her without her dropping to the floor in fear..She is now on very website you can imagine telling lie after lie about me.That I brought her almost dead puppies etc..She believes her own lies she tells sooo many.I'm sure she will find this and have more lies to tell..But come on Lisa Craven is everybody in the world liars but you??My only mistake was trusting this woman and if I just would have googled her first I would still have 4 HEALTHY puppies..Shame on you Lisa....
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sorry cant help it. Keep finding more stuff.

On craven acres facebook page she comments that she will no longer breed to *** that have not done their health testing. Just another fact that she was breeding for money. That is a number one no no in ethical dog breeding. So shes been doing it for years.

What a ***.. Im sure once she sees this comment she will take it off. The people defending her have to be pure idiots or just as bad themselves. How ironic, she has breeders code of ethics posted on her site.

So laughable.

Ive watched quietly for six years while she has slowly hung herself. Im sure Ill find more stuff, keep you posted!


Ran out of room so hers some more. No one has 5 stud dogs unless your a mill and in it for money.

Now she claims to have looked high and low for guard dogs for her property and got some borduex. Funny, they werent guarding the property and they are both female. Waiting for them to grow up and have a litter per year. Usually go for $2500 and up if they are "high quality dogs " like im SURE hers are!

And any *** that thinks those kennels were just dirty from the night before are ***! Especially since she claims she feeds such "high quality food" like taste of the wild! LOL? If its so great then why do you say they do at least 2or3 bowel movements after a meal.

Ohhhhh and you pay $3 a lb. Big deal. Why dont you try feeding abady like I do. They will have 1or2 very small movements a day.

Your feeding total ***. Would love to have a debate with you about food. When I was at your place you had a bowl of spagettios on your deck. YUM!

You know there were a lot of show and dog people that did business withDenise Rhodes for years until the county came in and had a field day with her. Its all about the money. You got out of horses because the market crashed and turned to dogs but it looks like you got your face in some pie.

Another puppy mill shut down. Looks like youll have to get a real job.


Lisa Craven is an arrogant *** her video. They found tramadol and a horse traq on her which tranqs are a controlled substance.

I bet they found a lot more. Litter after litter..puppy mill! Said on her site to watch for her dogs at the shows. Funny, I only saw one show photo.

Her pedigrees were not impressive at all. Not many champions and champions in pedigrees were in Europe and back a couple of generations. Looks like she would find a showphoto of some dog in her pedigree and post it from 1980. Her dogs couldnt win in the show ring unless she paid off the judge and I doubt it even then.

The one pic she posted of one of her dogs was a sweepstakes pic....BIG DEAL? Probably its only show.

Im not into bulldogs so not trashing her as a competitor just as an arrogant ***. You can ad her to the lists of has bens of NJ, she can join the fight with Denise Rhodes of Rhodesend Great Danes of Williamstown.


Wow, my wife and I own a beautiful Great Dane as a family member. I bought my Dane from Denise Rhodes back in 2004.

I can't believe what has happened since. I just had to put the love of my life down at almost 11 years old. My fawn baby girl was healthy with no issues ever. Picked her up at 8 weeks and picked her out at 5.

I had her ears cropped by Denise's vet and never a problem. Her ears took in 4 months. Never a moment went by that I wasn't happy with our selection. My dog was a human in a dogs body.

She was amazing. Temperament was loving and friendly, trained easily, not a negative bone in her body. I would have looked to use Denise again because of the success I had with my girl. She didn't rip us off on our purchase and took good care of our puppy until we picked her up.

She was genuine and cared. My vet bills were never an issue until she turned 10 based on age related degeneration but this was no ones fault and I really thought making 11 was going to be easy. 16 days shy she snapped her rear femur and I knew right then that I was going to have to do the hardest thing in my life for my baby girl. She is in Heaven now and I am so sad.

Now I need to find another reputable breeder that isn't looking to rip me off.


Dear LOL from millville If you want to slam someone you better get your stories stright I am a breeder and also have a vet in the family there are a lot of things we have to do till a vet gets there or we can get to the univ. so stop throwing *** in our faces because we try to save a life ..

and as far as going to court with LIsa well guess what I will stand beside her and darn proud of it as far as money hungry back yard breeders who breed unreg. dogs and try to sell them at big bucks shame on you and to lower ones self to threaten and try to poison a persons reputation and animals you are not worth the air you breath Yes I will go to court and so will all the people who know Lisa and the love she has for animals ..


I have to agree with J. Stephenson If you can't afford a good vet for bullies you should not have them as pets .. In fact if you can't afford a vet you should not have any pets .


Thank you Johnny Talia... very well said!

We did win in court and the plaintiff Jessica Gordillo Moore was removed off the court property with her husband by court police for more of there trashiness rants,just shows the poor conduct of these individuals.

I am in the process of filing for Defamation Libel charges due to this very complaint which is proven false in the NJ state courts.I was NOT liable or at fault in any way shape or form!I did NOT hire any council either as I went Pro-say on my case with plenty of witnesses and veterinarians.Jessica Gordillo Moore Hired one of the best attorneys in Vineland NJ and lost her case along with the money she should have spent on her premature litter!Jessica Gordillo Moore has started her breeding career horribly and will never succeed in the breeding world of English Bulldogs and it is so proven here and in the courts! PLEASE stay away from vindictiveness individuals!God bless, Lisa Craven


lol this is a joke... Lisa craven killed your puppies....

lol.. First off you looked for the easy way out by saving money ... On top of that every English bulldog breeder has a breathing machine, its a must... These dogs have a high death ratio..

Especially them being born premature caused them to build fluid in their lungs. Lungs are the last organ to develop .. A couple of days can lead to fatality in a pup....... know what your up against as a breeder...

You didnt like the outcome now you want to take your ball and go home.....

Bashing someones name like that is childish....... Throw 40 litters and then you opinion might matter......


Craven acres WON in court and the plaintiff was escorted off the court premisses :)


Wow, if you two don't knock it off somebody is going to end up dead. Stop already.

Live what is left of your lives. Is this how people act in New Jersey? I was only cruising the internet and came across this ***. Rat poison thrown over a fence?


Nancy Grace? Good Lord I'm glad I live in Nebraska.

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Lisa Craven, Craven Acres, Cravens Haven

Lisa Craven at Craven Acres a/k/a Cravens Haven has been raided by the SPCA on more than one occasion. She has had animals seized, fined and warned to NOT sell any animals. Yet she continues without any regard to her fair warnings and any regard for the law. She has been declined a kennel license repeatedly since 2008 by her own admission. Yet has puppies for sale currently and is publicly advertising them on Facebook and other forums to sell. Please contact her local SPCA and they can fill you in on Lisa Craven's extensive history. A year ago she was reported for having over 25 dogs living in crates in *** and urine. A homemade flow tube ran outdoors for drainage for *** and urine that ran into a huge pile and was running off into local stream water. In many opinions she is a habitual liar with SERIOUS mental health issues. BUYER BEWARE! She features a Police Chief on her website that she has sold two dogs too. She claims to take back any of her dogs at any time. Yet this man had to surrender one dog from her to the local SPCA due to generalized Demodectic mange that she refused to take back. She claims she was voted Best Ethical Breeder? Voted by who? Lets see this proof! She sold a French Bulldog that she never sent papers for, to another woman. She even proclaimed on her own website that she was once a puppy mill breeder. From her very own mouth. Claims to be an Ethical English Bulldog Breeder but breeds Bulldogs of color. Is currently on a waiting list to buy a black tri or blue puppy from a breeder. Yet she speaks badly about people who breeds these colors. Lisa lives off of dogs. She has no other income that she makes for herself. She has had police reports filed about her for harassment and blackmail in the past due to her erratic threatening behaviors. She has disguised herself and tried to buy puppies sneakily from people who have refused to sell to her. She has had other straw buyers try to buy puppies from these same people on her behalf. She speaks like a sailor and carries her self just the same. It has been reported that people whom live near her have feared that she would try to poison their dogs. She is a very hateful envious woman who does not like for someone to have what she cannot have. They have had to invest in fencing and cameras out of fear of Lisa Cravens erratic behaviors and threats. She is driven by drama and cannot live without it. So beware if she gets bored you might be her next target! She speaks badly about extremely reputable bulldogs and websites and yet she is the one who is operating illegally unlicensed and banned from selling animals and still today selling puppies illegally. Look her up on Facebook under Bulldogs by Blueprint or call the BCA and you will find out plenty about this woman. More than any humane person will be able to comprehend. She allowed a very sick dog to suffer for over a month without ANY treatment while others offered to help her seek treatment hat she refused. It was later speculated by information that came from her very close friends that Lisa overdosed the dog which caused sever kidney damage and she did not want anyone to find out. This is why she could not seek a proper diagnosis or allow him to get treatment. She also refused a necropsy be done on this puppy and we have to wonder why. You cannot believe anything that comes from this woman's mouth as she doesn't even know the truth because her sense of reality is so delusional.
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lisa craven is a psychotic *** from *** who thinks shes an expert on bulldogs when shes only been a puppy mill breeder of bulldogs for six years or so. I would not put anything past her.

She needs to be put out of business for good.

Show dog breeders are horrified by her. Keep hammering this crazy *** ***.


I have dealt with Lisa Craven and she is everything and then some that this person is claiming. Her house is disgusting.

Dogs ARE stacked on top of eachother. They are locked in cages. She is disgusting, a liar, and DOES try to bully and scare people. She stalks them and constantly harrasses them.

She OVERBREADS her dogs and cares only about money. She is a horrible person and I truly feel bad for everyone that has to deal with her.


that's funny because I haven't had a litter in over 4 years lol!


lisa craven has what is coming to her. I met her six years ago and knew she was headed for trouble.

Ive been in dogs for over thirty years. She was just getting into bulldogs at the time. She only had a couple of dogs. Ive kept an eye on her website for years and watched a pure novice become a know it all professional overnight.

I was at her house and she had a bowl of spagettios out on the porch for her dogs yet claims to be an expert on feeding.

Ive worked for a dog food company honey and let me tell you that you dont have a clue. You have become nothing but a money hungry puppy mill and are so arrogant you posted a video you took of your filthy place.


Libel Defamation charges headed your way Traci Murai,ms puppy connection,bulliepupsrus the list goes on and on.For this very false lil story you have here.This very dog broker sold me TWO DEAD dogs! you can read my story with all true documentations from attorney generals to state university's on the deaths of both dogs which I was NOT to blame since they were huge hereditary issues! It is her Tracy Murai that is selling toy breeds and bullys to victims all around the world so beware if it is a website that doesn't have a name or contact as she is hiding from the FBI and attorney generals!Now I have some cleaning up to do as she tried to ruin my name and reputation!!!


:x Stop Stop Stop this is INSANE


we has agreed to remove this as its pure SLANDER on my behalf! The very reason for this false attack was due to this broker selling and sending one dog dead and another one with terminal illness (live shunt)


This is an outrage! If this isnt personal attacks i dont know what is. You can see all factual documentation on the very person who write this complaint and she is the one who sold me two dead dogs and is out for revenge since i told my story and she was forced yet again to go under with the business she is a convicted criminal!


I bet your going to be convicted soon


She is a thief stole my whole litter please never do business with her . you will be ripped off

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