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I bought pendant worth $ 250. On returning I got credit receipt.I saw a customer shopping from the same store so I recommended them to use my receipt. They used $144 and remaining $106 was my credit receipt again. Store this time gave me credit receipt on that customer name infact money was mine. After couple of months when I went back to use receipt they say its already been used.When checking all transaction it was clear that invoice number of our receipt and transaction number does not match. Store did fraud by using our credit receipt.They mess with our money.
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Good Company :) High Payouts for my old miners cut diamond. Had some silver as well to sell


My brother was getting engaged, so he brought a beautiful Princess cut diamond ring 10kt White Gold. We brought the ring at K-Mart, because of the 70% off.

Took the ring to have it downsized from a 7 to a 6. Mind me after purchasing in K-Mart we ask the lady for a magnify glass to see all diamons were intact.. And we saw through the glass they were non broken nor chipped. The CR at the Mall in Coral Spring took the ring down sized it and i went excited to pick up.

When we got home got a magnify glass and looked at the diamonds on the ring. 5 of the 14 stone were broken some chipped.

I wanted to cry, told them about it after paying $67 to have it sized.. All the guy kept saying your sure they were perfect, do you have proof..CR to me are the first letters in the word CROOKS.

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