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$5730 for a chat sheet with the answers to the test for the class a permit from of less then 8 hours of combined driving and parking, well over 40 hours of waiting in line for the parking skills, and to be 100% honest, the examiners are giving the licenses away, if you fail, try again tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, until either they give up or the examiner says *** it. i am so disappointed with myself for not checking them or any other...
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I didn't like
  • Lies and misrepresentation
  • Feeling like i was targeted for my veteran status
  • Free paid tuition until your at the school
I was just released by CR England after 4 weeks of schooling. I was onmy second attempt at parallel parking the tester was on his phone texting with someone when all of the sudden he would stop me in mid testing to go to the bathroom. The first time i sat in the truck waiting for 45 munutes and the second time was 30 minutes. He finally returned and told me i failed. I was not given a 3rd chance and was released and inow owe them money. Is there...
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