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Hi for the first time i was cr england with my friend to get just experience and to drive for them.Then we stayed 30-40 minute in the class with non-cdl students.Then they took us for drug taste and so on.After all that there is a man looks funny but he is not real funny.He asking us very elementary so easy questions like,walk forward 4fit and show me table like his desk.Then finally we failed both of us .we asking him why we failed " you have...
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Anonymous You have to be able to read and write English it's in the fmcsr book under 391.11

Once you get your CDL and work for them for half year, the training fee will be waived. However, they don't need that many truck drivers. What really happened is they deliberatly not to teach some skills, then in the apprentice state they said you make mistakes because of this. So they dismiss you but you still have to pay $3000 for the fee because you have singed a contract that you don't have time to read in the first place in their school....
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