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Anyone know what kind of drug test they do?? Is it a hair follicle of urinalysis?

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$5730 for a chat sheet with the answers to the test for the class a permit from DMV. total of less then 8 hours of combined driving and parking, well over 40 hours of waiting in line for the parking skills, and to be 100% honest, the examiners are giving the licenses away, if you fail, try again tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, until either they give up or the examiner says *** it. i am so disappointed with myself for not checking them or any other... Read more

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They are good for getting you a CDL, not so good for getting you the training that you need in a proper and safe manner. My husband had been on his truck one month and was given a student!!! He was trying to figure things out and was given someone else to teach! He stuck with it and became a great driver and trainer, however, he was never given a single bonus for all of the people that he trained and they all passed on to the next level. They... Read more

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This company should be ashamed at how they treat there drivers Read more

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When I spoke with the recruiter for CR England I was told I would receive during Phase 1 $500 a week and bumped up $550 - $600 Phase 2. Never once did the recruiter state it would be 12 cents a mile, stated after Phase 2 I would choose if I wanted to do solo or team it would be my choose. Well I find out after Phase 2 I would have to drive for another 6 more months as a Team Lead at 14 cent a mile! I joined the company August 2016 and have had... Read more

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This is by far the worst company to work for. The pay is ***, you don't get *** for miles, you dont get paid for the trips that you complete. If you are thinking about attending this school don't spare yourself now from all the bs. This company will put you through. There are alot better companys to choses from. With better benifits.

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I was cut off at the I-10 Riverside Eastbound off ramp by truck number 52293. The driver clearly saw myself and 3 other cars heading towards our green light... Approximately 3 car lengths from the light, when he pulled out in front of us covering 2 lanes of traffic. He was hauling a 53 foot trailer. I can't imagine this driver did not know how big his vehicle was. The sad part is people like this give all truck drivers a bad name. I see a lot of... Read more

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Truck number 52786 stayed at the fuel isle for at least 30 minutes without pulling up blocking the whole isle

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Im not one of those disgruntled drivers. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. There is one good thing I can say about this company. And that is this: Since i had been black listed, this company picked me up when no other company would touch me. Now I hate saying bad stuff about anyone or anything. But unfourtunately the bad outweighs the good with this company. I came into this company with 6 months of exprience. They lied to me and... Read more

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Hi for the first time i was cr england with my friend to get just experience and to drive for them.Then we stayed 30-40 minute in the class with non-cdl students.Then they took us for drug taste and so on.After all that there is a man looks funny but he is not real funny.He asking us very elementary so easy questions like,walk forward 4fit and show me table like his desk.Then finally we failed both of us .we asking him why we failed " you have... Read more

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