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Hot Tub Works - Disappointed. Leaks heat. Velcro instead of seam.
I am experiencing a similar problem.Ordered top of the line 6" thick extra dense foam, but with gaps between the panels heat leaks out bad. Thick cover doesn't help if heat leaks out the sides. They also made the cover with Velcro to hold the panels together instead of...
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After re checking all measurements twice I ordered the top quality cover with all-weather seal options.This was my second cover from them because the previous cover I purchased had worn after 10 years of service. Everything came on time and the order was correct. I am...
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I liked
  • Cover itself fits well
  • Cover seals well
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I ordered my cover and cover valet online. Whatever you do, DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE! It took me several tries to place my order due to questions about what exactly I needed. My hot tub is 84x84 and I had problems with how heavy my previous cover was so I ordered the...
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Anonymous They refunded my original amount for the lift, however, I'm still stuck with the amount I paid to return it.

I liked
  • Cover fits well and cover valet is helpful
I didn't like
  • No consideration for special circumstances
  • Confusing online ordering
  • Poor customer service
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