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I ordered a cover for a 1994 Chevy S-10 Standard-Cab Long-Bed and received a cover that would have most likely fit a Stretched Lincoln Town Car!Unfortunately, I was at a show and didn't try the cover until the rain started. Nothing I could do but use it, so I did. I then ordered another one for the Standard-Cab Long-Bed and received one for a Crew-Cab Short-Bed! I was then told to send them back as they didn't have one for my application. I was...
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I didn't like
  • Inability to fill my order correctly
I ordered a car cover from them for my car, and when it got here it didn't fit at all. I pulled on it trying to make it fit and it ripped (brand new car cover). They are telling me that I'm going to be charged 20% for ripping their "quality" car cover. And it will take 3-5 days just to email me a return shipping label..
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Having recently made a substantial investment in advertising wraps for the entire fleet, I decided to purchase car covers to prevent summer wear and tear. Over the course of several months I spoke with various companies to see what my options are to best protect the cars under the constantly changing conditions Colorado weather is known to dish out. Most retailers knew little to nothing about how to protect vehicles and others were extremely...
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I liked
  • Service
  • Prices
  • Product knowledge
I ordered a cover for my 2015 Corvette - when I received the cover, there were huge letters on the side of the box, MADE IN CHINA, my first thought was, mistake, which was proven when I put the cover on my car. It looked TERRIBLE and did not fit at all. The lower parts of the car were all exposed and the cover was stressed around the mirrors. I immediately took it off, and arranged to return it. Expecting my full $149 back, to my surprise, I...
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Anonymous I had the same problem with these losers! I specified my motorcycle correctly and they sent me one that was about 24 inches too short. When they gave me a ...


Anonymous Terrible product , customer service. A total rip off scam! My experience is the same as the other reviews.

I didn't like
  • Return policy
  • Length of time for refund
  • Quality
They sold me a cover for a 56 Chevy 2dr sedan and it was about 18" too short. Called to see how I get it exchanged and they offered to have a custom one made or get my money back minus the return shipping! They offer a product that doesn't fit, and when you send it back the make you pay for the shipping! They suggested that maybe my car was larger than your regular 56 Chevy..... 56 Chevy hasn't changed its size in the last 60yrs! I will never...
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It was not a fit car cover as I requested. They did let me return it and I placed another order. The second one was a fit but it did not feel correct as it was hard to put on. It felt like putting on jeans I had just out grown. When I spoke directly to the manufacture they told me it was the wrong one. In discussing with coveranything, they wanted me to wash it and charge me a 20% restocking fee plus shipping. Unfortunately I did not put the...
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