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I was Blindsided!!!Prior to getting my 1st screening for a colonoscopy I called Coventry and not only asked if the colonoscopy was covered under preventative care act., but specific. Asked them if the Dr. was covered, they said YES, was the facility covered, they said YES, was the colonoscopy covered, they said YES and was the anesthesia covered, they said YES. Three months later I got a bill for $1762.55.... so I called Coventry. They stated...
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I had Coventry before the Obama care and continued with them through the health market.I have had them 3+. I wanted to make income level changes as your are suppose too if your income is lower so called the market and a gentleman there didn't like his job was very rude made the change for me that I need only he took off a child and rasied my payment 200. more than what I was paying. I tried to explain that that was incorrect and he said " go...
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Just had the same experience with my special 80 year old mother.Coventry puts profit over the care of patients. She needed acute rehab in the hospital. Coventry denied it and then denied it on appeal. Then today they make her move to a skilled nursing facility because they do not want to pay the cost of keeping her in the hospital. They say they will take 72 hours to consider a final appeal. My mother --my poor mother -- does not need to be...
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Coventry Health Care Silver Health Plan Review

Received my first bill today, but I set up automatic payment via credit card two weeks ago. I haven't received my insurance card, do not even have a member number, and when I called, the choices lead to an unending circle, beginning over and over with the very first "press one". Don't bother to call.
I will keep this short and sweet.After every single claim I have received a bill from the my lap and primary care physician after Coventry had raised my premiums over $100.00 bring my total premium to over $560.00 per month. I have spoke to these people over and over again and every time I go for my 6 month check up they coverage seems to change and I get billed for something. Well, I am done, done, done. This company is a bunch of thieves and I...
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h.kitchener You have to look at each bill and figure out exactly what they are covering and why. I would question why you are paying for these things just based on a 6 month check-up. Lab...

I liked
  • Some people at customer service
I didn't like
  • Being scammed
  • Did not resolve problem
  • Service
Changed from gold to silver w/conventry at the beginning of the year 2016. I have been paying my bill up yo March and they sent me a letter saying i didn't pay and ghey canceled me. I now have no insurance until November. Boo Obama cares insurance companies. Don't go with conventry .
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Anonymous You Stink Conventry! You people should call your state Rep and complain. It isn't Obama It's the health ins. Companies *** you over and taking your money. Go with United Healt...