They present themselves as a way to save their customers money and they succeed because they delay payments to vendors.

Every time I use Coupa as a vendor I am presented with hurdle after hurdle, resulting in months of delays getting my invoices paid. They are virtually non-responsive to me, always asking me to call my customer for problems they have generated. My solution will be to raise prices for my customers who use this portal to pay for my delays and interest I'm spending on my line of credit for money that is rightfully mine.

User's recommendation: Don't use it or any of these portals. They are more work for you and you ruin your relationship with your trusted vendors.

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#3545757 Review #3545757 is a subjective opinion of poster.

A REAL review of Coupa from an intern.

From glassdooor: The Support manager has single handedly ruined their reputation in Reno.They are a secretly laughed at, when they come to the UnR job fair,everyone knows they hire and fire like clockwork. Its a meatgrinder. You can do the same level of work at ANY call center in Reno, make more,and not have to stress when youre going to get axed by the manager. They are also the laughing stock at the other local tech companies.My bro, who works in tech support elsewhere,says this:"imagine your playing video games. then, your grandpa sits next to you, picks up a controller for his very first time, and tries to tell you how to play a game he's never seen. That's Coupas Reno Support in a nutshell." And he is right. I can tell you from first person experience, this is exactly how it feels working here. Glad its an internship and not my real job! Well. I dont know. Good luck. Not that you need it. Ive watched you fire people who were crucial to this role, because they called out how bad you were at this job, and no one above you seems to care, so. Ya. Enjoy further ruining Coupa's local rep.
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#744510 Review #744510 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reno, Nevada
  • Internship was practically thrown in my lap
  • Tm the reno support manager
  • Virtually no training since they fired legacy whod been training
  • He fires valuable employees and no one cares
Reason of review
all of the above
Preferred solution
Fire the Reno Support manager and hire someone with real COUPA experience. Not some outsider.

Lets be real Coupa...

The support jobs in Reno are 1. easy to get 2. pay better than minimum wage 3. are catered towards college students and students looking to intern. and 4. easy, easy to get. The Reno office is a meat grinder. They do not like anyone to be employed there for over 2 years. They WILL fire you as you begin to time-out. If you like short term jobs, this is for you! Lets be real. The application is terrible. Its never been stable. You will have more support tickets than you can handle from the flimsy application. Yes, it looks nice. Sure, its shiny and new. But its unstable and the support system is the worst you well ever encounter...because its managed by outsiders who dont know tech and staffed by college students who work at a West Corp call center level. You will be leaving this off of your resume, once you see how incompetent your managers and team leaders are. Their competition has been doing it a lot longer, and while they dont "look like your shopping on amazn",at least the competition has STABLE applications. I advise to check out SAP and Ariba,from whom Coupa imitated. There isn't much to say to management, as they are hired from the OUTSIDE and not brought UP from the inside. This created a shark-tank that has eaten the once touted "coupa culture" and left it to rot. These guys dont know technology. At all. Not in the least bit. They dont even know company policy. They will talk at you with lies and misdirects, to pretend like they do. But grill them on tech sometime, find out for yourself. These are the teachers of the first-job-in-college-agents who will be "working" your tickets. My advice to those ABOVE management;fire the Support Managers, you know this route has failed,and beg the team that you let them fire, to come back.You had a squad of highly skilled techs who knew the system inside and out,and you let the sharks eat them.Then, replace those outside-managers with engineers from inside. But you wont, will you? Because in the end, all Coupa cares about is sales, sales, salesand lining your pockets with money. Not about building a stable application that people will WANT to renew their subscriptions for,not about providing intelligible support from qualified engineers,but money. Selling new contracts and getting more money. Dont take my word for it.Find out for yourself.
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#739676 Review #739676 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Coupa pays to delete bad reviews

I work in their Dublin, Ireland HQ and can tell you that they have a team who just searches the internet, paying sites to remove bad customer reviews. I see 5 different reviews here. Thats 3 less than last week, goid luck keeping them posted. Their so afrad customets will find out the truth! While theyrw still poisted you shoyld read them! Its shocking and heartbreaking! Thery really falling apart internally. I van tell ypu fom working here, in america they fire all but a few ticket fluffers ans outsource the rest to India! They only pretend to have suppory for america, we are nect to outsourc. Keyran says we must lie to callers. Never letem know the works getting shipped to india, just pretend we do it. But sad is that india had no idea what theyre doing and no one can speak english!
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This review is so ridiculous. What terrible spelling.

If you really worked at Coupa it is no wonder they let you go. Their customers probably asked for your dismissal.


Funny you "worked with" Keiran but can't spell his bloody name. With spelling and grammar like yours, I wouldn't think anyone would want you to represent them, even for free. That hurt to read.

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#687434 Review #687434 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Malahide, Dublin
  • Fires legacy employees
  • Secret outsourcing

Support is getting worse DAILY

We have had support issues with COUPA from the beginning. We have gotten passed around from person to person consistently. Now that they are trying to be more global we are seeing support going down significantly. They don't have people to diagnose problems. Every time we call we have to educate them about our environment and the suppliers that we are having problems connecting to. We were told we could have as many suppliers as we wanted. Sure you can, but getting them set up and connected and keeping the connection live is on us. Not what we expected. We were going to look at them for other applications after we got live and stable. We are 9 months in and are continuing to have problems. Is anyone else experiencing this terrible level of support?
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We are all experiencing this badness, yes.

And ty for the (long as ***) comment below.

Eye opening.


Worst. Support Org.


I will start with the tip of the iceberg to explain why. A few months ago, their Reno office got a new Support manager. We will call him T-Meth. T-Meth is a portly old man, grandpa age.

Shortly after destroying the integrity of its employees, he brings a large game to the office for "team building". Its a game called " corn hole". I am not joking. Corn hole.

Its a bag toss with a large board with holes. Across the top, the large words. "CORNHOLE". Now, there are other tech companies in their building.

Someone snapped a pic of T-Meth carrying the sign into the building and put it on-line. It went viral as a meme, " Coupa Cornhole". And just like that, the Reno Coupa office became the laughing stock of the local tech industry. If only they knew how bad T-Meth was corn holing Coupa, and how deep Coupa is corn holing both its employees and customers.

Rewind to say...2012/2013. Coupa starts a hiring blitz in Reno. The office gained 3 support people, and the Prez of Support sold, with much convincing, a dream. A dream where a small team would bust-*** over the next few years, with the promise to move up as they grow and to be financially compensated.

Those 2 years were tough. They agreed to work mandatory 50 hour work weeks, to be part of that dream. The job was so complex, that they couldn't find anyone willing to work so hard, for the same pay as an In and Out burger flipper. Yet, the dream, the promise, was sold so well, that the few employees remained.

Over 2 years, they gained a handful of new employees, but no one moved up and the work load got bigger. 4 different office managers come and go...

Now. Coupa inspire conference 2015 rolls around. The Support org is now about 20 workers, spread between Reno, Mataeo and Ireland.

The Support org prez holds a special meeting. They announce that all the hard work has finally paid off, and Coupa finally got that 80 million $ investment! The employees were excited. The promises of moving up and fair pay were about to be delivered.

And with an IPO around the corner, all was well. Except...

The meeting was a nightmare. Yay for us, he said. But we are going with Plan B.

Plan B??? No employees were told of this. Without warning, there was a new direction. First, a set of middle managers were installed into every office.

Next, they announced the new Support Org leader was to be an employee in Ireland...someone who was there for only a short time...that had been trained by those who believed the dream, so long ago....then, the prez announces he is moving to France. Ya know, to be closer to the new Support Org leader. Mmhm. As soon as the prez is out of the picture/country, they start the real nightmare....

The final change.

Development, Operations and Support will now be outsourced to India. Except for L1 support, those who answer phones and fluff tickets with generic responses will be safe, so customers will have the illusion of an American Support org. One by one, those who had been bleeding their heart and souls for Coupa, who had to force their way into L3 support, TAMs, etc, sophomore Devs and legacy Operations engineers, were being fired, for no longer having the qualifications needed for any open other words, sales. Sales is where the investment was going.

Sales, is the new motto. "Its time to hunt the big names. Sales will save Coupa." Is what they told us. In Reno, T-Meth fired the only long term employee who knew how anything.

There is no KB or written policy at Coupa. It was all in the heads of the senior agents. Worst part is, that L3 T-meth just fired has 2 small children, one with special needs. His and their lives depended on Coupa.

And without even a warning, he was fired and his children tossed to the streets. This was not the dream they sold us. Anyone who voiced opposition would be fired as well. The org fell silent.

T-Meth began working with the office back stabber, we will call him Fiskers. Fiskers used to work for a company next door, let's call it "PC Nurse". Now, Fiskers and T-Meth start draining the talent from PC nurse, by selling the same bs dream, even creating new, useless positions for them. Yup, they are hiring over existing employees heads.

Thing is, the more of Fiskers PC nurse cronies he steals, the more hard working support agents are fired to keep the budget. T-Meth is so out of touch, he doesn't know what a Google Calendar is or how to use it. He suggests buying a large paper calendar to manage everyone's schedules. That's when those Support agents who remained knew it was a titanic.

A sinking fail boat... The remaining agents all hold hundreds of tickets with no possible way to even review half. That number grows as agents quit for real jobs, or are fired, and their tickets are spread to those who remain. Wouldn't the customers love to know the truth.

When T-Meth was hired, a brave L3 called out his bs of having worked so deeply in technology by asking a question. The most basic part of the Coupa app, is the CSV. T-Meth was asked if he knew what a CSV was or what its used for....his answer...." computer something variable and no idea what it's for ". Can you imagine if customers knew that, not only is the new manager cold enough to blindly fire employees and endanger their families, but those loads they make with CSV files....he has no idea what they are, so when it breaks, and the remaining agents turn to him for guidance...he thinks your problem is a Computer Something Variable and doesn't know what it does.

Not even remotely. The new guys are not skilled enough, and since T-Meth fired the only human intelligent enough to train new hires, everything has stagnated. And the new India set up...useless. They do not possess the intellect to diagnose and support the application, and the language barrier prevents any progress.

The app, which was highly unstable to begin with, is just terrible with outsourced Devs coding it. Ops is virtually nonexistent, so any server issues take 10 times as long to fix.

And the customers can see and feel the difference. They just have no idea about the grim truth.

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#682197 Review #682197 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jupiter, Florida
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Dont buy into the Coupa hype - you will get burned

Coupa come across as a great company to work with during the sales process, but leaves you to partners to deal with from then on. The recent move to offshore support has been painful. Now we are having to spend a lot more money on change orders and phasing to get what we were originally told was in the software....including integrations within their own software. Feels like we are spending money finishing their products for them We are now at a point of deciding whether we move forward with them or pull the plug. All in all this project has cost us way more than we expected and we are not getting the benefit we were told we would receive. As we speak with other Coupa users, we hear the same from them. The ease of use that Coupa claims drives adoption is great in demos but not in reality. We have not been able to get enough of our spend under use in the system to make it worth the cost.
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OMG finally someone else who understands!

I hate that my boss makes us use Coupa,

and being the admin is just, like, a sure fail.

I wish I was brave enough to share your post in public!

Or let their customers see it!

"you will get burned", so true!


We are having the same experience. Its all sales hype.

We have tried Coupa for over 2 years, and its just getting worse and more expensive. To rent a TAM from them is pointless, they are essentially secret sales insiders with 0 technical skills. We had one for a while and her entire job consisted of bugging other employees to do her work while trying to upsell us, to the tune of 40k for a few months. Their partners cost even more, and the expense to us to create, fix and maintain integrations make this start ups application not financially feasible.

What's worse, those who made all these promises to us, like ravvi, are now too important or have moved out of the country and are no longer available. When we experienced a major code brake, we were forced to break a contract with a supplier and fined 15k, I called Coupas HQ, as the sev 1 ticket we filled never got responded to, past the generic triage line. I spoke to a new, female office manager, who knew nothing. I mean nothing, about the product nor tech nor how her own companies policies work!

Turns out the agent working my ticket was part of the mass firing Coupa has done, as they port all their Support and Coders to India. She redirected to the Reno manager, Mr. Tim Mentholoitis, who is probably the most incompetent person I've ever spoken with at Coupa.

In the end, our ticket was burried in some outsourced nightmare. We are, of course, dropping Coupa asap.

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#678872 Review #678872 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Reason of review
Problem with delivery

Coupa Software Support Services Review from Stockbridge, Georgia