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Country Oaks Veterinary Clinic killed my puppy

I took my two females, mom and daughter, kicker & goldie to the Country Oaks Vet Clinic to get them fixed a routine procedure, thinking that I was doing the right thing, I purchased the certificates from the Marion County Humane Society, knowing that my vet honored the certificates. I told the vet several times to they would need to be muzzled as kicker didn't like other dogs and Goldie was afraid of people, she was afraid of my boots even when they weren't on my feet (no kidding) and NOT because we did not socialize her and NOT because she was mistreated in any way, I have her mother and brother and neither of them are afraid of people I have two sons who have people coming and going all the time. Anyway, I took kicker in first met with a tech we went over the costs and procedures and I agreed to pay an extra $197.00/ dog to have their blood work done and examined first to insure that they wouldn't have any complications in surgery they weren't to do or give them anything until they first did the blood work. I was worried about it because of how sick Goldie was when she was little, they had me stay while they drew kickers blood, etc. she did very good but still no muzzle. They took her back while I went outside to get Goldie from my son. I took her in again I signed the paper work for the extra preop stuff do be done we talked about the hot spots on her skin and the fact that she was on advantage and had just had a treatment the day before and again stressed that she needed to be muzzled. The tech said that I should go because the owner being there makes them more nervous. I kissed Goldie on the head told her she would be ok and handed her leash to the tech and made sure they had my phone numbers. I no sooner got her to work when they called and told me that Goldie had tried to *** the tech while she was trying to draw her blood so they tried to muzzle her and couldn't so the vet, who by the way was a new vet and I wasn't told my old vet wasn't there, gave her a shot of 50mg Telazol which is supposed to be a sedative, but it killed her. I told them not to touch my other dog and me, my husband and my daughter went back to the vets office I asked them over and over why they didn't listen to me and they kept trying to make up excuses and were very cold and nonchalant about the whole thing, I went outside, my daughter stayed trying to get copies of the paper work and she kept asking them why they didn't follow procedure and Dr. Slava aid "SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA". I took Goldie to another vet here in town, who told me she could do an autopsy but she could tell me what happened just by looking at the paper work. She said that she NEVER would have given Goldie the Telazol as it causes seizures and increased heart rate even when a dog is calm, and she won’t use it on any of her animals it is used on big cats like tigers, she said that if Goldie was afraid her heart was already racing and the drug increased it to the point that she had a heart attach. I have spoken to several other vets and they agree they do not use this sedative on a dog already distressed, and most wont use it at all expecially by IM. I looked up this drug and it says that you should not give it to a dog around the time they have had a flea treatment, which as you already read I had told them that Goldie had just had her treatment and that it is known to cause cardiac arrest in Boxers, hello, a boxer is from the bulldog family and Goldie is ½ American bulldog and it also states that a complete health evaluation and blood work is necessary PRIOR to giving this to any animal, as it can cause serious problems in animals with underlying health conditions if they had even bothered to look at her prior records, which are at their office, they would have seen the hard start and the medical issues that she had in the past and would have known that the possibility of a problem was there. I also looked up the vet and found out that she has only been practicing since January 08, again I was never told that my vet, Dr. Rakes, was no longer there or that she was a brand new vet. Goldie was my baby, I delivered the puppies, I bottle fed her and 5 of her brothers and sisters every two hours for two weeks until they were able to eat a mixture of ground up puppy food and ebsilac, and then eventually solid foods, I took them to the vet every couple of weeks having them checked out, I also have one of the brothers who is now lost without her they have never been apart he walks around with her toy in his mouth and will not eat unless I put food in her bowl too, she was a part of our family, my baby, to them I was there mother, I took her to who I thought had helped me save them, someone that I trusted and they killed her because she was scared and because they wouldn’t listen to me. They completely ignored her medical history and everything that I told them and gave her an overdose of a drug that killed her and NEVER should have been given to her in the first place.
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I assume you mean the Country Oaks Vet Clinic in Ocala?? You message says Marion County...


I agree, have used telazol on a daily basis with no deaths.


I realize that some vets use this drug and have not had the same result. My main point in this is that they NEVER should have given it to her without first doing the exam, as I had requested.

If they had listened to me, they would have 1) muzzled her as I had requested, she wasn't mean she was afraid or 2) allowed me stay while they did the exam, drew her blood, etc., again as I had requested. The vet is to blame because they are responsible for the actions of their staff, they should not have had an incompetent tech evaluating Goldie and they should have told me that my regular vet - the one who was familiar with Goldie - was no longer there this vet who did this never should have given her anything since she did not even know Goldies history and didn't bother to look at it.

I have spoken to several other vets who have said that it is safer for cats than dogs and they don't use it anymore because of the side effects and their personal results from using it and I have even researched this drug and it says that IV use is preferred that IM is very painful and should NEVER be used prior to examining the dog to make sure that there aren't any underlying health issue. Bottom line they were incompetent and negligent in every thing that they did.


I'm sorry for your loss; it is terrible to lose a friend. There are some misconceptions in your letter that I feel obligated to correct.

I have used intramuscular telazol, as you describe, in many many aggressive and amped up shelter animals. I have had one death, which, on autopsy, was shown to be caused by a heart defect.

Telazol is a drug combination commonly and safely used in many dogs and cats. If the animal is aggressive, it is a good drug to use IM because it quickly causes a reliable level of sedation. (It is similar to the VERY commonly used drug combination: ketamine/valium). If you have an aggressive animal, even with a muzzle, the veterinary staff must protect themselves first although they certainly should have listened to your warnings ahead of time.

There are no contraindications to using this drug, or ketamine/valium, in american bulldogs or boxers. Boxers can be sensitive to anesthesia due to a congenital heart disease (dilated cardiomyopathy). This can cause death NO MATTER what anesthetic is used. The only way to screen for this disease reliably is to have an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) done prior to anesthesia.

The zolazepam in telazol is actually in the same family as valium, and PREVENTS seizures. Furthermore, 50mg in an american bulldog (assuming 40-50 lbs?) is not an overdose. Did you mean 500 mg?

This is a bad thing that happened and I am very sorry for your loss. But you need some better information on what occurred before you can accurately blame the veterinarian. If anything, you need to blame the staff admitting the dog who may not have heeded your warnings to muzzle the dog.

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