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the next morning but my car sat on the street for the next 3 days finally on the 4th day he calls for me to come to shop so he can show me the problem. A friend took me he showed me a transmission the said come in office we i was informed before doing anything else he needed $3500. more. After having my car for over 3weeks he then wanted more money. If I called to check he yelled and would hang up. I finally get it back within A few days it...
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I didn't like
  • Incompetant mechanics
  • Being suckered
  • Worst customer care
Where to begin with this fake a#! Transmission place.Mom and Pop shop is what they need to call it,change your name no experienced people out there.I wasted my hard earn money on this so called place never will i trust them again. My People listen to me that place is wack .i wouldn't get those clowns to change a tire for me never again will i go to Cottmann i mean that Mom N Pop shop again off sugar creek.I do believe they never fixed my...
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So after $1400 work, the car continued the same problem. I took it back, over several weeks, 3 or 4 times. Each time they told me it was fixed. I even took it to a different Cottmans in another town one time. I started looking online and many others had the same problem and symptoms, and traced it to the TCM (Transmission Control Module) which is under the dash near the brake pedal. I went to a Jeep dealer and had them check, replaced the...
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