Damaris M Yon
map-marker Southlake, Texas

Horrific Surgeon

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Please please please anyone else who has problems with this doctor reach out to me, my name is Damaris McCalley, you can find me on any social media. I reported him to the Texas Medical Board as have 3 other people but they haven't done anything. He dismissed me early from the hospital with level 8 pain, green urine and told me to drink Gatorade and not go back to ER. He had cut my urater and not told me about it, had I not gone to the ER against his medical advice I would be dead. My insides had filled with blood and urine for 10 days. Afterwards he was still awful to me and said he wouldn't see me if I threatened to sue. I recorded the conversation. He violated HIPAA by texting my medical records once I found a doctor to replace him...
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Email Damaris McCalley damaris.mccalley@***.com with any information about the medical board or Dr.Clifton Lyndell Cox II or Methodist Southlake Hospital covering up life threatening medical malpractice or trying to kill patients to not pay them for medical mistakes. They tried to murder her.


Texas Medical Board is covering up for him too


It's amazing what evil doctor's are getting away with due to Tort Reform in Texas

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map-marker Southlake, Texas

Dr. Clifton Cox - Office staff does not understand the meaning of Customer Service

Had an appointment with Physical Therapy side of this office -- appointment was for 8:30 am. I arrived on time and was told therapist would not be in until 9. They did try to contact me, but I did not receive their message. I showed up -- drove 30 minutes to get there, took time off work. When I arrived and they told me therapist was not there, they asked me to wait until 9. I distinctly explained to them when I made the appointment that I needed to see therapist at 8:30 they assured me she would be there. I don't believe appointment scheduler ever checked with physical therapist to make sure she could be there at 8:30, she just booked it. When I arrived and they told me therapist could not be there until 9 I explained that I could not wait until 9, because I had a work meeting at 10 and had a hour drive to get there, however, I would call to reschedule. NEVER did they explain that if I left I would be charged a no-show fee. Later they called to tell me they were charging me for a no-show. I was appalled -- I called back and explained that I did show up, their therapist did not. They would not budge and told me that because I left and did not wait on the therapist I was a no show and would be charged. We went round and round but they would not budge. I am very disappointed -- not with Dr. Cox or his therapist Cara -- I like them both, but with the office staff. They were willing to lose me as a patient over $40. I am the most upset because of the lack of customer service - whatever happened to pleasing your customer? And why is it that their time is considered more important than mine? I was the one inconvenienced I should be billing them. I am sorry to say I will not be returning to this practice. I advise any one who does use their services to make sure you are very, very clear when you make your appointment -- that you make sure they call you both on your cell, home and office and that you call them back to confirm time/date changes and get copies of all their policies. This is one case where the office staff is at fault. Wonder how many other patients have left this practice due to their lack of customer service.
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  • His office staff attitude
  • Poor customer service
  • Charge for no show when i did show
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Imagine if you let this office operate on you how much worse your experience would have been. My nightmare still isn't over.

Maely Qzc
map-marker Dallas, Texas


...than I was feeling on the way in. And that was very bad pain before I saw this doctor! The doctor has no apparent empathy whatsoever. I was given every impression that once he got a look at me, I was a minor issue and could not be in that much pain no matter what I said. He SMILED AT ME as he told me that he was not going to help me with my pain that day, as though it were unrealistic that a doctor be asked to stop a patient from hurting. Even when the patient BEGS. Zero compassion. Nothing at all. Other than promises of a banding technique that will supposedly solve my every problem immediately, only takes a few seconds, I'll walk out pain-free, it's a miracle Sir... but you aren't getting it. SMILING as I'm told that he refuses to do anything for me until I get a test that is not affordable, and again ignoring my plaintive cries to his impassive visage... FOR HELP WITH MY PROBLEM. SMILING at me as he passes me off to someone who has no idea how much pain I am in, but is supposed to try to schedule another appointment that STILL won't help me with my painful issue but WILL take another week to schedule and get over, before he will perform this laughably miraculous one-minute treatment that takes away my freaking pain. So. What's that. No compassion, no empathy, and is too young to have learned how to fake it yet. So. Got a thing for PAIN? Because I still can't SIT, two days after seeing this man for a simple EXAM. It's up to you. I'm never going back, if I have to go to Mineral Wells I am NOT going back to this man. Please think it over before YOU do.
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Damaris M Yon

Hi, my name is Damaris McCalley, ca0n you please reach out to me via any social media? He also denied me proper pain medication. Mine was right out of surgery.

Norberta Hyf

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Verified Reviewer

Bad Experience

I am very disappointed with the level of patient care this doctor provides. He was not a doctor that freely informed me of the potential side affects of the surgery he stated I needed and did not inform me of any other options that existed outside of surgery. Once my surgery was complete, he did not bother to wait for me to wake up from general anesthesia and therefor did not follow up with me about how my procedure went and the extent of the issues I had. The evening of my surgery I was in pain and having severe dry heaves and a terrible headache. As of this moment, I think it was due to coming off anesthesia but at the time I had no idea. I called to page for help. I did not get a call back from the doctor the first time I called. I had to page a 2nd time. The doctor then called me back and was annoyed and only sought to point out how I was calling at a late hour and he basically yelled at me and made me feel terrible. He didn't even ask what was wrong. I was afraid and didn't know what was wrong. His policy stated "We are available to you 24 hours. Call with ANY questions or concerns." I followed the paper work provided to me for after care and got yelled at and treated with disrespect and down right verbal abuse. I cried all that night. I was post op that day and the last thing I needed was to be treated like that from my doctor who was supposed to be my care giver. This is a doctor that, in my opinion, should not be practicing medicine until he learns how to treat people as human beings. He has yet to follow up with me personally to see how I am doing. All he cares about is giving me a referral to another doctor and finding out if I am keeping my post op visit appointment. Never once has he made a personal call to me to ask, in a caring way, how I am doing. He is a disgrace to his profession in my opinion. The value of my loss cannot be measured in a dollar amount. How do you measure emotional abuse? How do you put a monetary value on the fact that doctors like Clifton Cox can get away with yelling at and verbaly abusing patients who are post op and in pain, who need care and gentleness and help when they call for help rather than being chastised for seeking help according to the directives given in his own paper work? This man claims his actions were reasonable and refused to even offer a verbal apology for his cranky, disrepectful, and insensitive behavior towards his patient who he has taken an oath to care for. Disgusting Mr. Cox. I cannot even call you a doctor.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
Damaris M Yon

My name is Damaris McCalley, he almost killed me. I reported him to the board as well.

The Board appears to be covering up for him because with the comment above mine that makes 4 total just that I know of reported. Please reach out to me, the people of Texas need to know to watch iut for him.


I have had a very similar experience! I have reported him to the Board. Unfortunately he physically maimed me as well.


I had to cancel a surgery with Cox and the scheduling nurse told me that Cox was "very upset with me". Do you really think I want him doing surgery on me if he's upset with me?

Whole office is unprofessional and uncaring. Did not even care why I had to cancel.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-793228

Of course, you did not go into any detail as to when (did you wait until the last minute) and why you cancelled. Things happen and appointments sometimes have to be cancelled.

But, unless it is an emergency, it is always best to give a couple days or more notice. After all, these doctors/surgeons do have to schedule the operating room and in doing so, may keep another from being able to do an operation on his/her patient. Also the operating team, anesthesiologist, nurses and other assistants have been scheduled. Also, perhaps Dr.

Cox could have scheduled another of his patients who needed surgery into your slot, had he known in enough time.

Finally, doctors/surgeons are only human, just like everyone else. Nobody's perfect all the time. At one time or another, most of us have mumbled or grumbled out loud or to someone else when things do not go just right and then those can get repeated.

So, who is to know why Dr. Cox was mad at you; unless you talked to

him to ask why. I have been a patient of Dr. Cox for many years, as has been my wife.

We have never experienced any issues with him or his staff. Had we, we would have personally discussed them with him as that would be the right thing to do.

However, having said that, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions.


Common now, thats what you get for not locking the back door.

Mario Qyr

InTexas123, thanks for posting your story. I think this sort of thing happens all too frequently and people don't report it.

Either they are afraid or just want to let it go. I applaud your courage in posting it. I had one rude doctor and I dealt with him by just never returning. I wish now I had at least told that office why I wasn't coming back.

Then I had 'simple' back surgery and that doctor didn't tell me of one side effect that would happen. I had researched the surgery online and felt comfortable with going ahead with the procedure. His nurse handed me 4 prescriptions to be filled! Doc said I would be taking them for the rest of my life.

Nope, not gonna do that. I always ask for a printout of what the doctor says, etc. When I got home and read the papers there were several actual lies. Shocked me.

Said he spent over 30 minutes discussing the procedure, yet he never spent over 5 minutes in any of the 4 visits. I am seeing a hand specialist tomorrow. I give doctors 1 visit to be nice and concerned or I never go back. From now on though I will be sending a letter to explain why I'm not coming back.

You can tell from the first visit if you are going to like the doctor or not. Maybe if we keep doing this, the arrogant ones will knock it off.

Thanks again for posting. :)

Andrea Ahw

A surgeon is NOT your general practitioner. You are to follow up with YOUR personal doctor.

ALL side effects are disclosed before surgery and you get a list of this information with your surgery packet.

Did you even read it?

As for options, did you ASK your PERSONAL doctor for options? YOUR personal doctor would have referred you to the surgeon in the first place.

reply icon Replying to comment of Andrea Ahw

There was no surgery packet as you described and yes I read every details of what I received. I did not have a referral.

I went straight to the doctor. You seem to think you know everything but you are dead wrong in your opinion. It sure would have been nice to have gotten all that you stated that "I did get". How do you know what I got?

Are you the doctor or his staff in disguise spreading lies to cover him?

How sad.

Andrea Ahw
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-597832

Let's see, you are in Tx and I am in Florida.....am I the doctor or staff???? Seriously?

reply icon Replying to comment of Andrea Ahw

Yes. Seriously. We live in a small world and people lie about their location all the time. I wouldn't put it past you to lie given your ability to assume facts that you have no clue about. I wouldn't put it past this office to do so. I have no clue who you are other than another arrogant person who cares nothing for human beings which is very similar to the staff's character at this office.

Your anger at my review reveals a personal agenda towards what I said. What I said is factually true and my experience. Your assumptions of what I received as far as information are so far off and your statement that my general practicioner was involved at all shows me a desire to protect the doctor. You have some agenda here that is not unbiased.

When people are hurting and in need of care, doctors are responsible to do their jobs in a humane way. Today, doctors think they are gods and frankly they need to be held accountable for their gross negligence and that is what I am doing in sharing my experience because nothing else can be done.

Do you think I would waste my time sharing my horrible experience just for the heck of it? Make up lies just to be mean?

I don't have time for that. I am a very busy woman and I'm not a mean spirited individual as you seem to be.

You have no idea what I went through. It was horrible and affected me tremendously which is why I am sharing. I don't want anybody to experience what I did. That is out of sheer human concern for his next victim.

So either prove what you claim as facts or shut the *** up.

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