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I also had a great experience with copa - - with the exception of their mailing process, which was infrequent and inconsistent. I am bi-racial. Relaxers MURDERIZE my hair. They are all too strong. I always ended up with my hair broken off and a scalp full of burns (yes even from "no lye" relaxers). Copa was a godsend, as it did just what it advertised. It loosened my curls. For a good two years I was rocking the *** out of my nice smooth... Read more

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I purchased the product because actress Debbie Allen was endorsing it on an infomercial. She let the hair dresser use it on her own daughter on the air and swore by it. It knotted up my hair so badly, that I had to cut it off. It left my hair dry, damaged, dull,lifeless and brittle. Ms. Allen meant well, but mayber experience was different. If the product wasn't truely meany for home use, that should have been stipulated in the informercial.... Read more

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I used Copa on the hair of my 12 year old daughter who has thick tight hair. I was not aiming for straight. I was aiming for loose. The product made straightening her hair (blow drying, then flat ironing) fast and easier, and the wearing of natural styles (twists and unraveled twists) absolutely beautiful. It took the pain and tears out of combing her hair out. The product did not straighten her hair, it loosened her natural care. I used it... Read more

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