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Converse quality has gone way down hill in the past years.. shoe soles falling apart after 3times wearing them.. and when paying $80.00 a shoe that's completely unacceptable... what happened to pride and quality and standing behind your product.. Converse needs to step their game up and do better.. basketball players in my dad's day wore converse.. today's date the quality would NEVER hold up a whole basketball season.. so sad.. I USED to LOVE...
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Terrible Converse Shoes falling apart
Terrible Converse Shoes falling apart
First time in my life I bought a pair of Black converse shoes, which were not cheap at all and also it's good quality of shoes. But in 3 or 4 months the soles were falling apart from the rest of the shoe..I bought the shoes from an official converse shop in Auckland, Dress mart Onhunga Mall New Zealand....I had very bad experience with converse shoes.This shoe is faulty and very poor Quality as well. I lost my Receipt. So, Can You please give...
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Anonymous Yo Dude;
greetings from USA:
Take the shoes back in the bag you bought
If you go to the store you bought from, find the salesman/cashier to help verif...