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Purchased 2015 Buick Encore year after we got it big bubble appears on front tire side well thought it was defective tires they told me it was from hitting a pot hole replaced both front tires 6 weeks later going 65 mph on highway tire sensor came on zero pressure started beeping tried slowing down car started to buck n fishtail terribly almost got creamed by a semi truck finally when stopped noticed tire had blew right off the rim the damage to...
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5 seasons, did not do more than 20.000 Km on them. Called my local tire center to ask for their advice. The guy on the phone asked straightaway if they were Continental. I went to see them to switch to something else and I was their 3rd customer of the day with cracked sidewalls on Continental tires. Apparently it only happens to certain sizes but there cracking occurs regularly. Not much consolation when it happens to you. One begins to...
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h.kitchener Go to "" and in the upper right type in "continental tires." You will get a plethora of results. I didn't read any of the search results but look through them and see ...

I didn't like
  • Poor quality
  • Dangerous tires