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I made the mistake of accepting their offer that arrived in the mail.I have not used this card in all of 2016, but have paid over $300 in fees! The "Customer Service" is ridiculous! They are rude, read from a script that they will not vary from and have never assisted me once! I missed my December 2nd payment and they have suspended my card - and call me every single day demanding a payment immediately! I cannot wait to pay this off and close...
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I didn't like
  • Hidden money scams
This company continued to bill me monthly $5.00 fees on top of their annual fees.I called in to cancel my card due to their billing practices and never receiving monthly statements via mail. I requested a closing statement to pay off any balance. Never received it. When I called up again they had charged a monthly service fee and a late fee again. Supervisor was unwilling to change or remove any fees. Telling me I should be getting e-statements...
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Continental finance was the first company that took a chance on me when I had zero credit after going through this recession. after that I have four more cards and endless offers. One of those cards got lost in the MAIL, how is that going to be the problem of the company, it took two months but it wasn't the company's fault. its the shity mailman (Kid) that's delivering the mail in my neighborhood. why do people complain about stuff that merit...
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I liked
  • Customer service

Continental Finance Verve Credit Card Review

Charged me DOUBLE interest. Plus a five dollar monthly maintenance free they snuck in there! So you can pay 35 bucks towards it and only end up legitimately paying 10. Scam artists!