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It's not for real. They charged my debit card $40/mo. for a long time, almost a year, before I caught on. Yes, I should have never given out my number, but this simply was an example of getting taken. I'd visited CJ before, and had a great laugh at it's outrageous content. My bank might go after these idiots a bit. We'll see. I'll take my lumps for being a fool, but if this helps anyone, I'll feel a little better. Never been to this webpage before. Hope they don't figure out a way to screw me over too. No offense.
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sorry to say same thing here with consumptionjunction had not been online in a few years.So when i got back online i went to the web site.Sorry to say that i was dumb enough to give my card #..Dont give ur card #for anything..What is sad is I clicked on a pic and the next thing I know is my acount is been upgraded..Can u say f up .I only hope that more people come here before they r scammed and if anyone has any info please post it ..also always rember to report this bs im going to follow what the other guy did and maybe after enough of us complain ,somthing will be done rember to report the abuse think of how many people they scam a day ,can u say mega money...we the people will stop this at some point...good luck
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Consumption Junction Fraudulently Charges Credit Card!! Total Scam!

This is not the old Consumption Junction with the funny ***, and gory videos and pics this is a scam website that needs to be shutdown. First off its just a fake *** website. In the age verification scam they say your credit card will not be charged but that is total B.S. They billed me for $48.00 but my C.C. rejected it. Then they billed me for a dollar. My C.C. company froze my account within minutes after the charge and made me call around to cancel my "membership(s)". You have to actually call to cancel these memberships, you can't do it over the web. It took me over an hour on the phone. Then a week after this debacle I started getting *** e-mails; lots of them. Word of advice, don't ever use Credit Card for age verication at any website like this; you'll be sorry if you do!
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Delray Beach, Florida
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Consumptionjunction frauded my credit card for age verification.

Their new system makes you give a credit card number just to prove to them you are over the age of 18. It said free free free all over the page but my card was charged immediately and for months after that. Six time all together my card was charged and now I have turned them in to my credit card company fraud division and they are having a hard time finding anything out about the web site. They did refunded all monies paid but say the ivestigation will continue and they say I might have to pay the money back if they find out it was not fraud.
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These people need the wait of the law brought down on them in a big way ! I lost money thinking it was the old consumption junction (Which was good !) :(

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Dayton, Ohio
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Consumptionjunction Age Verification Scam

CJ - used to be a place where you could see screwed up internet stuff, videos, pictures, jokes, etc. and seemed to be run by a legit crew with dedicated fans. Now they have some "age verification system" in place that states it will not charge your credit card, but just use it to make sure you are 18 years of age. They charged the card with a bunch of small $1.xx charges, then a day or so later there were 3 international charges at .04 cents, then two other charges for $39 and $44. The charges were by various dot com companies such as CS365247.COM, PAY-ESITE-ME M.COM, PAY-CCPLOGISTICS.COM, PAY-MEDIAVENTLTD.COM. I've contacted my bank and am filing fraud claims against these, but this is just completely irritating and a waste of my time. Consumptionjunction is now a full scam site with nothing legitimate. is their credit card company and they claim none of the businesses listed are theirs.
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I tried using this today, luckily my Chase bank called right away and asked me about these various .com charges. They were $49.97, $2.88, and $33.67.

This is the site...


anyone heard of ? They're saying that you can subscribe to CJ videos and stuff through them and it's supposed to be free...they didn't ask for any bank/ credit card info, and when the videos get racy, or adult, you have to print their age verification form (with a copy of your DL, Birth cert, or Passport) and fax or mail it....sounds pretty safe. You can watch videos and stuff, but juast not the ones we want to see until you fill out the form, and send it to them (it's a NY address...sounds legit)


A copy of your DL, Birth cert, or Passport??? Are you crazy??? Why not just send them your bank account number, while you're at it?


CJ used to be a great free site to check out all kinds of video to bad its taken over by a bunch of scammers. If any one knows of new site from original or new people similar to old one post it please THanx


:grin ;) :grin :x :x


First of all if any of you guy's ever thought about pulling out a credit card to pay for you should take yourself outback and shoot ya self rite now!!! I've never in my life had ever had to pay for that site.

Now why would I even THINK Or NOT THINK !!! about pulling out my credit card to pay for a viral video site when there is so many free video site out their like viral & You tube. Come on guy's what's this world coming to???

And for the person who's cousin stole the credit card to get scammed with!!! I'd kick his *** :)


What i know is that the owners sold the site and the new owner is doing this stuff. I figured this 'cause i checked their domain on and noticed that it was different when it was running the way it should have been.


Wooooooow! Hadn't thought about the site in years...thought, hm, it'd be fun to check out again...had problem with login...then saw this post.

Gotta love the internet!!! Thanks to all for the posts of your trouble that helped me avoid my own.


I just caught my cousin trying to use this site with my credit card. The bank called me seconds after.

EXPRESS MEDIA was trying to take 89.99 from my account. They did not get the money but the bank informed me to get a new card because different companies associated with the scam can try to charge the card.

I can see I was luckier than a few people. Good luck.


I used to love CJ. Pat cracked me up, I wish I knew where that guy was and can't imagine why they did this to the site.

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New Reviewer verification scam

I have been visiting since 1999. I enjoyed their articles and adult humor. Starting in early May of this year, they installed a system where they verify your age (age verification is mandatory) They claim that they do not charge your credit card, but they LIED thet have charged my credit card THREE TIMES- almost $150.00 I attempted to contact the web site that did the billing: www., but they don't exist any more. uses a different web site now. eventually, they will get busted for fraud and will be forced to refund everyone's money- I have already started the process by filing a complaint with the federal trade commission
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:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Lots of former good crazy ***, and sick *** sites have done the same thing! They get big enough to attract the foreigners, then sell out for top dollar.

Then the scams begin for people who made the sites what they were, looking for their old place.!!

They think it can't harm, just to verify!!!! Anything you click on will subscribe you!!!!!!!!!1 In the fine print nobody reads.


idiots dont know about these *** scams....


This is. Another way to stiffle our freedoms.

Just deal with it.

You or your pairents wanted this. Deal with it


yup They scam you

I like how Companies hire people to write insane comment about people they rip off trying to discredit them


If you didn't authorize a charge on your credit card, file the appropriate form with your credit card company and they won't bill you for it. However, since the original poster seems mentally deficient, I wouldn't doubt that he accidentally did authorize a charge. In that case, FTC sounds like the right route.


there are some great sites out there, but nothing compared to the old CJ.


go to awesome site :zzz


As another person already stated, Consumption Junction was sold in spring 2008 to another company. Those who were in charge before are no longer associated with Consumption Junction as it stands.


Go to Heaven 666, same *** there.

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