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I am the owner of Consignworks. I urge people not to read these slanderous reviews. We have determined, through some sleuthing, that they are all written by the same person and... We know who it is!! If you have any questions about our Company, please call me directly at 774-922-****--that is my cell!
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Eleisha Slx
map-marker Woburn, Massachusetts

Consignworks - Sales Review from Woburn, Massachusetts

Consignworks they never sell anything at their sales they want to take everything back to there store. Dont waste your time going to their sales. If I am going to truck through blizzards this weekend to get to their sales not worth it. Would rather risk my life going to real sale. Plus the owners are not very nice, high high prices.
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Reason of review:
Pricing issue
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We don’t have a store. Haven’t in many years.

And even then, we only brought stuff there if it was top notch and the client consigned! Such a silly review. You clearly don’t know of what you speak.

Stop slandering good companies. It is not fair to hard working families!


Unhappy buyer and very unhappy seller

I was interested in a couple of items at an estate sale . I knew they were overpriced based on my knowledge as a collector. I made an offer and it was turned down. I subsequently had a conversation with the homeowner/seller 2 days later. She told me that the items I had wanted did not sell and that Consignworks sent a dump truck to her home on the Monday after the sale and all unsold items were trashed. She told me that watching her things be trashed (including art that she had paid a lot of $$ for) was the worst day of her life. I felt sorry for her. It also made me wonder why they turned down cash at the end of the day on the unsold items. Do they know what they're doing?
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ConsignWorks does not do clean outs. They partner with companies that bring left-over items to consignment or donation and only if it is broken, damaged or used up does an item go into the trash. Get your facts straight.


I stopped going to them long time ago, overpriced and rude. There are so many other

estate sale companies and estate sales. They won't learn how to be customer friendly.


Because they took it to their shop to sell it nothing was trashed! #corrupt

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Consignworks has not had a store to sell anything from for many years. Do your homework.

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We don't have a "shop". Good try, though.


These women take advantage of sellers and buyers. They take the best stuff first.

Then they overprice. Whoever is dumb enough to pay get to buy.

They keep 40% of what gets sold. They pick up ( for free) what doesn't get sold and sell it at 100% gain.

Will Vya
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Thank you for your comments. We take these allegations very seriously.

If you could please specific examples, I want to investigate these violations of our company policy.

Please respond here, or you may reply directly to me at marketing at consignworks dot com. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment.

Will Vya

Consignworks sells and negotiates prices on our clients' behalf; the final decision to accept or reject any offer to buy an item is always made by the client, never Consignworks.

The dump truck is very startling.

Consignworks isn't a "clean out" company and has never utilized a dump truck.

When items go unsold Consignworks helps our clients identify specialty auction houses, or organizations that can accept items as charitable donations. All of these decisions are made by our clients.

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Trayce Uom
map-marker Ashburn, Virginia

Nasty company consignworks or consignjerks

Went to consignworks sale this week-end. Drove all the way to get there. They made us wait in the rain over two hours. How rude. I asked if we could come in the house. They said sorry with a smirk. Whats wrong with them I dont think they like dealers who know more about their sale items than they do. I will never go to there sales again. Those folks are rude and not very helpful. i am a large buyer of art work and to stand in the rain for what to be told to be quiet and wait. I will never go to a sale by this company again
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What baloney. Everyone was in the house by 9:30 and had a number.

No one told anyone to be quiet. Our people even stood outside with everyone and talked about the Red Sox, answered questions, etc. There was a police detail and a passenger van to bring folks in so they did not have to even walk. Rude?

What a falsehood! Not at our sales, sorry, buster. Please, if you are even legitimate, and not the same person or company writing this nonsense on this site, then please, just don't come!

Now, if you were the person who asked to purchase the period Chippendale chest in original condition for $800, then this was not the sale for you. And thanks to the dealers from Boston, New York, and the Cape that did come and buy, you know how special this sale was!

Trayce Uom

I went to there sale also waited 2 hours in the pouring ran. They had shuttle bus but it was always full. never go to their sales again

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Yes, we went out of our way with a van! Wonder how many companies go to that length?

How many auction houses? NONE!

Too bad we could not do anything about the rain, but you could have stayed in your car.

No one was allowed at the house until 8:30, so standing outside in the rain on the street makes little sense. Yes, we were busy, but the sale was worth the wait.

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Greg Uuy
map-marker Boston, Massachusetts

Consignworks Boston Estate Sales:Stay Away

They post pictures of items on there web sight and when you get to the sale the item is no longer there. This happened on Saturday, I even asked the woman running the sale if the item was upstairs or downstairs. NO where to be found and I was the third person in the house. There prices are through the roof. Never again will i go to there sales. I wonder what they do with all the stuff they don't sell? Have you seen there web sight on Ebay? I don't trust them and neither should you. Thanks
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Consignworks sales are crazy. There prices are out of sight. Dont go Dont go


Again what sale and what item? How can we help you if you do not answer this question?

Please provide the specific sale and item. And then read the website that says items may not be available and to call us like other folks do. How can you say 4 hours when numbers are at 730. No buyer is at the house at 5.

We are trying to help you, but we need you to be upfront and truthful.


And when you come to another sale, announce yourself to the Estate Sale Manager so we can assist you directly. We would love to meet you and help you with your purchase.


We are sorry to learn about this. However, none of the Estate Sale Managers recall either an item that was not in the sale, nor the conversation with you. Can you help us, and tell us exactly which sale, and which item so we can respond? But let us take this opportunity to state the facts and set the record straight. There are some occasions that items are removed from sales by the seller, our client. After all, the items belong to them, not you, and certainly not us. Did you see that we clearly state this policy in every web page on our site? We also tell buyers to contact us to confirm availability so they do not waste their time.

Now as far taking items on consignment, we took the time to look at this year's results. Out of 53 sales so far for 2012, 3 sales had some items that we took back to our gallery. That makes less than 6% which was a bit of a surprise to us, in fact. Of course, the period Chippendale chairs, worth 1000s each, should not have been liquidated for less than their value. In fact, all items are available to the public before going to their next destination, and always for far less. Since most items sell, the remainder goes to charity or disposal. Last week, the beautiful Gerte items sold to a dealer, and the other 2 sales sold to the bare floors, with over a 90% sell through. With hundreds of buyers and regulars at each of our sales, we have to believe that all those folks find the values compelling. So perhaps this isn't the right venue for you.

Finally, we never buy-out estates after the sale, as this is a conflict of interest. The wonderful items you see on line are from consignors who bring items to us directly. And the other items? Well, the cat is out of the bag...we buy at auction. There are two employees dedicated to this task. And during the winter months, you will find us in Florida finding great items that go back to Mass in a tractor trailer. Find us at Burchards, Granny's, Elliot's and the others. So thanks for letting go on record, we are happy to fully disclose.

Now, for anyone who actually reads these gripe sites, we welcome you to talk to our clients, or better yet, come to our sales to see for yourself! Best, T, V, C.


Totally false. Is this a competitor writing such nonsense?

Items may be removed by seller, not under our control. Items on eBay are brought to us by people. We sell through each sale, those folks that really attend the sales know this.

Just ask us for real, Credible statements from actual clients. Or stop by a sale and see for yourself.

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john r Bjy
map-marker Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Consignworks ripped me off at sale

I went to an estate sale run by consignworks. They would not sell me an item I was willing to pay full price for a gold necklace. Went to there store 2 weeks later and found the same item for less money. They took it from the the sale for themselves. They ripped off their client and then screwed me. I was willing to pay $300 for the neclace yet they said no and when I went to their store they were selling it for much less. What a rip off. How can they do this. Not very nice. John Reed
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Dear Mr. Reed,

My word!

To think that you drove over four hours to first attend a sale, four hours back home to New Jersey, and then repeated the entire trip to drop by our store is incredible. You must really be a dedicated Consignworks follower! And as such, we would hate for you to continue to feel like we were anything less than 100% honest with both our clients and customers. Which is why I am asking for your help.

See, it is my job to oversee any new inventory coming into the antiques store. And while this sounds like an easy job, I can assure you that there are many steps involved. So for you to assert that there was a gold necklace that recently appeared in our shop, well to be honest, I just haven't seen it. I haven't seen any jewelry come through our doors in many months.

Just antiques and collectables. So I ask, since you clearly don't mind the 8 hour drive, can you come down to the shop and point this necklace out to me? I would hate to think that I am not doing my job correctly, and that a gold necklace could just slip by. I'll even buy you a coffee for your troubles.

And hey, since the necklace was "being sold for much less" at the shop, maybe once we find it you would like to take it home.

I encourage you to reach out at any time should you have any additional concerns. All the best to you on your future estate sale endeavors.


Not only have we not had any significant pieces of jewelry over the past year (we often have fun costume jewelry, sterling - things like that...) but if we did we would have been HAPPY to sell it for the client. Jewelry such as the gold necklace this fellow describes is just NOT something that we would even consider consigning!

WE would have encouraged the client to either keep it or sell it themselves based on its weight. Our store, New England Antiques is primarily furniture, decorative smalls, etc. We do have a small jewelry display but the items we have are typically either costume (vintage/antique) or very special, unique etc. in some other way.

We do NOT have rows of commonplace gold necklaces! Now did I mention that we actually consign almost nothing? Owners will often ask us to consign items that do not sell at their sale and I can't tell you how many times I have had to turn them down! The few items we do have consigned at our store are being returned, little by little to the customers because that is just not the business we are in!

I would encourage ANYBODY reading these posts to come on over to one of our sales and speak to one of us directly about any questions you may have about our policies! And while you are there...have fun! Shop! We run wonderful, well organized sales and our staff is friendly and helpful!

You will have a ball! As for "John Reed"?

Shame on you. :~(


Love these pop up websites which allow low lifers to make inaccurate comments which hurt reputable businesses. Wow, it is unfortunate that types of posts can happen without proof, names, etc.

We suspect it is a competitor (New Jersey post, 300 miles away, really?), as this is not our policy or practice. Fine jewelry written appraisal by Certified Gemologist in Wellesley (no charge to client). Either sold at sale or returned to client.

Jewelry is NEVER taken on consignment. Deidra


Love these pop up websites which allow low lifers to make inaccurate comments which hurt reputable businesses. Wow, it is unfortunate that types of posts can happen without proof, names, etc.

We suspect it is a competitor (New Jersey post, 300 miles away, really?), as this is not our policy or practice. Fine jewelry written appraisal by Certified Gemologist in Wellesley (no charge to client). Either sold at sale or returned to client.

Jewelry is NEVER taken on consignment. Deidra


We have never engaged in what was claimed by this person. We have not had a gold necklace for sale, nor have we ever taken a necklace back for sale. This statement is an outright falsehood, and we intend to track down this person for slander and misrepresentation.


What a farce and fraudulent statement. We have not had a gold necklace for sale for over one year at any sale.

And if this was a real buyer, they would know we do not hold back or keep anything. Tells you more about the anonymous poster.

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