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Connextions is a CraigsList Scam!

I'm just going to say outright- there are a lot of good job opportunities to be found on CraigsList, but Connextions is not one of them. Around the time that the doughnut shop which I was employed at started to go down the drain, I began my search for a new job. One of the CL ads I responded to with a resume was a company called Connextions. The position involved paid training, followed by a job selling health insurance to people and/or handling customer claims. I thought it seemed legit, and was worth a shot. After a few weeks of playing phone tag with "j", to protect her privacy, I was finally able to get ahold of her and schedule an "interview". She raved about all of the benefits of working for this company, and how my resume looked great. I was pretty stoked to come in for my interview. I dressed professionally, brought two copies of my resume (I was instructed to bring one), and drove the 20 minutes out to Centennial to go to my "interview". After signing in at the front desk, and waiting far too long, a scraggly-looking woman appeared and asked the four of us who were waiting to follow her into a small conference room. I don't like to judge anyone based upon their appearance, but first impressions really are a big deal, I've always thought. I should have seen a big red flag; one of the first people I interacted with from the company looked very disheveled and unprofessional. Anyhow, I let that go, because I'm naive I suppose. We all sat down and she told us all about the job we came to do, which involved an intensive week of paid training, followed by working in a call center. I'm so naive that all of this hype she gave us had me very excited to work for the company, and I couldn't wait to WOW whoever was going to interview me! Hopefully whoever it was would be better able to read than this lady, who read my name wrong even though I deliberately wrote it in all capital letters to make it easier to read. She then led us to some computers, and told us to fill out job applications on the computer... even though most of us had already filled out applications. I sat at the computer, grabbed the disgustingly greasy mouse (seriously, has anyone ever heard of cleaning?), and awaited instruction. When giving the instructions, I felt like I was back in my computer class in elementary school, being micromanaged and barked at as if I didn't know how to use a *** computer. I remembered some of the reviews I had read from former employees about the company, but I decided that those people just couldn't *** it/must have been incompetent, and brushed it off. After finishing my application, I returned to the waiting room for the third time. The lady at the front desk informed me that the computer said that I was not qualified for this position. After apologizing profusely, she told me that there was another position I could apply for. I had already been there for over an hour, wasting time, but I decided to give it another shot. Yup, you guessed it, the second one was denied. The funny part is that they couldn't tell me why, the computer just said that I didn't meet certain qualifications. I'm a veteran of the united states military. I have experience with retail, customer service, and have even worked as a secretary. My parents have both worked in the medical field for longer than I've been alive, and I am very committed to excellence and making sure that people get the healthcare that they need. What qualifications did I somehow not meet? I tried to just brush it off as another *** experience in my life, but I've read far too many bad reviews about this so-called "company". The two worst reviews were written by racist *** who think that because they hire black people, they "must not do background checks". So, I felt the need to put in my two cents about the place. No bigotry. No shady stuff. I just want to warn people that this company is a huge scam, and the former employees were right when they said that they micromanage people and treat everyone like a number. I could go on and on about all of the red flags I noticed during this awful 1.5 hours of my day that I wasted, but I think I've said enough. Connextions is a CraigsList scam, stay the *** away from them! -C
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yes that place sucks...even not having a job you can't go back's bad. and there is nothing racist about that...connextions hires mostly black people who are VERY RACIST to others...its full of racist angry black people who abuse others mostly women...its a really bad place...


Your a racist just for making that ignorant comment. Whatever reason this unprofessional company hires minorities has nothing to do with how you as an individual was treated. Your level of professionalism was proven by your ignorant racist comment.

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Hires degenerates bullies jerks rude bad people

connextions is an awful bad company. first off, they hire every hoodlum loser *** and *** on the planet there. its mostly black people and they hire ANYONE and everyone so no background checks-- so co workers are all kinds of losers and jerks. it is one fo the worst companies to exist. also since so many losers are there and idiots in positions of power there is a lot of bullying but mostly angry racist psycho black b*tches who abuse others. connextions is a black dominated racist place that hires psychopaths and crazy angry black *** the black *** abuse othesr and nothing is done about it. connextions is a racist place to work and bad...particularly in orlando fl it is a terrible place to work -its a cattle call call center hiring only trash and losers and they let every loser get away with anything and everything...
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Orlando, Florida

Rude bad company, bad management, hostile crazy employees, hostile work environment, nightmare to work for, hire mostly degenerates criminals and sick people...

connextions is a really bad company. It's shady, corrupt, and disgusting. everything about this company is bad. They basically hire ANYONE so your co-workers are mostly losers, idiots and degenerates, bullies, no mannered jerks and psychos. they hire mostly black people too and are racist and biased, and the black people and minorities there bully and abuse others. ive witnessed black women yell at and scream at non-black women and bully them together in packs. it seems it's a company that is 90% black and they scatter some other races here and there. the black people at the place are EXTREMELY racist and hostile towards others. they are bullies, crazy, and the people you work with are just low class ***. Everyone there is bad, low class, rude *** bullies. it is the MOST hostile work environment you can imagine. everyone there is crazy rude abusive mean or psycho or just ***. people gossip, lie about others, black women try to ruin or hurt non-black women. the black women there are really some of the worst people ever. they are backstabbing lying psychopaths who bully everyone. this is one of the worst work environments ever with negativity abuse hostility. 98% of the black females there are angry racist hostile bullies who HATE non-black females and will abuse bully and harass them... the management is TERRIBLE. managers sleep with employees, managers bully too. the entire company is full of rude people and bullies. everything there is corrupt. Everyone there is a number and they also like to pick on or bully good employees and good people while they cater to bad mannered and psycho bad people. they hire criminals and anyone and they worship and are nice to any bad rude or *** person. someone said they worked there and walked into a managers office to witness a manager getting a "bj" from their secretary. connextions is just a disgusting AWFUL corrupt company that hires EVERY bad person possible then allows these criminals and animals to harass and bully and abuse other employees. they also do NOTHING about workplace bullying and defend the pigs and animals that bully others...the black women there get in packs and bully non-black women there. connextions is a circus and terrible company. Anyone who has worked there knows how bad it is. they also have racist black security guards walking around harassing employees for no reason. almost every black person there is a psychopath racist on a powertrip that abuses and harasses non-black people. the *** rude security guards harass women and non-black minorities and get away with it. they also don't allow phones bags and treat employees like criminals but then again you can't blame them because all they hire are losers and trash... beware of this messed up company...
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Orlando, Florida

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