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I have read these reviews about Blaine Connaughton and they are not only true but I think much of what Blaine Connaughton has done is way under-reported. He is a *** bag. There is no other way to put it. He lies, cheats, manipulates and out right rips off his clients. On the other side he is not honest in his approach to going after the other side. Its win at any cost. He smears people he knows are inocent. At other times he is lazy and does not do the work, but charges people on the bills anyway. I would not hire this man if he was the only lawyer on the face of the earth and if you do, you are dumping your money down the drain!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Very bad
Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Prosser, Washington

This is libel

All of these slanderous comments are ridiculous. Look up Blaine Connaughton on He has a peer rating of 4.4 out of 5, indicating exemplary ethics. Some of those peers doing the ratings have LOST to Blaine, and yet, they still give him admirable rating. Disgruntled clients, or perhaps people on the losing end of a case, are sure to be angry and disappointed. We're all only human. But to make outright false accusations is unacceptable. To pose as multiple people and add to the argument is dishonest. The addition of little green crying emojees, is absolutely juvenile. Of course, this is the pissed consumer website, so I imagine most of the postings here are by angry people.
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
map-marker Poulsbo, Washington

Actually did a great job for us and very professional!!

I came across these complaints and was shocked! Blaine Connaughton is very well respected member of the community who I have had the pleasure to have represent us as an attorney. I suppose divorce law can cause some upset and apparently that is the case. I know how important an attorney's reputation is these comments can be quite damaging. I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't know him and truly believe this person is just unleashing their anger. Divorce is bad enough as it is and can really hurt if you don't feel that you are taken care of. I'm sorry that it didn't work out.
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I hired Blaine and found him to be superior in court. As a person, straight and to the point.

He told me the truth about my case. That I could lose, but I didnt.

You all making bad comments must have been at the losing end. Thank you Blaine.


Connaughton is at it again! Word has it he was forcing a young boy to some very bad things if he did not do as Connaughton demanded. This man is a MAGGOT!


to anyone considering doing business with Blaine Connaughton, please do yourself a favor and stay clear of this man. He is a rodent and I would hire a cockroach before I would do any biz with this man.


Cute, it appears that if you conjure the devil the devil himself appears! (see anonymous "BC" above).

Well I heard through very reliable sources that Mrs. Connaughton is not a very happy woman, how could she be? My ex wanted to settle amicably with me at one point, giving me a large portion of cash instead of a lengthy court battle. Always after a buck, BC talked him out of it.

It was to be the childrens college $$$. You sir will be reckoned with, but know I forgive so as to release you to the wrath of He alone who judges.


I was shocked to see someone would actually defend this person. Then I scrolled down and found out Blaine himself was behind making fake post to praise himself.

Blaine or as some call him BTC, Cotton head and other nick names is deplorable! Seriously, I have never heard a kind word about this person. He cares about himself and money he can take by over billing from people and I have been told by folks that he will be talking about another case because he can not keep track of what case he is ever on before a Judge.



Blaine Connaughton is such a liar! Do not trust this man.

Hire at your own risk! :(


What happened to the GetPayBack website that had many more posts of more extreme criminal complaints about Blaine Thomas Connaughton?


Nice try! We may be trusting but not ***.


BTC well respected member of community? I guess someone is taking advantage of *** being legal. What are you on?


Could poster of this form who praises B. C.

please post a phone or email so they can be contacted to see if this is a real person or B.C.

himself. Thanks

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Janea Tdh
map-marker New York, New York

Blaine Connaughton the *** and fraud of Yakima County

I hired Blaine Connaughton to help me with a divorce case. He abused me, shamed me. When I could not pay him I was forced to perform services for him I think are not legal to do. I have felt ashamed and hurt. I could have paid over time but he wanted paid now in any way I could. He lost my case on top of it all. He is a man of such low morals it is sick. I mean does anyone else know him!?! I can not take it anymore and someone has to do something to this ***
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Wow. This web site is unbelievable.

Seriously, it's unbelievable. Looks like Mr. Blaine pissed off some LDS bishop and he dispatched his crazies to get some payback. Just shows what happens when somebody speaks truth to power, Mormon power.

What a neat church, so loving and all.


I have to admit I was "Anonymous". Blaine Connaughton said he would pay me $200.00 to write up a post in his favor.

I did so. Then he refused to give me my cash! I am ashamed and wish I could take it back.

Do not trust this man!


This is so ***. Clearly, these are written by someone who lost a case to Mr.

Connaughton. I know the man, and he is a bulldog of an attorney, which is why he wins a lot of judgments. As for the ridiculous accusations of impropriety...

they are so far-fetched it is almost laughable. Reminds me of junior high.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1048320

The man that wrote this was paid by Blaine Connaughton to lie on his behalf. That is a true fact.


I was looking for a lawyer and all I kept reading was about Blaine Connaughton. I asked him about these post and actually was *** ENOUGH to believe his explanation!

Everything was true and more! I have never been more PISSED off in my life!

I should have listened! Never do business with this man if you value your self respect and truth and justice!


It shocking anyone would even hire that man, Blaine Connaughton. A person that lies, cons, rips his clients off, over bills and I will not get into the list of his bad deeds.



Karate teacher gets 10 years in prison for molesting teen

Mark Morey

Yakima Herald-Republic


-- A former karate instructor was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison after being convicted of molesting a 13-year-old student.

The sentence against Paul Barr was the maximum allowed under state law. Deputy prosecutor Patti Powers said the prison term was appropriate given Barr's conduct, but defense attorney Blaine Connaughton said he expected the conviction to be appealed. Jurors late last year found Barr, now 46, guilty of two counts of second-degree child molestation involving a 13-year-old girl. She was a student at the Yakima School of Karate, where Barr taught in 2002.

Barr was charged with rape after the allegations surfaced in 2007, but jurors settled on the lesser charge in order to reach a verdict. Problems with a search warrant resulted in the dismissal of voyeurism charges involving two other young girls, one a student at the karate school. Connaughton contended the rape case against Barr lacked corroborating witnesses or evidence. However, prosecution witnesses said Barr was often seen doing inappropriate stretching exercises with the girl.

Another prosecution witness, who was then 16, testified she had sex with Barr around the same time. The usual sentence would have been 31 to 41 months, but the jury made special findings that he was in a continuing relationship with an underage victim and abused his position of trust. Connaughton said he asked for a sentence at the low end of the standard range. He said appeal issues will include statements from several jurors after the trial that one jury member had said during deliberations that she had been sexually assaulted.

She said that was not the case when attorneys were selecting the jury, and later said police had not treated the case as a sexual assault. Yakima County Superior Court Judge James *** declined to grant a new trial, ruling that jurors were allowed to consider their life experience in reaching a verdict. In addition, one juror later told the judge that she felt pressured to support the rape charge. After the trial, the jury foreman said the majority of the panel felt that Barr should have been convicted of rape, but a single juror did not agree.

She was apparently confused by the case's timeline and questioned whether an adult would have raped such a young girl, the foreman said. That prompted the jury to settle on the molestation charge.


 ¶ 29 Ms. Zigler also contends that Mr.

Sidwell's attorney was excessively aggressive, asked argumentative questions, and made improper comments to the trial court, the witnesses, and opposing counsel at trial.

  She argues that the trial court abused its discretion by failing to control the attorney's behavior. - It appears that BTC's conduct of abuse has been raised by many others.


The stuff I have read on Connaughton around the net, its all bad that is for sure. The crazy part, its all MILD compared to what he is really like.

If those knew the person, the real person BTC is, they would run as fast as they could the other way! :cry


BTC or Blaine Connaughton is certainly the *** and fraud of the Yakima Valley and I certainly hope not a soul would put themselves or their family in harms way by doing business with this Maggot! :(

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