map-marker San Angelo, Texas

Denial of assistance needed due to false accusation and unethical behavior demonstrated by staff member

I called cvca and I had asked the man who answered the phone on September 22 if I may speak with a woman by the name of Cadence who works there we had an appointment set for that afternoon he replied theres no Katie here or Kate after spelling out Cadence and expressing my free speech because he continued to misunderstand me and be very rude to the man I spoke to he continued being rude saying theres nobody who works here by that name so I asked himfor a manager. He puts a woman on the phone and she transferred me to Cadence I got her voicemail and never got a callback instead on a Saturday I received a letter in my mailbox stating that they are denying me service due to the phone conversation with their employee who got upset because he persistently tried telling me there was no Cadence who worked there. In all honesty we both were in the wrong I said in case you are illiterate let me spell it out for you but his supervisor Mrs. Sarah Eckel I have her on my voice recorder that woman hates me she denied me and she totally used profanity with me when it wasnt necessary you can hear the hostility and anger on the voice recording.
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