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Ymax and Yelp Overview

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Yelp was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 6, 2011 and since then this brand received 695 reviews. It is 146 reviews more than Ymax received since May 31, 2008.

Ymax and Yelp Consumer Ratings

422 out of 1945 in Telecommunications category
10 out of 225 in Review Websites and Directories category
333 in category
11 in category
Customer service
280 in category
7 in category
257 in category
9 in category

Ymax and Yelp Rating Details

1.3 (27 reviews)
1.5 (326 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...So cant the attorney general have a hot line or website to send in scam phone numbers and who believes these scammers anyways? Good decent people and the scammers need to found photos posted and their families will be soo proud to see what upstanding citizens they raised. ..


...asked why they would not recommend half of my reviews since each was a client, and can easily be verified as such since there is a developer notice on their website, and their website is included in my portfolios? Yelp's reply was that their review approval system is automated and they have no control over it. Since I contacted Yelp in...

Customer service
1.1 (23 reviews)
1.2 (349 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

...They are simply the provider of a service not the reason or at fault for the disgusting things people use their service for. Put the blame where it belongs..

mytwocents t

I believe the company is playing on the mental model of the customers who come from the user experience of being offered a promotion to try out a platform when they join. Yelp refuses to highlight the fact that the customer is going to be charged before the promotion kicks in and plays on this...

1.1 (16 reviews)
1.2 (313 reviews)
Reviewer's quote

YMAX let's stupid no good theifs use their "free minutes" My husband and I became victims of this last year. Now I'm facing probation because his brother in law thinks I've been calling his house when it's obviously a robo call

Angela C

Yelp will allow posts that are 1 time submitters/reviewers if it is a negative review, but, will not allow 1 time submitters/reviews if it is positive. You will have skewed feedback even if you have many more satisfied customers simply because they do not allow these satisfied 1 time submitters to...


Ymax and Yelp Pros and Cons

  • Prophylactics and cornholes
  • Unethical business practice
  • Terrable
  • Biased
  • Are trying to scam people
  • Use robo solicitation
  • Allows phone scams
  • Yelp is commiting internet extortion
  • Unsure of integrity of the company
  • Lies hurt my business

Ymax and Yelp Most Positive Reviews

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Local number is 209-589-9124. There isn't much more to report. Did not pick up as not familiar with any YMAX business in...


Our business recently received several positive reviews from legitimate existing live people - our customers. We were...

Ymax and Yelp Most Critical Reviews

Lowest rated reviews

Today a Robocall came from a blocked number to my business phone, which is on National Do Not Call Registry, offering...


Why did yelp remove my negative post for Athenix Institute in Irvine Ca.
Athenix flagged and yelp removed it asap... why...

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Pleasr see attached phone number. I have been scammed with this number. I am all the way from the Philippines and thi...

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well lets see here.....considering I left a review for my vet practice that stated all 3 dogs were healthy....one DEAD a...

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Ymax and Yelp Products and Services

Most reviewed product and services
  • Ymax Customer Care (35 reviews)
  • Yelp Review Listing (195 reviews)
  • Yelp Advertisement (83 reviews)
  • Yelp Customer Care (54 reviews)